Shelby Errors

Functions of Government

When Government Believes It Is A Business

Shelby Errors occur when any government acts, believes, and nurtures the idea it is a business. No government in part or in whole is a business. Government is created by the people to serve the people within its jurisdiction. The people of any given jurisdiction pay to create the structures of government. The government in and of itself is a cost center not a profit center. Notice we did not say this or that demographic. The phrase “the people” means every single one of them. Not some of them, nor does it mean only those in one status level or another. It means all of them equally (e.g. the same). While there are certain aspects of government operations that should learn from the business sector there too are likely areas where the business sector should learn from government. Both sectors should maximize opportunities to learn from history. Shelby errors usually do not. Shelby errors usually result in government action that destroys history erasing it from view thus inhibiting or obfuscating our progeny the opportunity to learn its lessons. If through its actions, policies, or behavior supports only the wealthy, or thwarts innovation and efforts to thrive or protect history then such an organization should consider if it is committing Shelby Errors.

This does not mean that business principles can not be applied to government because they can. Government must however never forget its place and all too often those in charge succumb to the seductive power involved and apply effectiveness or efficiency metrics in places where they should not be applied because when that happens some demographic of the population they are there to serve are oppressed. Some sector of their economy is elminated from preserving history or pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Proverbial ‘good-ole boy’ networks predominate in such environments. For the purposes of this article we are going to use General Aviation as the example exactly because it exemplifies these types of errors for a number of reasons, the least of which is that it directly affected us in a very direct manner and we don’t wish what happened to us to happen to others.

Ford vs Ferrari
Ford vs Ferrari 2019 film

Shelby Errors could be considered the exactly opposite of the performance goals of Carroll Shelby whose life work was in pursuit of high performance vehicles. Shelby errors are the antithesis of high performance environments. They favor the government over individuals or business. In business they would favor large corporations over small entrepreneurial efforts. Carroll Shelby is a highly regarded entrepreneur. These errors are not named for Carroll Shelby; rather they are named for everything he opposed. He hated red tape, bureaucracy, big anything with multiple levels or layers of unnecessary filtering.

The 2019 film “Ford vs Ferrari” placed Shelby’s ideals and values on display. They epitomize the entrepreneurial spirit of America so often lost to bureaucracies of all sorts bey they corporate or governmental in their nature. Shelby Errors oppress in every case. Shelby Errors are about as anti-American because they segregate and inhibit innovation and insight. They erase history thus preventing our progeny from the opportunity to learn and not make similar mistakes. They prevent our progeny from inspiration gained through investigating the old ways things used to be done. SOLREI INC owns N2992R which is a 1969 Piper PA-28R-200-35382 General Aviation aircraft. More on that later, but we eagerly want to use this aircraft in support of the company’s mission. The aircraft, through no fault of ours, has been down for maintenance awaiting appropriate parts. The time involved here is extensive leaving many to wonder if we were ever going to restore the aircraft. Be that as it may the aircraft is in a disassembled state. Mr. John Ward Sr., may he rest in peace, was a wonderful man at this particular airport. Among other things he was involved in all things aviation. Aviation was his love and passion. He served in the Civil Air Patrol and was active in the community. He taught courses to the public about flight and because our airplane is disassembled we encouraged and very much enjoyed him bringing his students by our hanger to teach them about why and how airplanes work. Exactly because its state allowed him to show those students aspects of aircraft operations that are not visible in any other manner. Even in a non-airworthy state we were happy to have it serve a useful purpose for the local community. A purpose that Shelby Errors would otherwise prevent and preclude.

No, They Can’t

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Commission of Shelby Errors

Shelby error commission may be through policy, contracts, orally, or in behaviors on the ground independent of stated policy (e.g. not walking their talk), or manifest itself through a permutation of these various factors. Imposing undue economic burden where none is called for or minimal is needed. Imposing insurance requirements when simple hold harmless language will suffice. Not distinguishing changes in risk between operational and nonoperational equipment. Not recognizing the objectiveness of what constitutes reasonable. Assuming an arrogant stance relative to public need and dictating compliance or else.

When you look at links and references below what you are going to find is characterizations of what is, not what should be, nor even what should be constitutionally or not. It just is what it is. The question on the table here is how can we better support the source of inspiration firing the imagination of general aviation and the entrepreneurial spirit because that’s really what drives the life blood of general aviation.

