Epistemologic Logic

Many believe Aristotle invented logic. To define logic as ‘a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something’ makes the astounding leap of presumption that all of the elements under consideration fall into the same context. That is to say that context produces exactly the same sets of domains of discourse and underlying detail sets within them. It furthermore presumes that context to be static throughout history. Elegant Reasonism does not make that assumption and has a specific step in its utility process to perform a ‘historical source review‘. Translation Matrices employ mathematics in the form of its logic calculus analytical layer to assure the integrity of conclusions being drawn from any given investigation. Paradigms of Interest/Nature being so explored and immersed in this manner are then subjected to the analytical rigor imposed by Elegant Reasonism. That analysis however is dependent on earlier phases of the Elegant Reasonism utility process and is only effective if and only if the proper context is quantified and codified in order to establish a credible means to mode shift the body of work being investigated. For these and more reasons the Elegant Reasonism Decision Checkpoint Flowchart is structured as it is.

Elegant Reasonism Demands Truth As a Function of the unified Universe

What this statement means is that logical closure to a positive result requires full compliance with the realm of c’s (one of which is closure to unification) under Elegant Reasonism rules and framework.The deeper implication is that evidence chains mode shift for any given investigation confirming high affinity with the unified Universe in order to illuminate and illustrate that truth. Traditional epistemologies are necessary but insufficient to accomplish this goal exactly because they do not take into account the aspects of philosophy which preclude accomplishing unification and Elegant Reasonism does take those things into account; Langer Epistemology Errors, for example, and logic artifacts for another.


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