Propositional Logic

Emergence Model Propositions

The Emergence Model propositions are axioms consistent with the realm of c’s, based on insights derived either internally to a given encapsulated interpretive model of the Universe or they are holistically derived and specific to EIMs closing to unification. Today that usually means M5, but may equally apply to M6. To be clear. Elegant Reasonism is the epistemology supported by an analytical framework which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. It is that epistemology and its utility processes which produced The Emergence Model. These propositions are a result of that analytical rigor and discipline conducted as part of the original systems review.

EIM Cautions

The Emergence Model is an EIM like any other, excepting that it is fully compliant and happens to close to unification. The caution for the reader here is not to take these propositions as derived from the unified Universe and therefore “the” propositions of the actual real unified Universe. The fine line and distinction being drawn here is that EIMs in Elegant Reasonism are positioned to ‘reflect’ the actual real unified Universe. The actual real unified Universe is always held distinct and litmus. We try very hard not to say we are giving you ‘the’ actual description of that reality. Rather we are characterizing a reflection of it and as it happens it has great affinity with what we find in nature. Many will have difficulty with this fine distinction but what we are trying to avoid is commission of Langer Epistemology Errors. Making those mistakes or errors is exactly what got us where we were circa 2020. So avoiding such errors is one point to be made here. The other point to be made concerns mistaking the dominance of The Emergence Model as the be all end all EIM, and to be crystal clear – it is not that. It is simply a way and manner of thinking which happens to close to unification. And the point being made is not to assume that there may never be an EIM developed which is better than The Emergence Model. There may be. We just don’t know what it is yet. That does not mean someone may never figure one out.

Emergence Model Propositions

The list of propositions below are those arising from the original systems review that heavily influenced the development of The Emergence Model. The propositions are not simple declarations they are reverse engineered as a result of multiple concept reviews in context of developing what became the EIMs which are holistically represented as The Emergence Model. The order and enumeration of this list is completely meaningless and otherwise arbitrary. They appear in this order because that is the order in which they wound up being documented in our original note files. We simply did no further sorting or arranging of the items in the list.

List of Propositions

Below is a list of incrementally enumerated propositions.