Context Matters

The United States is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy. That distinction matters a great deal because democracies are mob rule. In the case of the United States its Constitution protects the individual from government, instantiates intrinsic freedom and liberty. Every individual and entity therein, as a matter of law, are intended to be treated the same. When they are not, some type of discrimination gap forms. The question is what type, what do the demographics look like, and how we fix that. Shelby Errors instantiate such gaps and exacerbate under the table negotiations of all types. These types of negotiations may manifest themselves in contracts varying from one another based on who you are and who you know, to price differentials, to relationship distinctions. They may also require parties to engage some sector of the marketplace in order to play (e.g. pay to play) schemes.

United States citizens are all equal in the eyes of the law. The 4th Amendment requires due process be conducted in all affairs. That process must treat all citizens the same.

International City/County Managers vs Government

There is little doubt that there are Marxist/Socialist forces at work to destroy the global fabric of society. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Founding Fathers of the United States developed a set of documents which forged the crucible that is the United States. Their solution was to implement separation of powers and make critical control points responsible directly, not indirectly, to the people who where their constituents. The International City/County Managagers Association would have you believe that indirect relationship is good enough, that it minimizes corruption. In our experience what it does do is create situations where innocent constituent’s constitutional rights are violated and we experienced this first hand. A county took control over hangers at an airport from the developer at the end of their contracts. The new contracts, which were oppressive, were sent out after the developers contract expired, not before, and compliance was then demanded because their position was the superior basis (in their minds). Consequently we do not agree with the position of on their position that indirect representation is good enough.

Does Policy Nurture or Strangle Innovation?

Does behavior on the ground match language espoused either in emails or verbally? That is to day do your representatives Walk Their Talk? For example do the contracts proffered by management highly compartmentalize or constrain activities or do they encourage activity? Are they insurance centric to protect them or do they encourage lessee risk assumption? Are there deep contractual limitations or simple hold harmless agreements?

General Aviation Example Focus

The focus here is not institutionalized aviation activities, rather on general aviation because that tends to be where innovation percolates the most.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

AOPA has long fought for individuals operating aircraft for individuals and small businesses as well as others generally operating under Part 91 of Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR). The AOPA team, operating out of offices in Frederick, Maryland, and Washington, DC, exists to protect and to grow the incredible privilege that we call general aviation. Whether it is through educating the public about the fun and the utility that aircraft can provide, preparing resources and training material to enhance the skills of pilots everywhere, or advocating for aviation within government agencies—it is our job to maintain the strength and vitality of the flying community.

National Business Aviation Association (NBAA)

The mission of NBAA is to foster an environment that allows business aviation to thrive in the United States and around the world. Founded in 1947 and based in Washington, DC, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is the leading organization for companies that rely on general aviation aircraft to help make their businesses more efficient, productive and successful. The association represents more than 11,000 companies and professionals, and provides more than 100 products and services to the business aviation community, including the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE), the world’s largest civil aviation trade show.

Acts Empowering Oppression

Any action that empowers one demographic over another. These could be policies, rules, legislation, or simple practices. Mandating profit for a 3rd party because either party A or B perceives that as required in order to reduce their risk. Risk is part of life and tends to be highly subjective. Entrepreneurs will take more risk than those who depend on others for a job. Those who create businesses tend to take the most risk. If those policies, rules, laws, and practices obfuscate or inhibit business risk nothing will grow because the soil it finds itself has been sterilized. For example, creating a lease you know no one will follow to the letter. That places government or corporate entity in a position to snuff out the LESSEE at a whim or change in political winds. It is both unreasonable and irrational to expect someone to sign such a document. The goal and intent should be a good faith effort on both parties to establish a fair and equitable environemnt that, here in the United States, nurtures and supports freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Following the General Aviation theme here it should encourage aviation themed integration not just for idle enjoyment but for busienss purposes, and engaging the community at large. Such outreach programs integrate EAA events, and others. Infrastructure projects should be undertaken with these goals in mind not to puruse constructs that would ultimately compartmentalize and strangle such efforts.

Imposing a Darwinian mob rule approach, while natural in free markets for business competition, is inconsistent with United States government expectations under that Constitution which is structured to protect the individual as sovereign. The distinction and focus here is on those activities which result in commission of Shelby Errors regardless of the institution committing them. We remind everyone that the United States is a Constitutional Republic and not a democracy as is often erroneously cited and the distinction between the two matters, especially here. Aviation resources should be made available on a first come first serve basis and so long as the primary axiological determinant of value is in charge of those resources they should be honored and preserved. In our opinion the determiner of that value is the aircraft owner not the government. Policies to the contrary are akin to employing eminent domain against a property for other than public use.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Airport Improvement Program (AIP)

Hanger Usage

One of the very first things readers will notice is the distinction between Federally Obligated and those not. What that means is that those who are obligated did so because they accepted Federal Funding for various projects around their airport which obligates them to support all citizens (e.g. the public), most notably the practitioners in general aviation.


