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Elegant Reasonism is a utility process employing an analytical framework supporting an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and which produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM) closing to unification: The Emergence Model holistically represented by two EIMs M5 and M6. (See Press Release entitled: Unification Accomplished). The source of truth for Elegant Reasonism based materials is the unified Universe. Epistemologically all other truths are statistically weighted relative to and respective of that objective. Evidence, constituting proof, has been subjected to the utility process and framework, is fully compliant through what we call the realm of c’s relative to and respective of  the unified Universe which always litmus and the final arbiter.

Elegant Reasonism First Principles


Again, Elegant Reasonism is a utility process employing a technological framework supporting an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and which produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM) closing to unification: The Emergence Model. The IP asset is self-clarifying in that it more often than not illuminates insights available in no other way. It eliminates incongruous thinking, concepts, constructs, fantasy, and myth through critical thinking immersed in a technology framework adhering to standards. The very first aspect requires that people recognize the problems and issues. After all, no one can fix anything if they are not aware it is broken. Elegant Reasonism integrates both logical and physical views of systems and requires a plurality of Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) of the Universe where at least one is required to close to unification. One such model (M5) has been filed with the patent and may be reviewed simply by registering with this web site.

Predominant thinking so prevalent in society today does not unify physics, but there is a deeper problem which is that status quo thinking will never accomplish unification. It cannot because the very foundation on which it is defined precludes the achievement. Elegant Reasonism establishes a framework which juxtaposes what we think we know now relative and respective to interpretive models which do close to unification. The results find alternative reasons to what we thought were true.  Elegant Reasonism spans all scales congruently. The IP asset reshapes how we perceive and engage the realm in which we all exist and conduct our daily affairs. 

This web site is being developed to facilitate your cognition and to offer information and programs that will help you understand the issues, leverage our insights, and to create value across your efforts and enterprise. The insights developed through Elegant Reasonism are unprecedented. While it may not change the vision you have for your enterprise, it certainly will change how you go about accomplishing it. It will refocus your efforts with keen, demonstrable, insights.

Also see the Elegant Reasonism blog page for a high level overview.

Simplicity to the Point of Elegance

Elegant Reasonism is actually simple to the point of elegance but that does not mean it is ‘easy’. The greatest inhibitor to anyone comprehending what we have accomplished here are their individual preconceived ideas, notions, and belief systems. If you expect something to be in that context, we have only to point out that all travel requires movement and that requires change. Do not expect to see new ideas sitting in the same place. If you want to see where most of the problems will be found trying to understand Elegant Reasonism, go look in a mirror.

Quick Update

SolREI, Inc is now Patent Pending Application: 20200372376 16/405134 on the methodology, process, technologies, and epistemology required in order to perceive, study, and engage the “unified Universe”. The United States Patent and Trademark Office published the application worldwide and it is protected by appropriate law and treaty. See our Press Release. What does that mean? Right now, what you need to know is that the quest for unification is over and the real work is now before us all. SolREI believes a comprehensive systems review into what it is we all think we know is warranted and called for in light of these insights. Many areas of philosophy are directly impacted (in alphabetical order): axiology, epistemology, ontology, supervenience, science and others must now all be mode shifted into alignment with the unified Universe. Many knee-jerk questions arise when first encountering all of this, most especially from those vested in case hardened institutional thinking. Some questions are answered In Unification’s Wake, Part 01: Stereotypical Questions. Also make sure you scroll down this page to understand what resources are available and the wood being placed behind the proverbial arrow. Also please use the site search for other FAQs pages to see additional insights.



Quick Note on Unification In Hindsight

Questing unification requires and demands an integration of everything real across the entire entanglement gradient and requires full compliance to industry standard rules and across what we call the realm of c’s. Elegant Reasonism’s  utility process supported by its analytical framework was used to produce the first Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) to close to unification:The Emergence Model. Hindsight being something akin to 20/20 vision we can better identify what the inhibitors have been all this time. A few of the major challenges were:

Somewhat ironic quotes which in hindsight are saliently poignant:

  1. We can not solve problems using the same thinking we used when we created them. ~ Albert
  2. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. ~ Albert Einstein
  3. Isolated material particles are abstractions, their properties being definable and observable only
    through their interaction with other systems. ~ Niels Bohr
  4. The world of physics is essentially the real world construed by mathematical abstractions, and
    the world of sense is the real world construed by the abstractions which the sense-organs
    immediately furnish. To suppose that the “material mode” is a primitive and groping attempt at
    physical conception is a fatal error in epistemology. ~ Susanne K Langer

Elegant Reasonism Defined

It is worth repeating, for clarity and introduction, that Elegant Reasonism is the the utility process employing an technological framework instantiating analytics supporting an epistemology which seeks truth as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and which produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM): The Emergence Model. Omissions below of M3 and M7 are not accidental. In the greater fullness of time it will become clear why they were left off the following list.

