The Talladega Report

ISBN: 978-1946009746   Hardcopy (Currently not available).

NOTE: SOLREI INC is releasing this information intending to help public general situational awareness without any fee, charge, reservation, or other intent. The information on this page is not restricted in any way. It is our belief that the United States government was, at the time, complicit in what happened here, took covert action to obfuscate the event, and attempt to remediate the area without alerting the public. Subsequent legislation was passed holding harmless both the government and its agents. To our knowledge everything humanly possible to do, is or has been done, and is on-going. That does not however, change the facts on the ground, nor the circumstances local residents must deal with daily. We also take note, and exception, to the fact that a prison was located on this property and those incarcerated are in a situation beyond their control. The government is completely responsible and accountable for any bio-hazard exposure to any and all personnel.

What would you do if you found yourself holding a Geiger counter reading 6.5 rads per hour? That is exactly the situation our field team found themselves in. What we did was one heck of a lot of research and investigations. Asking a number of very hard questions to people who don’t like talking about this sort of thing.

This manuscript has until July 22nd, 2022 been available from SolREI Publishing under appropriate circumstances pursuant to 46CFR503.59. The company on review of these materials no longer can justify withholding material research from the public. This report was generated as a function of the original systems review being conducted at the time to understand whether or not material evidence consistent with mode shifting M1, M2, and M5 could be readily discerned in the field. To that end Research Area A was identified in the Talladega National Forests in Alabama. The reason this location stood out was (and remains) an area of identified Perimeters on publicly accessible lands. While we did find what we were looking for, we also found a great deal we were not. The ensuing story that developed from those field trips was not originally sought after, and we did not ask for this burden to be placed upon us. Having uncovered it, we did our best to determine the truth from public domain information, and we did engage every appropriate government agency. The United States government denies the scenario this research implies. You be the judge. The facts and events in this report are true to the best of our ability to conduct effective research. Any credibly substantiated errors will be integrated as appropriate. Our intent here is historical integrity.

We made every effort to contact appropriate agencies for guidance. What we experienced was a wall of silence and breath holding.  No one wanted to touch any of this and that silence was tacit and palpable to the point of suspicious. Discussions were not casually dismissive, but struck us as deliberately obfuscating issues. The hard cold fact is that the instrument employed in this field investigation reported exposure to hard gamma radiation. Gamma radiation is not produced by heavy water. Gamma radiation is produced by radioactive elements like uranium. We are aware that the specific Geiger Counter we happened to have is notorious for reporting readings that are not precise. The degree of that precision is likely dependent on which component within the unit performs at less than optimum performance. Having said that the actual reading is in this case not necessarily the point. What is the point that the same instrument created an increasing set of readings the closer to ALAAP we got at the time we conducted our research and it did that 360 degrees around the facility. Our purpose was to locate the Perimeter epicenter source of the readings. What we discovered, quite by accident, was that those readings pointed not at any particular Perimeter but at ALAAP. That fact baffled us. The question then became what at ALAAP was the original gamma source. While there is no direct evidence, the coincidental materials we uncovered compellingly suggested to us anthropogenic sources for the gamma sources we measured. Consequently we terminated our research in the area. We were then faced with decisions re: what to do with the R&D we conducted. These decisions were agonizing and we lost considerable sleep. In the end we vetted the info through the FBI and the consensus  culminated with our safety concerns for our progeny (who are most likely to play in those soils) and the integrity of history. These materials are therefore being released into the public domain and sourced under SolREI Publishing copyright. We leave to you and history to determine what actually transpired. What this research suggests is that an accident happened in the heat of war and our fellow citizens have taken every possible action to remediate the area within their ability to do so and superficially notify current inhabitants with radon pamphlets in a manner consistent with national security concerns. That said, kids will be kids, and they play outside in the soils. Kids get dirty. Therein lay our quandary driving our release of this material.


