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SOLREI INC is patent pending 16405134 on soemthing we call Elegant Reasonism it is the utility process, technological framework, and epistemology which seek truth as a function of the unifiied Universe. Humanity has sought after unification for thousands of years and our company delivered. Let us help you gain that precipice so you can engage the unified Universe.

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The SolREI company has placed Elegant Reasonism out in plain sight for any and all to review so they might begin their journey to the precipice of unification. The source of inspiration lives among the entrepreneurs of the world driving innovation. Elegant Reasonism provides them with new tools, new ways to think and consider the realm instantiating us all. When we look at lists of major companies by market capitalization for each decade over the last 150 years, few have weathered those competitive storms. The persistent manage to do more than maintain innovation. They have become proficient in nurturing sources of inspiration and strategic vision. When we realize inhibitors which obfuscated accomplishing unification earlier; we should all take great pause and reflect on our own paradigm shifts. The good news is that civilization now has the means to perceive and engage the unified Universe.

The Marketplace

The solar system economy is literally our marketplace. We are looking for intrepid investors with strategic vision and exceptional understanding. If that is you or your organization then contact us after you have had a chance to wrap your head around Elegant Reasonism. Broad areas of engagement are:


The SolREI company is actively seeking accredited high net worth entities interested in establishing a long term relationship with the company. Executive management is prepared to meet with approved investors and disclose proprietary business information under NDA.  Those interested in a potential relationship should immediately Contact Us and indicate interest and an intent to complete the linked NDA then submit it to the company for assessment. There are a limited number of significant investor slots available at this time. Management will review the request and respond as appropriate. This opportunity may be terminated at anytime at the discretion of the company. No communications will take place until a fully executed NDA is in place and approved by all parties.  

This opportunity is rare to the point of unique for the right investors. The company is seeking funding to fill out a world class foundation team up to the operational challenges facing us as we seek to empower civilization with these insights. The SolREI company is developing solutions that will revolutionize the global economy. Our 2022 actions are poised for unprecedented action. Investment here is and will remain unheralded in history. This is a “once in history” opportunity. We stand on a precipice few ever have the opportunity to witness. We are looking for investors with the mettle to help us make history.

The SolREI company has a strategic vision beyond our current accomplishments. While the intellectual properties and assets developed by the company are historically significant, they are by no means or description everything we hope to achieve. They are but a beginning. Our aim is to implement new capabilities instilling considerable value into the global economy to create a vibrant and enduring future for life. Strategic investors with vision will immediately see the value of the endeavor we plan to enact. We are open, flexible, adaptable, determined, and we will persevere.

The Challenge

Civilization is a victim of its own success. Humanity has accomplished a great deal based on how we perceive science. We have accomplished so much because our thinking about the realm in which we exist was logically correct, but therein lay the strategic clue to unification and the ability to gain a higher perspective. Our company spent circa 2004 to 2019 in a dedicated systems review of what it is we thought we knew and why we knew it. No one was more shocked than we were at what we discovered. That original systems review culminated with the filing positioned by our press release. Status quo power brokers are dragging their feet because they know how long patents last and in doing so they miss the point. Our only point in filing was to secure the simple fact that we were the ones who invented the process and got the job done. The USPTO has already ceded our CEO as the inventor and announced that fact to the world. SolREI now holds the vanguard position on wielding the most powerful utility process on Earth and we plan to educate deep pockets everywhere.


Implications are deep, broad, and systemic. No one, anywhere, should expect less from such an accomplishment. What we have done strikes at the very heart of how humans perceive reality. We codified those perceptions, and reintegrated them across a domain of discourse capable of meeting the challenges demanded by science. We spent from about 2012 until 2019 testing what we had with net new science and Elegant Reasonism rose to the occasion every single time and circumstance. 

What does this mean though to the uninitiated. First it means status quo thinking is flawed, and we know where the flaws are. Businesses will understand that implication. Scientists versed in the successes of the past with stature gained through comprehension of the context of those victories will no doubt be in denial. They should be prepared to transition through the stages of grief, loss and greater comprehension. This is as real as it gets. Predominant thinking does not unify physics because it cannot unify physics. More importantly, it never will.

Global businesses betting their future on the context established on predominant thinking are heretofore warned that they are on thin ice. The SolREI company is about to mode shift your foundations out from under you. And yes this includes quantum computing. What we have done is not constrained or confined to one narrow discipline of science. Elegant Reasonism represents a new epistemology that seeks truth from the unified Universe. There are deep philosophical questions answered in no other manner. The resulting insights are as powerful for their capability in terms of what one can see as they are for what they eliminate. 


If you currently no nothing about Elegant Reasonism, know this: status quo thinking will never gain the precipice capable of perceiving, much less engaging the unified Universe. What must happen is something we call: mode shifting. The concept of unification demands the credible reintegration of everything real. SOLREI INC has that capability. Do you? Part of the point here is that this is not just a theoretical astrophysics challenge, it applies to everything, everywhere, in every domain of discourse. Another point to be made here, especially if you are new here, is that your understanding of value is based on that status quo interpretation. If you are apathetic to Elegant Reasonism then you likely will not understand its value, much less its power, until a competitor cleans your proverbial clock with it. We very strongly suggest you engage to understand the implications of our presentation: In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact.

Elegant Reasonism seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe.

Elegant Reasonism represents the single most valuable patent ever filed on Earth and here’s why. It doesn’t just unify a discipline of science. What Elegant Reasonism brings is the ability to refine thinking consistent with the unified Universe. It allows recognition of flawed epistemological approaches so that dead ends can be avoided. Resources are more focused on productive pursuits. Right now this year, 2019, the planet is going to expend tens of billions in resources on projects and quests that are fundamentally mired in a logic trap and will not deliver promised results. Elegant Reasonism can refocus those efforts productively. Elegant Reasonism as a process delivers unprecedented insights into the mechanical Universe in a unified manner. It illuminates not just what works, but what does not and why. It identifies incongruous thinking that leads to wasted time, effort, resources, and financial investments. Elegant Reasonism refocuses the whole industry of Risk Management. Risk cannot be calculated if the manner in which it is being executed is not congruous with the unified Universe. It’s just that simple. This is not some inane discussion between scientists on some mountain top with a telescope. This means that humanity now has the fundamental opportunity to redefine value derivation as a function of affinity with the unified Universe.  Every business on Earth, except SolREI, Inc. is, circa 2022, mired in M1 thinking, and they are restrained and constrained by their own commissions of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). More importantly, they do not realize that they are, much less how they are, trapped by their own thinking. We do.


Global GDP, in USD, is estimated to be around $96 trillion dollars. What we did impacts or influences every penny to some degree, in some manner. Valuing our asset, much less our company, is one of our paramoount concerns and is rooted in our capability. Right now individuals are engaging our network presence from every nation on Earth, by the thousands. As cognition settles in across the world those numbers will only escalate. We are teaching people about what it is we did for free, because we know that once they understand they are going to be unable to refuse to apply what it is they know, and application requires a commercial license from us. When global enterprise comprehends the direct implications to their organization and strategic brand intent they are going to demand their value chains to embrace our IP asset as well. All this can only cascade toward increased comprehension which in turn feeds our value. Right now we are actively seeking to credibly operationalize our business plan. Contact us immediately if you think your organization wants to help us pave the way for civilization to engage the unified Universe.






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