Elegant Reasonism Encapsulation

Encapsulation as a concept herein constrains a domain of discourse such that 100% of the relevant details are within its defined set which constitute an interpretive model of the unified Universe. Relative to Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) the term may include nested traditional information sciences classes within models. Any given such domain may include related or associated detail sets. Detail sets within domains of discourse may also be nested in order to create hierarchical systems relationships. The most fundamental compartmentalization possible for such systemic relationships are said to be fundamental and foundational in so much as every other construct is dependent on them in some fashion, even if only restfully. Encapsulated Interpretive Models are defined herein as the necessary core constructs required to accurately reflect the unified Universe. Recognized EIMs recognized circa 2020 are outlined on the models page.


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Elegant Reasonism requires all interpretive models of the Universe to be defined in an encapsulated manner. Anyone may use our ISO 9001 Unification Tool or its equivalent for that purpose. Any hierarchical set of domains of discourse within a given investigation may be represented in this fashion across the plurality of required models in order to be fully compliant with the framework.


EIMs are compartmentalized. While they must contain 100% of the constructs necessary to reflect the unified Universe, it is also recognized that the internal precipice of perspective is utterly incapable of perceiving any other EIM. Perceptions of such are generally prevented by Langer Epistemology Errors. The only way to perceive the implications of one EIM juxtaposed against another is mode shifting via Translation Matrices. Quests to employ Elegant Reasonism in pursuit of net new EIMs which might also be fully compliant must be prepared to explain manifestation of the same paradigms of nature as all other EIMs and it must close to unification as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science.

Translation Matrices Analytics

Only the analytic layering of Translation Matrices are allowed to penetrate encapsulation for analytic purposes. Juxtaposed and subjected to such rigor and discipline, EIMs are vetted for investigative purposes. Surviving such means a particular EIM may join the ranks of recognized EIMs, however accomplishing such a task is neither simple, nor trivial. It took SOLREI INC from 2004 to May 7th, 2019 to develop The Emergence Model. Even at that stage it was far from being fully matured, but it was enough to recognize unification compliance.

Emergence Model Implications

Remember Elegant Reasonism is the framework which produced The Emergence Model which is the first Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM) to be fully compliant. Salient here is that insights from the systems review employing Elegant Reasonism as The Emergence Model was under development is that because MBPs can be considered ‘a system‘, implies that configurations of them manifesting every real object are therefore systems of systems. Because Elegant Reasonism requires within the set of employed models within its pluralistic approach, and until such time as additional fully compliant models are developed, The Emergence Model is the model compliant with criteria of unification.

The Emergence Model Considers Everything Real A System or System of Systems

Elegant Reasonism Implications

The Elegant Reasonism framework requires and demands that all models be 100% encapsulated and declared. Declaration may be made in our ISO 9001 Unification Tool or its equivalent. Within the domain of discourse that is a given model various detail sets may be constituents. It is important to understand that encapsulation may be nested to any level appropriate within a given model.


The Emergence Model holistically is embodied by its logical model M5, and its physical model M6. Only together does The Emergence Model come into its own. We therefore may consider, from that point of view, M5 and M6 are each nested encapsulations within The Emergence Model. Empiricists are warned that assuming the first place to go is the physical model would very likely be a strategic mistake. Caution is warranted that logical views are defined with greater precision than are physical systems because there is almost always more than one physical manner in which to accomplish the same logical result. Logical systems therefore are more precise than are physical systems and this will seem very counterintuitive to many physicists. The place to start is M5 not M6. The physical view must enable and otherwise support the logical view but it is the logical view which we will work with the most. The logical view is the model instantiating precision of measurements of abstractions, paradigms, etc. The encapsulated physical view must support the logical view and we must employ them both in synthesis of our understanding of the unified Universe which we must always hold distinct and litmus. Any other approach runs the risk of committing Langer Epistemology Errors.


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