  1. Elegant Reasonism
    1. Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs): M0, M1, M2, M4, M5, M6 (Note: M3 has been shown not to exist, and M7 is reserved)
      1. Core constructs and their original manifestation/creation contexts
      2. Encapsulation
      3. Interpretation
      4. Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs)  <— (mistaking abstractions for actual reality)
    2. Concept Sieves
      1. EMCS01: 403 Original Systems Review Equations/Concepts Mode Shifted
      2. EMCS02: Physical Properties
      3. EMCS03: Thermodynamics
    3. Process & Methods
      1. Elegant Reasonism Rules, ISO 9001 QMS, Standards, Root Cause Analysis, Six Sigma (See analytics layers below)
      2. Phase 1: Recognition
        1. Acknowledgements Page, with special recognition pages for Albert Einstein, Susanne K Langer, and Lev B Okun with many more in the Biographical area of the User Library.
          1. Philosophy In A New Key, by Susanne K Langer  <— Genesis of Langer Epistemology Errors (See Page 74)
          2. Special and General Relativity, by Albert Einstein   <— Relativity was absolutely 100% logically correct, and therein lay the strategic clue leading to unification.
          3. Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBok), INCOSE  <— Systems Recognition Processes, Practices working with Systems and systems of systems
          4. The Concept of Mass, by Lev B Okun  <— Segregated M1 and M2 thinking
          5. The Death of Schrodinger’s Cat  <– Cognitive science relegates the wave function to logical realm (e.g. that wave function collapses)
        2. User Library for Historical Review
        3. ISO 9001 Unification Tool
        4. Paradigms of Interest/Nature (POI/N)
      3. Phase 2: Illumination
        1. Translation Matrices   <— Enables processes and methods for fundamental mode shifting under Elegant Reasonism Rules (analytical layers are, but not limited to:)
          1. 2D Articulation  <— Articulates POI/N manifestation by a plurality of EIMs, and minimally one of which must close to unification
          2. Context & Source  <— Historical Context & Source assurance, integrity, abstraction inventory analysis
          3. Model Integrity Analysis  <— Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM) Analysis for each EIM within the plurality of a given investigation (integrity purposes)
          4. M2M re: POI/N Analysis  <— Evidence Chain Pattern Analysis EIM to POI/N and juxtaposition of patterns relative to and respective each EIM
          5. Paradigm Statistics  <— POI/N assurance & integrity analysis (e.g. systems review on abstractions representing POI/Ns)
          6. Logic Calculus  <— Dove Tail Logic Analysis & Integrity Assurance to interpretive standards within goal & objective requirements (See PDCF Checkpoint Flowchart)
          7. Reality Validation  <— Congruence: is reality actually reflected (e.g. BX442, z-factors, Does It Close? questions, anomalous red or blue shifts?, realm of c’s, etc)
            1. Statistical Mechanics <— Mode Shifting Statistical Mechanics associated with a given investigation
          8. Bayesian Analytics  <— Integrates belief systems into interpretative analysis before, during, and after investigations (great for education roadmap creation)
          9. Heuristics  <— A practical method that is not guaranteed to be optimal nor perfect but which is nevertheless sufficient for reaching an immediate, short-term goal
          10. Metacognitive Analytics  <— Awareness of investigator’s own thought processes and establishing an understanding of the patterns behind them.
          11. Six Sigma  <— Quality management metrics (NOTE: must be done internally relative to and respective of each EIM then again holistically across analytic stacks)
      4. Phase 3: Analysis
        1. P3.9: Developing a Treatise
      5. Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart
      6. Treatise
        1. Philosophy: study of the unified Universe (e.g. all that is real) as a source of truth mode shifts:
          1. Axiology: Philosophy of value derivation
          2. Epistemology: Philosophy of knowledge
          3. Logic: Philosophy of valid inference or logical truth
            1. Logic Artifact – study of EIM products of contextual incongruity
          4. Ontology: Philosophy of being
          5. Science: Philosophy of nature
          6. Supervenience: Philosophy of relation between sets of properties or sets of facts
    4. Standards
  2. Emergence Model