The FBI found that no “intent to harm” was in evidence and consequently they could not pursue any course of action given the Price-Anderson Act and 42 U.S.C. 2210. Our suggestion is to establish a trust to help those in affected zones. We are happy to have others corroborate our findings. We were unable to motivate government agencies to conduct such exercises and we contacted a great number of agencies and departments. We met with then Senator Jeff Sessions and provided him copies of our findings and he forwarded them to a green team in Washington D.C. We met with his office again after he was A.G. of the United States and again after that. We simply wanted to make sure that we were doing everything possible within our capabilities.

The Radiation Exposure Compensation Act (“the Act” or “RECA”), 42 U.S.C. § 2210 note

Established an administrative program for claims relating to atmospheric nuclear testing and uranium industry employment. The Act delegated authority to the Attorney General to establish procedures and make determinations regarding whether claims satisfy statutory eligibility criteria.

This page provides a partial summary of the requirements for compensation under RECA. Please refer to the Act and to the Department’s implementing regulations at 28 C.F.R. Part 79 for more information. Claim forms may be downloaded using links at the bottom of this page. You may also request a claim form be mailed to you by contacting the RECA Program at civil.reca@usdoj.gov or calling 1-800-729-7327.

On June 7, 2022, the President signed into law the RECA Extension Act of 2022. This law extends the termination of the RECA Trust Fund and the filing deadline for all claims for two years from its date of enactment.

The Program has revised its filing procedures consistent with the extended statutory deadline.  Claims that bear a date of June 10, 2024, on the postmark or stamp by another commercial carrier shall be deemed timely filed upon receipt by the Radiation Exposure Compensation Program.

We call on the United States to extend this act until such time as the incidents described herein can be properly vetted by we the people and all proper agencies. To allow this act to expire absent proper vetting, communications, and public investigation is in my opinion an epic travesty.

We Agree

But it isn’t just ‘chemicals’, and it is anything but obvious.



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If what appears to have happened did in fact happen, it is inexcusable. It does not matter if none of the proverbial them are currently alive or not. The historical record must be clear, truth and nothing but the truth in order for our progeny to make cogent decisions that affect them and their families.

Nuclear Development

The recorded history of nuclear development remains a highly classified subject worldwide, for very good reasons. Much of those records have been declassified and we have placed copies of those materials in our User Library for your review and general use in context of wielding Elegant Reasonism (they will help investigators mode shifting areas of science). Superficially what we can report about those documents here is that the area of interest seems to be between Jan 1942 through August 1945, with coverup activities taking place generally subsequent to the end of World War II. The cold war didn’t help matters any.

  • Much of the relevant history has been omitted completely vs left in and then redacted. The resulting information vacuum is palpable surrounding key events and behaviors. Obfuscation patterns are consistent, replicated for similar circumstances (demonstrating intent to deceive). Some technical insights had to have predicating circumstances in order for those learning points to have been made manifest, yet they are not documented and they were of sufficient level to have warranted that.
  • Social security numbers of some people was evidently changed. When that happened is something of a mystery.
  • The CDC claims they do not have early records concerning the affects of low ionizing radiation in the affected areas.
  • Geiger counters were centralized to specific hazmat teams (e.g. taken away from all fire departments).
  • The ALAAP event should enter the unclassifed public historical record and appropriate trusts established for affected communities and individuals. The United States government should be held accountable to the families and individuals directly affected by obfuscation tactics.