 Proposition Proposition Related Concepts
0001 Gravity is a geometric function of matter not the medium in which it sits Mn
0002 Albert Einstein, his theories and field equations are logically correct Mn
0003 The velocity of light has no imposed limit Mn
0004 All singularities (Black Holes) are finite Mn
0005 Universe1 is Finite Mn
0006 Singularities ‘evaporate’ particles particles back into the interstellar medium Mn
0007 The medium of space is not constrained by any singularity Mn
0008 Space is Nothing M5
0009 Space is Dimensionless M5
0010 Structures of Most Basic Particles equals Properties Mn
0011 Most Basic Particles and configurations of them are responsible for all Force Mn
0012 The medium of space is Isotropic Mn
0013 The medium of space is not isometric consistent with Proposition 0028 P0028
0014 Geometric basis of real objects are MBPs or some configured set of them Mn
0015 The real geometric basis of matter is intrinsic to its architectural mass Mn
0016 Mass is the geometric basis of the fundamental forces Mn
0017 Structure equals properties M5
0018 Particles comprise all realms of existence both visible and invisible Mn
0019 All structures are comprised of entangled Most Basic Particles (MBPs) Mn
0020 Both Observables and Non-Observables are Configurations of MBPs M5
0021 Perception is the threshold between observable and non-observable Mn
0022 The set of non-observables in the Universe must be deduced Mn
0023 Particles Exhibiting Partial Physical Attributes Are Likely Hybrid Particles M5
0024 Everything Real is comprised of continuums entangled MBP structures M5
0025 Our focus must shift away from the medium and onto what is in it Mn
0026 All matter and radiation have geometric architecture intrinsically possessing mass Mn
0027 Space has no attributable character other than being dimensionless nothing P0008, P0009
0028 See Proposition 9 P0009
0029 Entanglement is the fundamental method of structure building Mn
0030 Real Geometry, Requires A Real Basis Point M5
0031 Mechanical descriptions must be ascribed as either a logical view or a physical view (See Systems Engineering) Mn
0032 General & Special Relativity represent a logical view of the Universe Mn
0033 Spacetime is a logical systems construct and not a physical view Mn
0034 Abstraction layers compartmentalize orders of entanglement Mn
0035 Abstraction models represent integrated mass models Mn
0036 Abstraction structures can be nested Mn
0037 Abstraction structures can be attached to higher ordered structures and constructs Mn
0038 Abstraction structures have internal structures that scale to reflect the logical unified Universe Mn
0039 Any deduced characterization describes a construct of logic Mn
0040 Any equation describing real systems characterizes a Reality Structure Mn
0041 All equations must inherently integrate structure as a consideration (e.g. Architecture) Mn
0042 Particle Energy re: Action, Vector across Event Frame Phase Steps Mn
0043 Linear Momentum of a Particle Mn
0044 Angular Momentum of a Particle Mn
0045 Electric Potential (voltage) of an Event Mn
0046 Magnetic Potential (A) at an Event Mn
0047 Electric Field (E) at an Event Mn
0048 Magnetic induction (B) at an Event Mn
0049 M0 Gravitational Potential at an Event relative to architectural mass participants Mn
0050 Speed of Entanglement Revisited (and Bell Inequality Experiments) 10K to 54K of M1 defined ‘c’ {NOTE: ‘c’ mode shift to Severance under M5} Also see: P0003
0051 Set Theory can be used to investigate structures & properties Mn
0052 Ordered & architectural structures comprised of MBPs are fractals Mn
0053 MBPs possessing energy above the Severance threshold will not entangle Mn
0054 Only State One (1) MBPs will entangle Mn
0055 Severance, by definition, for individual MBPs is metacognitively infinite (e.g. it’s indivisible) Mn
0056 Enthalpy describes the total energy in all systems Mn
0057 Infinite Compression Does NOT Exist in Nature M5
0058 Singularities grow in size and mass Mn
0059 Singularities internalize architectures of mass Mn
0060 No force exists absent an MBP or ‘configuration mechanism’ to carry it Mn
0061 The set of holistic implications here unify physics Mn
0062 The Emergence Model, is “why” Newton’s Laws of Motion are true Mn
0063 Hydrogen and Helium originated shortly after the Big Bang Mn
0064 Nucleosynthesis is responsible for non-big bang elements Mn
0065 White Dwarf class stars are partly responsible for dispersal of elements Mn
0066 Cherenkov radiation connects Quantum Mechanics & Cosmology Mn
0067 The Big Bang was instigated by colliding singularities consistent with Concept 0292 C0292
0068 Photon frequency is a manifestation of the particle’s dy component Mn
0069 Time is a second-order phenomena (e.g. it is an Action Displacement Index) Mn
0070 Elements on Earth crossed interstellar distance to get here Mn
0071 The age of the Universe1 must accommodate elemental travel Mn
0072 Proposition Mn
0073 Proposition Mn
0074 Proposition Mn
0075 Any state change of a system is an act Mn
0076 Fundamental entanglement is described by mathematical integration of mass Mn
0077 Proposition Mn
0078 Measuring anything real is a function of The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance Mn