    1. M5 Cogent Description  |  M5 FAQs 
    2. Most Basic Particles (MBPs)
      1. The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance  <— Two fundamental processes derived from the intrinsic nature of MBPs (e.g. Build & Fail)
        1. MBPs, following their intrinsic nature, follow the to fundamental processes of 2.2.1 and configure everything real along the entanglement gradient (e.g. 2.5, 2.5.1 & 2.5.2) as complex composite architectures of mass generally construed to follow Knot Theory
          1. Recognition of these two basic processes as derivatives of the intrinsic nature of MBPs means that everything real is subject to them and that implies that all architectural mass is subject to Severance. Consequently all architectural mass so configured, under conditions of Severance for that system is: Frangible.
        2. Preons emerge in the particle model between individual MBPs and the smallest recognized particles of The Standard Model.
          1. Electron and Neutron mass’ respectively are the quark mass sums plus damping Preon constructs. This explains the mass delta and why quarks do not exist individually.
        3. Phonon resonance of Preons within subatomic constructs explains the Higgs Boson and Mechanism as resonating Preon fields.
        4. Elements are a natural progression along the entanglement gradient.
      2. Entanglement  <— Also fundamentally derived reconciles Photon wave-particle duality as a function of complex composite architectures of mass under 2.2.1. (e.g. Entanglement)
      3. The constant c has definition mode shifted from a velocity associated with the speed of light to that of Severance which produces the same velocity but for different reasons.
        1. Rapidity
          1. EMCS01 Concept 168 is restored across the domain of discourse.
          2. Read properly then in the full context of M5: Rapidity is defined as Velocity over Severance.
            1. Collectively and holistically these insights reinstate Edwin Powell Hubble‘s findings for Red & Blue shifts.
            2. This reconciles 100% of all anomalous Red Shift & Blue Shift findings across science, including cosmological data, molecular R&D (e.g. Spectroscopic Science), etc.
          3. The label for Rapidity is Latex formula and is defined as Latex formula however in the full context of M5 takes on an entirely new meaning.
          4. Rapidity is in Einstein’s fundamental definition for mass.
        2. Because all scientific instruments (e.g. interferometers) are comprised of atomic constructs, and under Severance, electrons emit photons due to centripetal force exerted through The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance the speed of light is generally constant.
        3. These insights holistically and isotropically reset the age and size of the known unified Universe Bang to Bang.
          1. “Our” portion of the unified Universe becomes that portion within the particle horizon and is potentially an order of magnitude larger as well as ancient in the extreme.
          2. “The” unified Universe encompasses a vastly larger area and is comprised of all that is. “The” unified Universe is unknowably vast and ancient exactly because those answers lay beyond the particle horizon. Only philosophy may hold those answers. The issue is the particle horizon in this regard. The farther we can see the more we will know. Telescopes like the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will help but we need more, better, bigger capabilities.
    3. Event Frame
      1. EFPS1: Cascade to Severance
      2. EFPS2: Geodesic Cruise
      3. EFPS3: Capture
      4. EFPS4: Interactive Feedback & Resonance
      5. EFPS5: Max Q
      6. EFPS6: Subsidance
      7. EFPS7: Endurance
    4. Local Frame
    5. Entanglement Gradient
      1. Emergence  <— Small to Large Gradient Vector
      2. Convergence  <— Large to Small Gradient Vector
    6. Energy Signature Taxonomy
  3. The Path to Epistemology
    1. The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance configuring MBPs into constructs of complex composite architectures of mass due to Knot Theory produce discontinuous geometric maps and it is this natural derivation of these processes responsible for the emergence of organic matter from the inorganic along the entanglement gradient.
    2. Analyzed in this manner biological taxonomies producing systems integrating complex Central Nervous Systems (CNS) and Brains form systems of systems consistent with the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK).