Executive Summary

Geiger Counter
Geiger Counter Reading Low Ionizing Radiation

SolREI Field Team 01 was constituted and funded by one of our Founders. Equipment was procured and personnel were sent into the Talladega National Forest (TNF) to confirm theoretical findings. The objective was to correlate metamorphic transitions, chemical elements and their molecular forms, and geolocate these various geologic features using modern GIS technology. Our equipment included field capable GPS with VHF communications, normal field equipment, and some non-standard gear like a Geiger counter. Over the course of the next several weeks, the team gathered considerable data and samples confirming our basic objective. However, what we did not expect to have happen was for the Geiger counter to provide the readings it did. Even more surprising were the insights provided by plugging that data into the GIS technology. Those insights didn’t just correlate the data, they gave us a vector.  That vector “bisected” a smoke stack at a now abandoned manufacturing facility. That facility prior to this exercise was completely unknown to us, but we have now come to know it very well. From about 1942 to 1945 that facility was part of the Manhattan Project and was managed by DuPont. The Talladega Report previously available only under NDA, and it details our investigations into this facility and how it came into being. The motivations for pursuing that particular investigation despite it being a considerable tangent was 1) several of us grew up in this area and have been subjected to that environment most of our lives, 2) from a business opportunity point of view it was important to determine if the isotope of Uranium giving us our readings, the image to the left is indicating about 4.5 rads/hr, was natural or man made as that would represent an as yet undiscovered mineral resource which could be exploited if it could be proven to be naturally occurring, and 3) there is an on-going threat which this material represents.  The question remains “what exactly to do about it”. SolREI management in consultation with our Founders have provided our data and reports to all the appropriate agencies of the United States Government to include (but not limited to): DOE, DOD, DOJ, FBI, NRC, NSA, CDC, DARPA, and others. We have consulted universities and experts in the field. Our conclusion is that absent deploying equipment, which we do not have the resources to procure, and none of these agencies wanted us to possess such equipment, we were unable to pinpoint the specific isotope of Uranium driving our readings, and we are not certain that even if we did it would tell us much. Modern isotope usage is different than those being explored in the 30’s and 40’s in so much as processes have significantly improved since then. If what we find is consistent with natural findings, that does not necessarily rule out anthropogenic sources. Our Geiger counter measured increasing gradient readings 360 degrees around the Alabama Army Ammunition Plant (ALAAP) that lead back to that facility. Even if our instrument suffered calibration problems, that would not dismiss the gradients we measured. Something happened within that facility.  The very strong implication is that the story of nuclear development in the United States is at best incomplete and in a worst case potentially a lie.

Alabama Army Ammunition Plant (ALAAP)

Today this facility is an industrial park and has been heavily remediated. Remediation efforts were implemented that minimize human habitation. A golf course now covers an area where a tank farm once stood. Other areas all the buildings were completely removed from the landscape.  A few traces of the site’s participation in the Manhattan Project remain. The Coosa River water intake pump buildings still stand. Other areas remain off limits for safety reasons. Reviews conducted in the 1980’s reported no records retention on these facilities.

The Talladega Report

The Talladega Report is now declassified. We were assured by the FBI that no one in the Federal government still alive has any knowledge of what actually transpired at ALAAP and that there are no retention policies for that material surviving multiple computer upgrades over the last 40 years. The agent we spoke with saw no reason not to release this information to the public. SolREI management reviewed the available information and concluded that all of the relevant actors with knowledge already know the implications and so there is in essence no secret to keep.

Click the title immediately above or this link to read The Talladega Report. Be prepared to engage history like never before.


NOTE: The report remains under active updating as new information is presented. So far all updates only strengthen the conclusions already made, but check back often to review the latest information. If we find information to the contrary we will update the report and this page.



User Library Talladega Report Investigative Files



There are several reasons, rationalizations really, for the longevity of secrecy around all of this. Protecting the corporations who helped the United States win World War II is not one of them because of the Price-Anderson Act, written into law in 1957. The Price-Anderson Act spawned a number of laws including but not limited to: 42 U.S.C. 2210 indemnifies persons indemnified against public liability for bodily injury, sickness, disease or death, or loss of or damage to property, or for loss of use of property caused outside the United States by a nuclear incident occurring within the United States. Other laws including 42 USC 2210, 48 CFR 952.250-70, 17 ELR 10185 and others. Missing from all of these reports and pieces of legislation is the awareness of incidents predating 1957 and before any licensing was ever considered; notably ALAAP, Port Chicago and others. While we recognize that everything humanly possible has and continues to be done, simplex radon pamphlets do not adequately protect the public. Only full disclosure and informed decisions by the public can accomplish that task.

