Unification Accomplished


The SolREI company is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published our patent Elegant Reasonism which accomplished the epic task of unification. Enterprises, government agencies, and academic institutions at every level should be immediately aware that traditional thinking is necessary but insufficient. Elegant Reasonism takes us to a whole new realm of insights and changes the manner in which we must engage reality. The immediate implication for business is that the competitive landscape immediately changes and seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. The only way to maintain competitive advantage is to embrace this new epistemology before your competition does, or they will mode shift your portfolio out from under you.

USPTO Published Elegant Reasonism Patent

Elegant Reasonism is an epistemology, supported by an analytical framework, which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. Elegant Reasonism includes the first fully compliant EIM: The Emergence Model, which is a mode shifted view of The Standard Model of Particle Physics. The patent is available for immediate inspection on the USPTO report site at the URL below:


Below is the actual patent as filed. What is displayed below is the same as the above link.


The Quest for Unification is now over and the real work begins. Contact us and we can help you sort out the implications to your organization.

Elegant Reasonism White Paper

Anyone may read the white paper online here.

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Standards Based Processes

Ability to Perceive and Engage the unified Universe


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General Use License Covers Simple Academic Understanding

SolREI covers general knowledge and learning for free under its General Use License. No further licensing is required unless our patent is used in revenue generating activities, which requires acquisition of a commercial license.

Revenue Generation Activities Requires Commercial License

Enterprises may contact us for commercial licensing of this asset in order to break out of the logic trap represented by predominant thinking. NOTE: The core constructs of traditional encapsulated interpretive models preclude accomplishing unification. The implications of this are immediate and profound to global business. Secure your company’s commercial license today!

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