Do you think you know what reality is?

Did you know that human physiology employs senses which send signals through the Central Nervous System (CNS) to the brain where those signals are transformed into abstractions which the various Brodmann Areas of the brain convert into abstractions we perceive as reality? When you think about it that’s the only way we have ever been able to cope with the realm in which we existed and it matters not which country you are in or whether you lived a million years ago in paleolithic times or some point in the future. It does not matter whether or not your physiology is capable of augmented reality or not. Reality is. What’s more is that reality manifested you. Even more astounding is that it manifests everything real and it always has and it always will. Reality is a unified continuum of all that is. The philosophical study of being is ontology and it is relevant here so as not to get lost in modern incarnations of artificial this or that.

Reality vs Virtual
Reality vs Virtual

Usually when we speak of virtual realms we instantly think of computers and not the natural world, which necessarily includes our own brains. The brain is often compared to a computer. It has processing capabilities, memory, data paths, and the paradigms created through your life experiences follow synaptic patterns that shape how you interpret the realm around you. Your environment too shapes those patterns. These patterns are more easily formed when we are children. Scientists call that neural plasticity. What our original systems review found was that neural patterns can change. They must be capable of change or society would be static and never learn anything. We would all still be sitting around campfires throwing rocks at each other. Oh wait…. never mind, not going there. Some just have a hard time learning anything new. Some motivational speakers might tell you about something called Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro-linguistic programming is a pseudo-scientific approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, United States, in the 1970s. The practice is often derided because it focuses primarily on linguistic centers of the brain and behavior. We found the situation a great deal more complex than that. The issue is not just linguistic centers, it involves every Brodmann Area and permutations of them. The neural plasticity is still there. When individual neural patterns are intentionally changed through similar programs we call that Neural Network Reconfiguration by Programming (NNRP).

You may be wondering what all this has to do with theoretical astrophysics and the answer is everything because we are inside the test tube we are trying to characterize. We are intrinsically a part of what is. We can not describe what is without intrinsically describing ourselves and how we came to be. At least the mechanics behind all that anyway. So let us look briefly at the entireity of the sentence describing Elegant Reasonism. Elegant Reasonism is a utility process employing an analytical framework supporting an epistemology which together holistically seek truth as a function of the unified Universe and which produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) closing to unification: The Emergence Model. The Keys To The Kingdom post points out that The Emergence Model, specifically the cogent description of M5, is fully compliant with the realm of c’s and spans all scales of the entanglement gradient, both in the emergence and convergence vectors and mode shifts all concept sieves. Blah, blah, baa, baa, woof, woof, etc, etc. The Emergence Model is a compeltely different EIM than status quo thinking which is fundamentally defined by M1. What that means is that its core constructs are different and while the various Paradigms Of Interest/Nature (POI/N) may be simultaneously true mode shifting M1 to M2 to M5 and back again, why those things are true EIM to EIM are different. Each EIM instantiates a different context. Neither are the internal patterns the same EIM to EIM.. That is somewhat the nature of encapsulation. Interestingly humanity has been struggling with being able to communicate this for thousands of years. None of these problems are new. Plato wrote about such struggles in Book 7 of The Republic in his allegory: The Cave.

Niels Bohr Quote
Matter is Described Through Interactions & Relationships

The types of epistemological errors that Susanne K Langer wrote about we now call Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) in her honor and they occur when we mistake abstractions for actual reality. This does not mean we should not use abstractions, indeed we must, but we must also never – ever – forget what they are and what they represent. Neither must we ever declare that we are describing actual reality as if what we write ‘is’ reality. What we must do is reflect what we believe reality is or how it must be behaving because of logical reflection is this or that.

There is a very fine line between the abstractions we employ and the reality they represent but we must never forget that line exists. Crossing that line means commission of LEEs. Elegant Reasonism is specifically designed to minimize or hopefully eliminate commission of LEEs.

Elegant Reasonism does not presume that The Emergence Model is the be all end all EIM closing to unification. It is simply an EIM that does happen to close. Elegant Reasonism has been designed to require at least one EIM which does close but if there are many more which are, at some point, available then it only makes the utility process and framework we developed all that much stronger and more powerful than it already is.


What we must do conversationally is to declare which EIM is manifesting the context of our points so that we or others may mode shift those insights conversationally while simultaneously protecting the integrity of what we believe constitutes reality. Never must we declare what that reality “is”. We can speculate on what we believe it to be. We can declare all the logical EIMs we wish and even show the simultaneous truths those EIMs hold for our philosophical contemplation, debate, or shear enjoyment. But we must never forget we are employing abstractions to support that infrastructure. Not ever. Crossing that line will immerse you within an epic logic trap from which Elegant Reasonism is the only escape we have ever found.

Reality reflected by the Universe is unified regardless of our thinking about it. You can ascribe all the successful experimental results in the world but if you can not represent those results relative to and respective of the unified Universe then you have work to do. Something can be logically correct yet remain physically different. If think that label for a given core construct “is” that reality then you are committing LEEs and you are hung up on the left hand side of the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart. If you think human physiology is not inherently ensnaring you in these mechanisms then you may have fallen prey to LEEs Empiricism Trap. This is akin to being asked to find an object in the corner of a round room. One needs to stop, think, then act.

Reality is unified and is a great deal more wondrous from the precipice capable of perceiving and engaging the unified Universe.

Detail Congruence

Just because you have an EIM which exhibits congruence while necessary, is also very insufficient. It might mean that the EIM manifesting fundamental context is a logically correct reflection of the underlying physical systems. It does not necessarily mean that it closes to unification, nor does it necessarily mean it reflects all aspects of the unified Universe. We also need to point out that congruence is only one “c word factor” that must be considered out of the set of all applicable such words. The point here is that unification requires a large degree of rigor and discipline with applied critically situational awareness thinking. Situationally aware in this case means which EIM is manifesting the context of the abstractions being employed in the conversation. Do you have those inventoried? Can you distinguish them EIM to EIM?




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