Most often “those who sacrificed to win a war” stopped paying the price at war’s end. Obviously those injured during battle sacrificed the remainder of their lives. In this particular case Americans are seemingly still paying that price today. While the SolREI company believes what transpired at ALAAP was an accident, it should not continue to justify secrecy for the sake of our progeny. It is time to tell the truth. Having said that the company managers and Founders have determined that the company cannot be seen to profit from any of these revelations for the sake of the victims continuing to pay the price of liberty and freedom to this day. All of our information has been provided. We have investigated to the fullest extent possible. What can be done within the capabilities of humanity are already being done. It serves no real purpose to inflame public sentiment that would affect not just Alabama, but Arizona, California, Indiana, the Marshall Islands, Mississippi, New Mexico, Nevada, and Washington State. Our history is not what we have been told and taught.

SOLREI INC provided a copy of The Talladega Report to the FBI following a theft incident resulting in their asking about materials which had not been released publically. The Talladega Report was one example we provided them. Years later the FBI reported back to us that “no Federal employee alive today has any memory of events at ALAAP” and they saw no reason for continued secrecy on the matter. We will let the public make that determination.

The question arose that all these events happend in the years surrounding 1944. U.S. National Security laws traditionally last only 50 years. The statute of limitations ran out long ago, but we must remember that such expiration dates are subject to review and reclassification as required. Presumably then those reviews concluded compartmentalization was still needed. We never signed any such agreements and everything we report here is unclassifed and historically accurate to the best of our ability. All specific persons mentioned in this research we believe to have already passed away. We believe we know what the secret was which was being kept. Given the state of nuclear development around the world and the numbers of nations and people with this same information we fail to understand the need for secrecy. Surly those seeking it already know. We found out and we weren’t looking for it. Given that then the implications to our progeny out rank the need for continued secrecy. We must protect our children. It is in that spirit this material is being released under 1st Amendment conditions.

Executive Summary

ALAAP circa 1944
ALAAP circa 1944

SOLREI INC investigated the measured gamma sources relative to our Perimeter database and found identified Perimeters as original sources incongruous with our database. That said, geology segreates rock types into three broad categories: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.  We did find considerable metamorphic activity consistent with Event activities strong enough to have generated Perimeters, but technology did not at that time exist to specifically tie material to a specific set of Perimeters. Ignoring the strength of our Geiger readings and looking only at the GIS tagged data the resulting gamma vector made manifest by those readings did not point at a Perimeter as we expected. Rather that vector pointed at something we knew nothing about at the time. Namely the Alabama Army Ammunitions Plant (ALAAP) or Alabama Army Ordinance Facility near Sylacauga, Alabama. SOLREI Field Team 01 was stunned to learn that facility had been part of the Manhattan Project during World War II. It was suddenly and without prior notice shut down, fenced off, and workers sent home in 1945 and it has remained closed to this moment. Workers not dealing directly with that part of the site were told that area of the facility was producing deadly ammonia and to stay away. Workers associated with what we might call first level of security compartmentalization of necessary information knew that the site was in fact producing heavy water for the Manhattan Project. It should be noted here that heavy water does not produce hard gamma radiation. Consequently none of that could possibly be the source SolREI Field Team 01 measured. Heavy water is not the answer to that particular aspect of the mystery.

