Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism

We are pleased to announce that the SolREI company is now Patent Pending on the methodology, process, technologies, and epistemology required in order to perceive, study, and engage the “unified Universe”.

PRESS RELEASE: Unification Accomplished (Click Here)

Our Patent Pending No: 16405134 intellectual property is in a word epic. The licensee wields intellectual property required to penetrate chaotic thinking prevailing across modern society and otherwise ensnaring civilization. Current predominant thinking is mired in a logic trap, and the only key we know of to get out is our patent pending process, technology, and epistemology. If you or your company is interested in licensing, please let us know. We are still in the earliest phase of operationalizing, so please be patient with us as we work through all the requests. This leaves civilization in something of a predicament from our point of view. Remember, we stand on the precipice from which the unified Universe is clear. We see those ensnared. We see the shackles constraining everyone. We hold the keys capable of eliminating chaos, unlocking the doors, and removing all constraints so that others may also engage the unified Universe (e.g. unified reality). The licenses are not yet developed for our technology, but stay tuned and follow this web site because the information will be posted here. Those with heavy investments in the status quo should sit up and take notice, because their apple carts are about to be up ended. And while we can see these various issues from this precipice, we cannot wrestle your paradigms for you. We can put our keys in your hands, but you must unlock your own door and then walk through to gain this same precipice. Everyone must wrestle their own paradigms to affect the necessary shifts. All we can do is facilitate discussions, then provide guidance and assistance as required and appropriate.

The company clearly recognizes the significance of what we’ve done and the implications of it. We are working with others to help us to develop an equitable licensing arrangement that is not yet complete, exactly because of our situational awareness and because we know history is a harsh judge. What we have done here is not a ‘widget’. No one can derive what we have done in context of predominant thinking, and because that is so, and because we can demonstrate that point (in court if necessary), we know that in order to get out of such logic traps licensing our IP is required. Our intent is to follow ancient philosophies to preserve the integrity of precious life in keeping with our core mission of strategic sustainability. It is our intent to facilitate academic pursuit of education, and we do not confuse that necessarily with institutionalized ‘schooling’. It is our intent to maximize engagement of our license across the spectrum of the global economy without exception. It is our intent to minimize turmoil and chaos in economic markets. Turmoil and volatility to some degree cannot be avoided because of what we have done here. The reason it cannot be avoided has to do with a Knowledge Management Law which states that ‘knowledge will never penetrate the population faster than a Kelvin wake’. The implication of what that means is that the best we can do is to inform as many entities as we can but do so simultaneously, and then let the free markets sort out the issues. Entities will embrace or ignore us at their own market derived peril. The best we can hope to accomplish is to maximize penetration to the best of our ability, and those capabilities are a function of our business operational plans. Which brings us back to reality. The reality is the SolREI company is a very small, fleet of foot, entrepreneurial enterprise, and we need help to do this the way it ought to be done. That requires us to seek out significant financial backing in order to build out the foundation necessary to operationalize our business in a manner history will expect something like this to manifest.

The Patent

The intellectual property represented by this now patent pending 16405134 consists of a framework of processes & methods which support the epistemology and the first fully compliant encapsulated interpretive model (e.g. The Emergence Model) to close to unification as a philosophical predicate priority consideration of science. Holistically Elegant Reasonism seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. The framework seeks that truth in a manner which minimizes or eliminates Langer Epistemology Errors or LEEs. We coined this term specifically to address the mistake of confusing abstractions with reality and what happens when that mistake is made, in honor of Susanne K Langer who first described them in 1948. Plato in book seven of the Republic describes a similar problem when he presents his allegory of The Cave. Langer however, describes in modern language the circumstances and epistemology associated with the error. McGowen recognized her contribution and named LEEs in her honor.


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Holistically these capabilities integrate the latest from information science, philosophy, and the natural sciences to create an approach that extends and improves the scientific method and the disciplines of science studying the natural world. Some terminology is addressed with new insights represented by new concepts introduced herein. Together they represent significant opportunity across the spectrum of human endeavor. Traditional epistemologies are integrated and positioned accordingly within the framework. Those dependent on human physiology are noted with intrinsic limitations that dependence represents. There is much to discuss, explain, and lay before you. Please take this opportunity to register now so you can immediately begin your journey toward a capability to perceive and engage the unified Universe.

The SolREI company is planning to provide licensing, consulting, certification, and information based products and services. Obviously we cannot do all of this by ourselves. It is our intention to seek out partners whom we certify and license to deliver these insights to the highest standards possible. The SolREI Company at its core is a strategic sustainability enterprise focused on tactical action necessary to endure beyond 2100. This mission involves a point of view that necessarily involves every aspect of how we manage Earth’s biosphere inclusive of the rate at which civilization is learning, the dynamic and expanding global economy, and the implications these factors have for civilization as a whole. Our insights and intellectual assets empower others through synergistic relationships, products, and services that deliver unprecedented capabilities. These observations about what it is we do do not come into full context until it is realized what we have accomplished through our research.

It is our intent to provide basic comprehension of what we have accomplished free from any fees under our general use license. All you need do is register here to begin your journey. We intend to make deeper understanding is available via our courses online. If revenue is a part of your efforts, then you will need a commercial license. Any entity, individual or otherwise engaged in revenue generating activities wishing to license our technology should use the contact us form here to express their interest.

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Hold on because this is a journey no one saw coming!




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