Elegant Reasonism Exacerbates Shelby Errors

Elegant Reasonism is a disruptive technology, most especially to those who do not work to understand its implications. For those struggling to understand these implications what we can offer is all the materials being made available through our network presence. Engaging it is your call not ours. Elegant Reasonism enables and empowers others to perceive and engage the unified Universe. We will also point out that Elegant Reasonism is here to stay and for those who think apathetic or reserved action is the strategic choice will find their world disrupted by those who embraced it earlier. Denial is not the choice here as it only places you in a strategically weak position that ultimately can not be defended. See: In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact.

SolREI Studios filmed videos currently available on our YouTube channel in N2992R‘s hanger and next to the aircraft. If you watch some of those videos you may see her tail in the video. Please subscribe and click the notification bell to help us feed the platform algorithm. We had to pause one video because another airplane came by. The point here is that many airports write contracts that prevent, preclude, and discourage any other use of an aircraft hanger except for storing the aircraft there. If the letter of those contracts were followed we could not have produced those videos from that hanger because it violates the contract and would be grounds for those government agencies to cancel our contract. If those agencies don’t really want to discourage that activity then they should not instantiate that in their contracts. They should encourage innovation, and business use where appropriate. We believe we did that. City, County, State and Federal agencies should not commit Shelby Errors.

Insights developed by Elegant Reasonism are not perceptible to those whose worldview is entrenched in another source of truth other than the unified Universe. Insights presented to others have difficulty being communicated exactly because those other people do not understand how they were developed and justified. Epistemologically these concepts are strengthened through a process called consolidation. Once one understands the utility process employing its framework and how those things support the epistemology you will likely have gained the precipice through which you can perceive and engage the unified Universe. What we will share with everyone is that N2992R played a vital role during our original systems review as we worked to connect Paradigms of Interest/Nature (POI/N) to the various Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs). N2992R allowed us to capture vast areas of terrain and then to conduct field surveys to map connections to theoretical expectations. That specific aircraft was essential in the development of Elegant Reasonism. For that reason alone we want to do everything in our power to preserve her. It will probably cost us upwards of $250K to fully restore an aircraft whose market value is only $100K. It makes zero financial sense to preserve that aircraft, except for the history it represents. After all its just a machine and not at all unique. However, it has a rich history that deserves to be remembered. When we are done and her service life can no longer be extended she belongs in a museum for the sake of our progeny. Contact us if would like to help us do that.

SOLREI INC General Aviation Position

We use our aircraft in pursuit of our corporate strategy, goals, objectives and mission. We are a United States based entity based in South Florida. As mentioned above N2992R played a vital role in our original systems review and supported field activities. We have no great desire to do business with those entities committing Shelby Errors knowingly and intentionally. We will work with everyone we can to foster business integration of general aviation across all sectors to the extent we are able to do so.

SOLREI INC has been fighting and struggling to develop Elegant Reasonism and bring it to the marketplace in order that civilization may perceive and engage the unified Universe. One does not walk into a room, wave a magic wand and expect everyone else to suddenly conduct paradigm shifts in an instant. Analogously just because someone stands by a podium and speaks does not mean they have educated their audience nor held effective communications. What we can point out is that we are working hard, consistently, and incessantly to develop our IP asset such that civilization may wield it to great affect and with maximum effectiveness. Hopefully others will do so transformationally.

It is our opinion that the FAA should reconsider its policies and rules to maximize and reinstantiate the entrepreneurial spirit that has been the history of aviation since the very beginning. Today many of the policies are bloated bureaucracies that are all too parsed by legal adversaries. We need to re-engage business at local airports where incidential usage of aircraft can once again regionally connect businesses to their constituents, stakeholders, and consumers. The term axiology is the philosophical study of value derivation. The question on the table here is that in full context of the United States Constitution to whom is that value ascribed?  The citizen struggling to employ aircraft in their business and is not delinquent in fees should not be penalized or inhibited from trying to protect their asset until it can be deployed more effectively. The choice is theirs not the governments to determine the axiological value of that capital asset.

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