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The process and standards to which Elegant Reasonism both as a process and epistemology are still in development and review not only by SolREI but by all sorts of agencies, including accreditation organizations. SolREI recommends that teachers and administrators work through their accreditation organizations on processes and standards expectations relative to and respective of the various curricula being considered. It is worth noting that many, at the moment, consider this a science subject but given that it accomplishes unification and the implications of what that means is such that there are no programs it does not influence in some manner. Nascent as Elegant Reasonism is at the moment those other connections are likely years in the future.


Elegant Reasonism, as a process, employs many industry approaches to standardization, quality, and analysis. Elegant Reasonism is an epistemology supported by an analytical framework employing these various processes & methods in order to seek truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. Elegant Reasonism Rules are such that full compliance means any given investigation must conform to something we call the realm of c’s. ISO 9001 QMS is generally construed as the governing Quality Management System (QMS) and standard for those aspects of both the epistemology and the utility processes. Abstractions are to be quantified and codified as part of a full compliance investigation in either our ISO 9001 Unification Tool or its equivalent. Holistically this website, even though it is under heavy development circa 2021 documents Elegant Reasonism and the standards to which it is intended to be wielded. SolREI Publishing and SolREI Studios are releasing support materials for the broader community to use coming up to speed.

Educator’s Tools

We are working to provide educators of all types and at all levels a series of product tools that can be used in conjunction with their programs. To that end the Educator’s Shop is now immediately available and has a growing list of items that may be used for these purposes.

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We are working as fast as we can to update the appropriate individuals, groups, and agencies appropriately. There are however numerous challenges getting people to grasp not just these concepts but their implications In Unification’s Wake.

United States Federal Register of Accreditation Agencies


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