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SolREI Publishing is one of two primary information communications concerns for the company. Products and informational resources released by SolREI Publishing support the mission, goals and objectives of the enterprise. SolREI Publishing only publishes material developed by the company for management approved purposes. We do not publish materials developed by others for other purposes. 

It should be noted that in the development of some of our materials, early copies were provided to reviewers who rather than provide feedback to us sold our material to the grey market. The materials we develop are generally viewed as living breathing documents consistent with scientific principles. Such review copies are obsolete, often misleading, and are not authorized to be in the marketplace by SolREI Publishing and should be destroyed.


Charles C McGowen  ORCID

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SolREI Publishing Assigned ISBNs

Listed are the International Standard Book Numbers (ISBNs) assigned from our reserved block of numbers.

Social Media

SolREI Publishing is charged with managing electronic vehicles representing modern printed media. Social media falls in this category and our accounts across that landscape are managed by SolREI Publishing. 


SolREI Publishing’s presence on Twitter is @SolREIPublish

The company also manages a number of other social media pages on Facebook, ISSUU, Pinterest, Blogs, and in other places. 


Hashtags are used across a variety of online platforms as a means to provide relationships not only between platforms but content. 


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