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Enhancing Mode Shifting of Concepts

Elegant Reasonism is a utility process employing a technological framework supporting an epistemology seeking truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science (not after you get there because by then you’ve missed the proverbial forest and are looking at tree bark) and which produced the first fully compliant, standards based, Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) that closed to unification: The Emergence Model holistically represented by a logical view (e.g. EIM M5) and a real view (e.g. EIM M6). Elegant Reasonism Rules require a plurality of EIMs be employed by any given investigation and at least one must close to unification in full compliance with the realm of c’s.

Simplistically concept sieves are sets of established equations that must simultaneously mode shift. Circa 2024 there are three such sieves, but that is a maturity statement and we fully expect this list to expand considerably as more disciplines come online. Another dimension to this is the degree to which any given EIM demonstrates an affinity to a given concept sieve. The implication we must keep in mind is whether or not another net new EIM is required to support investigations or whether or not a given investigation has chose the correct set of EIMs in order to meet its goals and objectives.

Concept/equation sieves are those set of concepts/equations comprised within the domain of discourse for a given investigation which must then be mode shifted through Elegant Reasonism and may be comprised of one or more Paradigms of Interest/Nature (POI/N). While ‘enabling’ can occur in each of the three phases of the process & methods, it primarily occurs in P2.0 Illumination. While that statement may seem patently obvious, there is a further requirement that the domain of discourse include all factors associated with ISO 9001 QMS Root Cause Analysis, and that is not an easy accomplishment. During the development of The Emergence Model, we wound up creating an equation sieve of over 400 equations, each of which had to be mode shifted between M1, M2, and M5.

The phrase ‘equation sieve’ is a simple way of referring to this set of equations for an investigative team or their stakeholders. Because these equations define the various relationships which the stakeholders need to understand, perhaps as  part of a broader Systems Review, it is important to make sure that the proper rigor and discipline is conducted by the team across the three primary phases Recognition, Illumination, and Analysis of the process. The final Treatise may utilize many metrics as a function of this ‘equation sieve’.

While it may take us sometime, we are working to integrate The Emergence Model‘s Equation Sieve into this website. There are some 400+ concepts and each one must then must articulate mode shifting primarily between M1 and M5. However if other models were also employed for some reason they would also be made available. The concepts are enumerated 1 to over 400 using a 4 digit number. It’s corresponding webpage here would employ “Concept 0000”, where 0000 is replaced by the enumerated concept number. The mode shifted equations employ the encapsulated model enumeration followed by EQ and that same number. Insight Subscribers may enter these numbers to be presented with all of the web pages associated with that particular concept.

Note 01

While the original manuscript Elegance of Reason is obsolete it is useful in as much as that content is being updated and mode shifted into the website. From that point of view it is one of the sources providing content here and just because this is a massive undertaking much of that work has yet to even be started. Consequently those original notes hold some value for the communities here.


Emergence Model Concept Sieve 01

Our original systems review had to investigate 400+ concepts/equations. Consequently those concepts form EMS01 and it is articulated here on two pages:

  1. EMCS01 Enumerated Concepts
  2. EMCS01 Named Concepts

Both pages list the same resources just using different taxonomies. Use whichever best fits your needs. We are working hard to articulate the mode shifted view of these from the body of work we conducted. It will probably take 2022 to get that accomplished. Please bear with us as we work through that material. It should be noted that the cogent descriptions for both M5 and M6 were reverse engineered as a function of that systems review through EMCS01. Those descriptions were not written first, they were developed across the span of almost fifteen years. Those descriptions were provided with Elegant Reasonism so that others would not have to repeat the same process we did. We are working to provide the details of that review herein. Ultimately we hope you find it useful.


Emergence Model Concept Sieve 02

Our original systems review had to investigate 60+ different phenomena science refers to as physical properties.


Emergence Model Concept Sieve 03

EMCS03 was not officially part of the original systems review but is under development to help others and specifically focuses on Thermodynamics.




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