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There are a number of industry ‘standards’ that when applied in the context of Elegant Reasonism become ‘unique’ and these require specific training in order to wield properly. ISO 9001 QMS standards and Six Sigma are two that come readily to mind. There are many other international standards that require no updating at all. International Standards for measurements and Quantities are two that come readily to mind. Elegant Reasonism takes industry standards and immerses them in a framework that preserves context for analytical purposes and then leverages a plurality of encapsulated interpretive models of the Universe where at least one such model is required to close to unification.

There are a number of factors which conspire to create a requirement for Elegant Reasonism based standards, but the leading issue is the need to properly account for Langer Epistemology Errors or LEEs. The methodology and process employed by Elegant Reasonism organizes abstractions, paradigms, constructs, descriptions, and associated rule sets in a manner that requires declaration and quantification of not just the labels but the definitions used by those labels and once declared, ‘not one letter can change’. Encapsulated interpretive models are enumerated and iterated but not changed as a matter of ISO requirement. The SolREI company is working to orchestrate and choreograph the establishment of international groups to establish baseline benchmarks, databases, tools, and other mechanisms to aide these efforts. If you or your organization has an interest in participating in these groups, please let SolREI, Inc. know.


Each nation around the world has standards organizations for various purposes. Global enterprise generally, but is not limited to, follows(ing) those listed here:

Global Comprehensive Systems Review is Warranted

The stated position and policy of the SolREI company is that a global, comprehensive, systems review is in order in the full holistic context of Elegant Reasonism and that international committees be convened to establish consistent definitions across the various recognized models. The SolREI company has no desire to define such criteria to any degree, rather it is our wish to participate in an international effort to do so. We are happy if our material and insights may foster or facilitate such discussion but we are not the final arbiters nor do we desire to be so.

Therefore nothing within this website should be construed to mean that any SolREI employee, including, but not limited to, Charles C McGowen has 100% of all answers to everything. That could not be further from the truth. We are simply publishing our insights based on a systems review that took place circa 2004-2019 and is to some degree on-going. Our conclusions are that the Elegant Reasonism framework and as an epistemology perceive and engage the unified Universe. That places them in a unique position relative to history and we are comfortable allowing history to be the final judge in that regard.

Elegant Reasonism ISO Standards

To the degree that Elegant Reasonism elements, methods, processes, technologies, and epistemology are distinct and unique from those already defined by then this website will act as our attempt to define them. Nothing here is intended to supplant any ISO definition already in place. Rather our intent is to augment those standards relative to and respective of specific implementation or employment within the Elegant Reasonism framework and epistemology. SOLREI Inc has asked the International Standards Organization to assign Elegant Reasonism an ISO number for reference purposes. When that assignment has been made we will reflect it here and a dedicated page within this website.

SI Units

SI Units
SI Units

For the most part the standard modern SI Units remain in place unchanged at their normally applied human abstraction scale, the possible exception being mass. Even then it changes from a simplex number to that of something more representative of an architecture. SOLREI is working to mode shift these various areas.







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