Evidence Chains

Elegant Reasonism Based Proof

Elegant Reasonism epistemological source of truth is a function of the unified Universe. The process of proving something under Elegant Reasonism, circa 2022, may or may not leverage existing proof being discussed holistically here. Other epistemologies source truth in other ways. The actual real Universe is unified whether or not our thinking about it is. The unified Universe doesn’t care what you think or don’t think. Its reality is self-evident to sentience. Elegant Reasonism though does not ever “describe declarations” of what actual real reality “is”, rather it reflects what we think reality is. That is to say we build Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) which manifest the context of that interpretation. At the moment, The Emergence Model is the only known fully compliant EIM but that is not to say at some point in the future other EIMs may not also be developed which are just as compliant. Consequently we need to be cautious not to infer that M5 or M6 is ‘the’ only answer that will ever be. The reasoning and rationale is to foster and facilitate deeply probing contemplation on what constitutes unified truth.

Unification requires the ability to credibly anchor evidence chains representing relationship patterns between concepts and constructs which holistically reflect everything real in full simultaneous compliance with Elegant Reasonism Rules and the realm of c’s. Experimentally replicable evidence (e.g. Empirical Evidence) is a good place to start but it is not the final destination. Empiricism is necessary but insufficient to gain the precipice of unification. What is at stake here is justification for what it is we think we know. These are epistemological rationalizations for what constitutes knoweldge and how we integrate that into how we interpret reality. The challenging aspect of this is that we are inside those reflections and contemplations. We can not separate humanity from the unified Universe because we are a part of what is. We are one of those real objects which unification is required to make manifest. We can use the utility process and framework of Elegant Reasonism to show how The Emergence Model accomplishes that. See Press Release: Unification Accomplished. Simplistically, the cogent description of M5, derives The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance which then configures MBPs and generally construed as following Knot Theory, into architectural mass manifesting everything real including us. That means everything real everywhere in the unified Universe, not just your part of Earth.

Merrium-Webster defines the term as: “the process or an instance of establishing the validity of a statement especially by derivation from other statements in accordance with principles of reasoning“. We would argue here that reasoning means: Elegant Reasonism.



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