White Papers

Key Web Pages Here

Readers finding our approach to some subjects slightly different than traditional interpretations should be aware that our approach is fundamentally consistent with Elegant Reasonism whose primary mission is to seek truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration. As you engage these various pages that should be the major theme running throughout this entire website. Reviewed independent of one another individuals may find the material disjointed. Holistically, from the point of view of the process, epistemology and holistic context they conspire to build the tapestry that is the precipice from which the unified Universe may be perceived and engaged. Over time we will add FAQ links to those listed below. For right now though just know that many of these pages have nascent FAQ pages.

In alphabetical order:


  1. Elegant Reasonism Series
    1. Part 01: Introduction and Overview
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presentation
    2. Part 02: Introduction to Mode Shifting
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presentation
    3. Part 03: Baloney Detection Kit (Mode Shifted)
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presentation remains in production TBD
  2. In Unification’s Wake Series
    1. Part 01: Stereotypical Questions
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presentation
    2. Part 02: Mathematics
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presentation
    3. Part 03: Communications
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presentation
    4. Part 04: Relatedness
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presenation
    5. Part 05: Business Impact
      1. Presentation Charts
      2. Video Presentation

The Answer to Why We Did This

There is no simple answer to this because accomplishing unification was never an intended goal or objective. We were investigating impact dynamics across the Sol System. Once we realized what we had done we felt we were under an obligation to bring it to civilization. What is not immediately obvious is that the traditional modes of thinking are insufficient to perceive and engage the unified Universe, and we can really only make that statement in hindsight. Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) are generally not perceivable one to the other. Part of the reason we can not simply tweak elements of an EIM is directly due to Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). We fully believe that had all the folks on the Acknowledgement page, including Feynman discussing knowing vs understanding in the video below, been critically situationally aware in their thinking in context of Elegant Reasonism that one of them would have come up with all of this and the world would be in a different place today. When Feynman discusses philosophy here, he is unwittingly dancing around the very issue that Elegant Reasonism reconciles (e.g. Langer Epistemology Errors).


Part of the rationale for pursuing this over the years we did, and incurring great personal costs, has to do with how difficult it was not just to perceive in the first place, but in communications about what it was we did. It has taken the construction of this website to make any improvements in that regard and we did that too out of our own pocket. Another factor remains that because EIMs are not generally perceptible one to another means innocents are at the mercy and ethics of those who can, and we needed to make sure that as many as possible comprehend the relevant challenges: In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact. We did our best to alert all of the appropriate groups, agencies, and departments in all the places one might suspect those to exist. Some listened, and others remain in denial. Some are still cogitating on the implications. Others are in shock. The company strongly encourages everyone to wield Elegant Reasonism transformationally. These issues are neither trivial nor trite.


Elegant Reasonism’s methodologies philosophically inventory abstracts, paradigms, and constructs across a plurality of Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) of the Universe, one of which is required to close to unification and then creates an analytical framework driving toward the predicate priority consideration of unification. It’s process conducts an investigative systems reviews in the context of your objectives and goals (e.g. your quest of interest). The technologies we provide are then employed to international standards with the objective of continuous improvement, elimination of Langer Epistemology Errors, and then develops a Treatise that is aligned with the actual real unified Universe (e.g. it answers your questions in context of the real unified Universe). So how did we get where we are and what do we do next? Here’s a short video that explains.



What Changes?

How this question gets answered highly depends on the individual. There are a great many paradigm shifts driven by Elegant Reasonism. Each individual will experience a different set of such shifts. We encourage everyone to be prepared for them what ever their individual shifts happen to be. Elegant Reasonism tends to move individuals out of their comfort zones but offers the ever increasingly familial environs of the real unified Universe to empower situational awareness. As an epistemology, Elegant Reasonism is unprecedented in its analytical approach to qualifying, quantifying, and codifying evidence. Traditional epistemologies are mired in shackles tied to limitations imposed by human physiology, and this IP asset is specifically designed to eliminate those issues. Consequently, “at scale” issues vanish and simultaneously the depth of vision gained is better experienced than explained.

Boiling down this question to a single word finds that answer in the word “context”. Fundamental, foundational “context” is “what” is leveraged in the framework established by Elegant Reasonism to facilitate derivation of the insights relative to and respective of the real unified Universe. The most powerful ‘change’ is recognition and elimination of what has become called Langer Epistemology Errors or LEEs. If there were an epicenter to the problem civilization created for itself, commission of LEEs might just be it. The first woman recognized both professionally and popularly as an American Philosopher, Susanne K. Langer , was the first to recognize these issues to the inventor’s knowledge in her book “Philosophy In A New Key” published in 1948.

Elegant Reasonism unifies more than a narrow discipline of science as it brings together philosophy and science. In hindsight, we should expect no less from such an accomplishment, but we did not expect that aspect of what we did. It is simply an unexpected consequence, and it is what it is. Elegant Reasonism describes “our” Universe Bang to Bang. It provides answers to what happened before, during, and after the ‘bang’. It is backed up with evidence already in our hands. We just did not understand what we were looking at when we saw it. 