0079 Proposition Mn
0080 Proposition Mn
0081 Proposition Mn
0082 Proposition Mn
0083 Proposition Mn
0084 Event Frames are scale invariant and space is isotropic P0012
0085 Similar phenomena will yield similar results regardless of location Mn
0086 Proposition Mn
0087 Reality structures follow Table 36 as a function of their Table 3 architecture Mn
0088 Proposition Mn
0089 The Hamiltonian describes the total energy of an uninfluenced system in EFPS2 Mn
0090 Real interaction must be described in the context of Concept 0289: Mass C0289
0091 Proposition Mn
0092 Proposition Mn
0093 Proposition Mn
0094 Merging material during EFPS5 exhibits proportional behavior that is scale invariant Mn
0095 Scenarios exhibiting material behavior congruent with a given state are in that state Mn
0096 Proposition Mn
0097 Absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence Mn
0098 Geologic symmetry persists unless altered by another force Mn
0099 Proposition Mn
0100 Proposition Mn
0101 Proposition Mn
0102 Proposition Mn
0103 Architectural harmonics of architectural configurations of mass is why Concept 0117 is true C0117
0104 Virtual particles comprise unique substructures within The Standard Model Mn
0105 All components of architectural mass contribute to an objects momentum Mn
0106 The photon’s frequency lever arm always points along its relative geodesic (vector) Mn
0107 The photon’s lever arm is equal to its wavelength Mn
0108 Absolute location requires a frame of reference whose basis is matter Mn
0109 All magnets have size Mn
0110 Proposition Mn
0111 The spherical nature of the heliosheath represents its rest volume Mn
0112 Proposition Mn
0113 Energy is a function of intrinsic, fundamental motion Mn
0115 Energy requires the existence of a most basic particle or system of particles Mn
0116 If a most basic particle exists, and space is nothing, the universe is a fractal Mn
0117 MBP structures responsible for photons all fail at the same Severance energy Mn
0118 EFPS1 Severance produces electron-photon particle separation velocities at the speed of light Mn
0119 Geodesic velocities in Space (e.g. cosmological) are a function of rapidity Mn
0120 Spectroscopic red or blue shift are a function of rapidity Mn
0121 The science of spectroscopy describes energy interactions of the unified Universe Mn
0122 Electrons emit photons independent of nuclei due to Centripetal Force Mn
0123 Spectroscopy describes atomic and molecular mechanical interactions Mn
0124 Spectroscopy provides indirect electron to nuclei relationships Mn
0125 Electron movement is due to The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance Mn
0126 Planck’s constant intrinsically integrates Severance Mn
0127 Measurement is an act Mn
0128 Acts inherently require motion driven by energy Mn
0129 Calculus is an intrinsically energy centric concept requiring action (e.g. integration) Mn
0130 Any math absent overt characterization of intrinsic nature is a logical description until so reflected Mn
0131 Proposition Mn
0132 All mass has at least one complex eigenvalue Mn
0133 Architectural mass is a vector quantity Mn
0134 Congruent phenomena must be accompanied with its modulo Mn
0135 Eigenvectors can characterize Event Frame Phase Step Energy Flow Mn
0136 Recognized particles are likely ‘composite knots’ See also Knot Theory Mn
0137 If the smallest rope segment is 2 two entangled MBPs then required rope lengths of integer segment units in knot invariants are individual MBPs (e.g. the MBP is the quintessential integer). Mn
0138 MBPs in an Unknot represent either an ‘integer’ segment or integer rope length Mn
0139 An MBP represents a ‘fractal initiator’, bounded set, in Fractal Geometry Mn
0140 Proposition Mn
0141 Proposition Mn
0142 Proposition Mn
0143 Proposition Mn
0144 Proposition Mn
0145 Proposition Mn
0146 Proposition Mn
0147 Absolute summed mass of Concept 0289 is an entangled structure Co0289
0148 Generally mass may have both observable & non-observable constituents Mn
0149 Physical properties infer intrinsic structure M5
0150 Concept 0292 has example astronomical observations calling for a collision class of events Co0292
0151 Energy is variant under Special Relativity Mn
0152 Variables substituted for for mass retain the vector quantity Mn
0153 Momentum is variant under Special Relativity Mn
0154 Mass is invariant under Special Relativity Mn
0155 Mass is a vector quantity under Special Relativity Mn
0156 State changes in matter are a function of the enthalpy of its mass Mn
0157 All force is the work instantiated by the action of the architecture of relative and respective mass Mn
0158 Every system, both logical and physical, has an associated Reality Structure Mn
0159 Electromagnetic potential is a probability function of derivative structures Mn
0160 Energy is ability of MBP configurations to accomplish work Mn
0161 Time is a derivative of entanglement given by Concept 0402 Mn
0162 Proposition Co0402
0163 Proposition Mn
0164 Proposition Mn
0165 Proposition Mn
0166 Magnetic anomaly data may be a function of Event material sorting Mn
0167 It is possible to manipulate the realm of non-observables Mn
0168 Action is a first order phenomena Mn
0169 Proposition Mn


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