The SOLREI company could not identify economically viable deposits to pursue. We could not associate, at the time, specific Perimeters as the gamma source. We did find however, considerable circumstantial evidence to highly suggest that the United States Government, under direction from the Manhattan Project management, that a prototype hybrid reactor experimentally exploring graphite, heavy water, and uranium may have been built on this and potentially two other sites. Our field data suggests that an accident transpired at ALAAP likely in late 1944 or early 1945 which warranted the complete and immediate evacuation of the facility. Subsequent to this event immediate steps to minimize human exposure to contaminated areas were undertaken. Subsequent to this event the Talladega National Forest was established and essentially stretches on a vector consistent with the jet stream and what Alabamians know as ‘Tornado Alley’. Consistent with existing policy at the time plausible deniability was required to explain any discovered gamma radiation. Given that plutonium production plants at Hanford would eventually use graphite as a “moderator” to slow and control the fission process, it is notable that Manhattan Project officials also pursued heavy water as an alternative option. A feasibility report conducted by the DuPont Company in November 1942 also rated heavy water as an acceptable cooling system, second best only to helium.

This information was brought to the attention of Harold Urey, a Manhattan Project scientist who had won the 1934 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of deuterium, an isotope of hydrogen. Urey imagined a nuclear chain-reactor pile built as a “homogeneous” system with heavy water as both the moderator and cooler. It could function with a simple pump device, a much simpler design than the complex helium-cooled graphite pile. Urey believed such a pile could be built with only 10 tons of heavy water.

Subsequent to the epicenter set of dates here but contemporaneous chronologically, Edward Teller (out of the blue) commented that heavy water cooled reactors would suffer catastrophic failure due to unexpected high neutron counts. Very likely this is exactly what happened at ALAAP within an experimental hybrid reactor that not only used heavy water as a coolant but also as a moderator. The resulting accident suffered a failure which culminated in our gamma radiation measured some 70+ years later. Radon pamphlets are not sufficient warning to residents. They need to understand that radon is a decay product of uranium and thorium. That they should not allow their children to play in the dirt. Soil contamination on clothing or any work area should be avoided, especially any prolonged contact. All workers who, because of their duties, must be in such circumstances should wear dosimeters to measure exposure. Businesses and government agencies should equip their personnel with appropriate devices to locate, identify, measure, and document relevant isotopes so the appropriate action may be taken.

The Manhattan Project soon contracted DuPont to build heavy water plants at three sites where ordnance works were already under construction: the Morgantown Ordnance Works near Morgantown, West Virginia; at the Wabash River Ordnance Works, near Newport, Indiana; and at the Alabama Ordnance Works, near Sylacauga, Alabama. For security reasons, the plants had to be administered directly by Manhattan Project officials while the Ordnance Department was, according to Colonel James Marshall, “not to be involved in the design or knowledge of use of the product.” The three plants would collectively produce three tons of heavy water per month. Construction of the Alabama Ordnance Works started on February 11, 1943 and was completed on November 15, 1943. By the end of 1946 all of the buildings associated with the Manhattan Project were completely removed from the site. They have been completely raised and in some cases even the foundations have been removed.

The Coverup

Various structures within the site noted on declassified management reports call the area in question a “coke oven”. The rationalization was to link the chemical toluene to the production of explosives manufactured by the facility. Toluene is a by product of ‘coking’ coal. This cover story completely fell apart during our investigation. Partly because coke ovens are exceedingly hazardous constructs. When we physically investigated the railroad tracks leading into and out of the area we found zero coal anywhere. Then there is the very real business issue of conducting such operations in such close proximity to materials that operation may ignite in secondary manners. That struck us as stupid in the extreme. Lastly, ALAAP was in need of greater volumes of toluene than such a small operation could produce. It would be simpler, more cost effective, and greatly more efficient to simply secure that product from the steel mills already in operation in nearby Birmingham. The railroads at ALAAP directly link the steel mills in Birmingham. Steel production in Birmingham at the time routinely coked coal and produced large quantities of toluene for industrial sale. It would have been, and likely was a very routine matter to transport toluene from Birmingham to ALAAP by rail. There was zero need to build and operate a coke oven at ALAAP. Therefore all of the documents from the US Government citing a coke oven were determined to be bogus cover stories for what actually had been on that site.

Our review determined the claim a coke oven was needed at ALAAP immediately next to a Manhattan Project heavy water production facility strained all credibility.

