Emergence Model Concept Sieve 01

What culminated with the SolREI company gaining Patent Pending 16405134 status on Elegant Reasonism has humble beginnings that did not have as its objective unification. Nothing could have been further from our minds. We were simply looking into some dynamics which involved astrophysics and we started asking questions from a decidedly Knowledge Management point of view. One thing led to another and lots of questions to colleagues and reviewers. Over time those questions became a Systems Review in earnest. The initial Systems Review which produced The Emergence Model was the initial project which resulted in establishing the Generalized Process Flow of Elegant Reasonism’s three primary phases: Recognition, Illumination, and Analysis. That effort employed validation checks across over 400 equations (403 for those wanting an exact number). What that means is that we had to review those some 400+ equations asking questions about how they functioned in context of the failure to unify physics and do so across each of the three major steps of what is now called Elegant Reasonism. We needed to understand why were they not able to participate in answering questions regarding the accomplishment of unification.

EMCS01 Named Concepts

The EMCS01_Named_Concepts page is the main landing page for this concept sieve as it lists over 403 concepts which were part of the original systems review including all mathematics.

Moments of Inspiration

There was not a single moment of inspiration rather there were many. This will likely shock many people, but none more than me (e.g. McGowen), and I must admit a great deal of embarrassment, but it took some three years to even realize (circa 2011/12) that we had already accomplished the objective (circa 2009). Even working with that material daily for years was it recognized that in describing what we call ‘the’ Universe is in fact only ‘our’ Universe were we able to describe that construct Bang to Bang. And accomplishing that feat required us to then back up and realize the mechanisms required in order to manifest Elegant Reasonism as a full fledged epistemology such that it eliminates and minimizes past failures. Elegant Reasonism, as an epistemology, is therefore designed to minimize (and hopefully eliminate) Langer Epistemology Errors.

Concepts Mode Shifted

The comprehensive list associated with The Emergence Model Sieve 01 is provided on two different pages depending on how you would like to use the information. One page lists only the enumerated concept number. The other page lists the associated concept name or label next to its concept enumeration. The former is useful if you are looking for a quick way to communicate specific sets of concepts to others while the latter provides information about the subject of the relative and respective concepts. Both pages are linked out to the entire set of concept pages. Our ultimate intent is to provide subscribers to our insights the results of our Systems Review mode shifting these concepts mostly between M1 and M5. Occasionally we may have employed others and that will be articulated on those specific pages. Equations associated with specific Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) of the Universe each have their own page and are linked by their supporting concept page. This also generally provides the taxonomy associated with SolREI.co’s URL construction. The intent is to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for. We hope this helps.

Illuminating The Illustration

We have thousands of pages of insights that we are working to ‘bring alive’ in this website so you won’t have to spend the time it took us to gain the precipice of unification. You can if you want to, but you don’t have to. Just following our ‘sign posts’ will put you on the right path. What is now referred to as EMCS01 Named Concepts lists the concepts we had to take through Recognition, Illumination, and Analysis in order to then develop the cogent description that now is The Emergence Model. That systems review took [McGowen] from 2004 through 2019 to accomplish. Now you can have those insights in minutes not years.


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