The short answer to ‘what changes’ is everything. Not in terms of its reality but in terms of how we think about the reality of the realm of existence. Those individuals immersed in wishful thinking will likely have great difficulty with Elegant Reasonism, and those who “get it” quickly should be compassionate and offer assistance to those who do not. Everyone must wrestle with their own individual paradigm. Others cannot do that for them. Each individual must want and desire to wield Elegant Reasonism, but you must be prepared to be adaptable and flexible. Preparation will necessarily include elimination of wishful thinking. The inventor was completely unprepared for the wondrous insights and capabilities brought about by the IP. Participants and users will experience ‘Ah Ha!’ moments so powerful as to be tacit and palpable. 

Perception and Interpretation

Entrenched and vested status quo thinkers will likely cite the successes from the last century or so. What they fail to realize is that those were successes in logical correctness and not fundamental under pinnings. In short we were all committing Langer Epistemology Errors or LEEs. We all, every single one of us, fell prey to LEEs empiricism trap. There is an old adage that says “if the only tool you have is a hammer then all the world appears as a nail.” Well, we just revolutionized your tool box. Winston Churchill once said something to the affect ‘men sometimes stumble over the truth but most pick themselves up and hurry off’. Ironically we had accomplished unification in our work years before we realized we had done what we did and then we needed to figure out what to do about that. Albert Einstein is quoted as stating: “We can not solve problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.” Einstein was more right than he knew, but then again, maybe he did know or at least have an idea about it. It continues to be our belief that had Einstein read Langer’s work in 1948 and realized those implications that he would have come to the same conclusions being articulated here. The systems review we conducted reviewed countless materials from across science and philosophy and our Acknowledgements page expresses our gratitude, most especially to three people from history: Albert Einstein, Susanne K Langer, and Lev B Okun. Even with all of these various resources and insights there was another major factor in accomplishing all of this and it was the maturing Information Sciences Industry and Technologies, most especially Systems Engineering. The Intnational Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) is the professional organization for that profession practice and processes and it was not officially formed until 1990, some 42 years after Langer wrote her book.

Notice to Global Enterprise

Elegant Reasonism is a disruptive framework to status quo value derivation and thinking. Elegant Reasonism is intrinsically designed to mode shift non-unified thinking into alignment with the unified Universe. Consequently the only defense requires embracing this framework yourself.  Belligerence in this particular case will guarantee your place in history’s dust.  Anyone effective at wielding the Elegant Reasonism framework may mode shift the value you instantiate at their will, discretion, and mercy. All anyone, anywhere on Earth, need do is register on our web site and study the framework to comprehension. If they would incrementally enroll in the Elegant Reasonism 101 course they are very likely to accelerate their comprehension and ability to wield this framework. Value derivation is one of the lessons in this course. The Commercial License will allow anyone, anywhere to wield this framework in all revenue generating activities. 

Technology R&D

Technology research and development efforts may have their value similarly disintermediated. Currently there are many billions of dollars across the global economy and geopolitical spectrum invested in status quo understanding of technology. That comprehension is similarly at risk exactly because the fundamental foundational thinking behind it can not ever accomplish unification. The Emergence Model reflects the unified Universe. Elegant Reasonism is the framework which produced it and though someone else may develop a better model also closing to unification that will only serve to make the framework stronger and more capable. The core message here is that regardless the path forward involves this framework regardless of the models employed.

Context Implications

Fundamental encapsulated interpretive models (of the Universe) are highly systemic and they establish foundational context. When such a model provides the basis for our every contemplation, changing it in any way modifies everything higher in that food chain of knowledge in some way, even if only subtly. The implication is that “what it is you think you know, you may not really know”, and this is especially true if you are committing Langer Epistemology Errors. It may be that you can absolutely prove your knowledge, in some test or regurgitated fact, but those test results, or recited facts tie out to that context which may ultimately prove only to be logically correct. If that model does not close to unification in complete compliance with the realm of c’s then you in fact have not really accomplished much except demonstrate familiarity with the associated detail set of that particular model


The company spent some 15 years developing Elegant Reasonism, and we are placing our research library online for everyone to engage. You need only register with us to get access to it. We place more materials there as often as we can. Not everything we have is there, and some of it is not in the public domain which precludes us making it generally available. What is there is considerable.  As this web site continues to develop, our intention is to provide insights and assertions based on the research in that library. Articles, posts, and pages will be actively linked to original research and papers from history. There will not be any question about where or how concepts were construed, because we will provide the original author’s views using their own words. 