The incident at Port Chicago, explained as an ammunition ship explosion, also strains credibility. The US Navy film crew positioned to capture the loading of those particular ships from strategic vantage point is suggestive. The fact that two different types of weapons were used in the attack on Japan and the unclassified detonation at the Trinity site was the second device not the first is telling. No credible military leadership would enter a combat situation with an untested weapon (e.g. Little Boy). Our interpretation is that the first weapon was in fact tested via accidental detonation at Port Chicago and that’s why no field test was conducted for that weapon prior to release in Japan. It also explains why the detonators for that device were welded to the floor of the Captain’s cabin on board the USS Indianapolis on the journey delivering the device. They knew that device would detonate with little provocation. Using, as designed, methods only increased the explosive yield. The destination of the ships leaving that dock was Tinian Island in the Pacific, which was the departure point of the Enola Gay on its inbound journey to Japan. Subsequent actions around Pacific test sites were observed by other ships in the US Navy. Those observation ships were cleaned and decontaminated at Port Chicago. Why? Because they needed to explain background radiation which would not otherwise be explainable.

Part of our investigation looked for common patterns. if any of this all dovetailed then there would likely be common patterns. What we found when we asked those questions was the Salmon Site in Mississippi. Meteorologists know that the jet stream often moves North from Southern Mississippi North roughly on a line crossing Anniston/Talladega Alabama. Local weather forecasters call that line “Tornado Alley”. The United States nuclear test range is in the area of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific and the nuclear test range in the desert Southwest of the continental U.S. The only nuclear detonation in history to take place outside of those test ranges transpired in the 1960’s in Mississippi at what is now called the Salmon Site. Here again detection of gamma radiation where it was not supposed to be needed an explanation. The Salmon site is upwind in the jet stream from ALAAP. The patterns between cleanup at Port Chicago and execution of the Salmon Site are consistent, but that’s not all.

Direct nuclear remediation remains a concern. About 1961 the Army Corps of Engineers begain working to impound the Coosa River near Alpine, Alabama. A very rural town in the immediate area of ALAAP. The dam impounding the lake would consist of a solid portion containing electric turbines for generation of electricity for nearby metropolitan areas. Then there is a soft berm area about a mile in length which curves around to form the remaining part of the dam structure and design. That berm area has leaked from the very beginning of construction. Evidently they built the dam on a limestone foundation. Limestone notoriously dissolves in water. Looking at the surrounding terrain is not an unusual activity to see who or what might be threatened in case the berm area of the dam broke. Turns out that if you look at that compound curve which the berm takes and where the leak is located would direct the water impounded by that system directly across ALAAP which is only about 2 miles distant. That dam impounds about 42 miles of water. Furthermore one of the common tactics employed for nuclear remediation is to use plants. Kimberly Clarke operates a pulp wood facility on the ALAAP property. There is an ornamental plant nursery between that dam and ALAAP, and not just any part of ALAAP but specifically what would have been ground zero for any accident.  Obviously sending that much water across that area would ‘conduct nuclear remediation’ if only because it would likely bury contamination at the bottom of the Coosa River downstream. Alabama Power operates these dams. Pool levels for Logan Martin vary annually. Pool levels immediately South on Lay Lake are essentially static. The result is that Logan Martin washes its shore lines while Lay Lake scours its bottom to bedrock. Looking at all this on a map only adds straws to the proverbial camels back.


The Location

ALAAP is geographically located at the North end of Alabama’s graphite belt. To the present moment those deposits represent some of highest, if not the, highest quality graphite on Earth and certainly in the United States, if not North America. Next to the Coosa River the site represented a compelling site for heavy water production. Higgins Ferry, some 22 miles South of ALAAP and also on the Coosa River is the location of the only known uranium deposit in the State of Alabama. The State Geologic Survey (official geologists for Alabama) stated that those deposits were not economically viable and all efforts to extract reserves had been long abandoned. The implication though was that someone at some point, had made an effort.