We have tested Elegant Reasonism with net new science, and it has survived every test. We are unable to break it. As addictive as new science is there is also much to be learned from what we already thought we knew from history. There is a new function enabled by Elegant Reasonism which we call “mode shifting”. Mode Shifting is changing the fundamental interpretive context manifested by each interpretive model of the Universe relative and respective to a set of investigative paradigms or phenomena. Experiencing mode shifting for the first time can be a powerful experience, and we wish we could be there when yours happens because they manifest so much joy and happiness. The word “Eureka!” somehow fails to capture the exuberance. There is an ineffable quality experienced bouncing between material in the library and the mode shifted insights provided by Elegant Reasonism. 

So, we will not provide “baseless” claims or assertions. We will link insights to R&D and historical material from original authors mode shifted into alignment with the actual real unified Universe. There is no other place on Earth today that can accomplish such a feat. 

Call for Comprehensive Systems Review

The SolREI company openly calls for civilization to conduct a comprehensive systems review into what it is we think we know. All of it must be mode shifted. We have suggested to the U.S. National Science Foundation the need to build a computing platform which is likely an order of magnitude more powerful than Summit to be built specifically to investigate all of this for the benefit of industry, enterprise, and academia (at all levels including individual citizenry). The envisioned system would be immersed in Elegant Reasonism requirements and focus on major R&D areas such as Architectures of Mass, Property and Phenomenon as a function of those architectures, Knot Theory, Refinement of Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) and potential alternatives, Fractal Geometry of Nature in context of the intrinsic nature of MBPs, Information Sciences & Technologies and a great deal more as insights mature. Insights already in hand suggest technologies like quantum computing are not the answer and neither is artificial intelligence, both areas need significant overhaul to assist.  We have let them and others in the U.S. Congress know that we are happy to help them help others and to let us know how we can be of better service with the available resources. We are doing all we can with what we have.

Learning Elegant Reasonism

Elegant Reasonism is simple to the point of elegance, hence its name. However, that simplicity comes at the cost of predisposed paradigms and belief systems. Therein lay the challenge. Each of us harbors deeply held belief systems associated with status quo thinking, and more often than not it is those paradigm shifts causing the difficulties in gaining awareness of Elegant Reasonism. It is for these reasons we have placed our User Library online and work to articulate Elegant Reasonism in this fashion. 

The default user role assumed when you register here is what we call the “Learner”. We assume everyone wants individual cognition of what this is all about, and that is the role assigned. Those individuals wishing greater responsibilities and authority may contact us at anytime. It is our intention to develop certification programs online to facilitate others to help convey basic information and concepts as well as to engage industry, enterprise, and government. The licensing still under development is taking all of this into consideration, so please bear with us as we work to bring these capabilities to you. This website is still under heavy development and we are working as fast as resources allow to improve it. Content, infrastructure, etc., changes daily and without notice. Our intent is to make this all easier to understand and engage. Again, please bear with us as we work to bring you this information. Contact us if you have suggestions or want to help.

Elegant Reasonism 101 Course

The Elegant Reasonism 101 introductory course is undergoing heavy development but it is available in its evolving state online right now. All you need do is register and then enroll to follow along with us. Right now, because of that development effort, enrollment is FREE. We are looking to finish these efforts by the end of 2Q2020 at which time this review time will expire. So, if you would like to engage this material and perhaps help us it is online right now. 


Adults interested in truth as a function of the unified Universe.


FREE until the development effort is complete, after which this free period is set to expire. Register now before this program expires.

VIP Program

If you are a professional scientist, leader, or key influencer then register right now. Once you have confirmed credentials, then contact us explaining why you think you deserve consideration in our VIP by invitation only program. The VIP program grants you access to our insights in exchange for your support and general agreement not to obfuscate truth and support our mission to bring all of this to civilization in an effective manner.

Licensing Elegant Reasonism

The ERCUL licensee wields intellectual property required to penetrate chaotic thinking prevailing across modern society and otherwise ensnaring civilization. Current predominant thinking is mired in a logic trap, and the only key we know of to get out is the patent pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism IP asset. If you or your company is interested in licensing for revenue generating activities, then register with us and then contact us. We will work to get you connected to online assets and review deeper needs you may have. Does everyone need a license? Only if you wish to use our IP in revenue generating activities. Purely academic understanding for personal cognition is covered by our general use license (ERGUL). 

Interested Investors

Accredited interested investors should contact SolREI to set up a private disclosure session under NDA Non-compete.

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