Our review determined that ALAAP’s location would have represented a compelling situation to build Harold Urey’s prototype hybrid reactor.


The overwhelming circumstantial evidence suggests that a hybrid prototype reactor was constructed on this site and an accident transpired. Humanity at the time knew little about containment breaches and exposure.

Conclusions Inferred by the Report

  1. No evidence we reviewed as a part of our systems review explained the measured gamma radiation. Geology reports by all accounts suggested it should not be where we measured it. We were therefore forced to find an explanation, because as you can see from our GIS tagged (see image metadata info) images the readings on the Geiger counter yourself. The question then is do you believe people telling you that you didn’t see that or do you look for probable cause? We chose the latter. The laws of physics demanded there had to be a source for those measurements and the reviewed documents were not forthcoming. When we contacted the EPA and asked if they had ever taken a Geiger counter to ALAAP they said “No, we never saw a need to do that.”
  2. During World War II, under the direction of the Manhattan Project it seems likely that a prototype hybrid graphite-heavy water moderated nuclear reactor was constructed at ALAAP for various purposes in support of project goals and objectives. Some accident transpired there (likely toward the end of 1944 or in the December 44 to January 45 timeframe) and all available humanly possible action was, and continues to be taken in and around that site for nuclear remediation. Potentially including some novel ideas involving the use of the Coosa River itself. This conclusion is supported holistically by every physical feature in the area as of this writing.  The suggestion then is that the gamma source is anthropogenic in nature and is not associated with Perimeters. Our conclusion then was Perimeter research in our identified Research Area A had been contaminated by the Manhattan Project and SOLREI terminated research in that area as a result of our findings in this matter. We notified all appropriate agencies of the United States government, even to the extent of submitting FOIA requests (which have yet to be fulfilled).
  3. The detailed timeline outlined in The Talladega Report suggest that the opportunity, means, motive, and resources were all available to conduct such a plan to fruition. The only two factors beyond the control of the primary actors was the original actors and SOLREI Field Team 01 some 70+ years after the fact.
  4. Uranium in quantity is a substance requiring appropriate regulatory oversight worldwide.
  5. Handling uranium in bulk quantities constitutes a National Security issue. Any dilution of U.S. strategic uranium reserves under any circumstances should fall under acts of treason and prosecuted as such. Both ALAAP and Port Chicago are direct examples of what can happen in the wrong hands or even the right hands if accidents transpire. It is our opinion that the United States Congress, who holds ultimate oversight responsibilities conduct a comprehensive review surrounding the transfer of 20% of Strategic Uranium reserves to the Russians facilitated by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  That act created a potentially unprecedented threat to U.S. National Security. Our review asked all appropriate agencies about the secrecy around this history and the official response was denial contrary to findings in the field. Our concern was attempting to understand how the government approved that transfer in light of these security issues. The government refused to acknowledge our question much less answer that question.


Next Steps: Nuclear Remediation via Elegant Reasonism

SolREI strategy has been updated to increase our priority on nuclear remediation. We are optimistic that managed Severance fields may be utilized to facility nuclear decay chain sequences for such radioactive elements and molecules. If we can do that, or facilitate others in accomplishing that, then these types of scenarios may be neutralized worldwide through effectively wielding Elegant Reasonism. We have sent emails to the U.S. National Science Foundation suggesting a course of action and our desire to execute on those suggestions. We are in constant contact with other agencies as appropriate. It remains our hope, desire and wish to eliminate this type of threat one day. We think we can if given the opportunity. If you think the NSF and other agencies should give us that opportunity, please feel free to let them know. In the interim please subscribe to our newsletter.

Even if all these coincidences turn out to be nothing more than just that, coincidences – it would likely make one hell of a story and likely a movie or two. At least some portions of profits from such an endeavor could feed the suggested trust to support R&D, care, and affected people in an enduring manner until effective remediation can be accomplished. We would like to help with that mission in any way we can.

The Talladega Report is now declassified.


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