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SolREI, Inc. is a South Florida based company incorporated in 2011 focused on delivering strategic sustainability to civilization. Most people only know of us because we filed for worldwide patent on unification (See our Press Release entitled Unification Accomplished). We are putting the proverbial wood behind the arrow for strategic business and global enterprise. While our focus to date has been finishing up a systems review that has lasted for many years all of that work has paid off in terms of capability. Now however it is time to operationalize what we now know and we are preparing business plans, and starting discussions with accredited investors capable of enabling what we have planned. Interested parties should contact us for details.


We are a South Florida based company at the epicenter of scientific debate & discovery with a strategic vision and a taste for enabling tactical action. The next several decades are going to be some of the most exciting times to be alive. SolREI is pipe-lining capabilities and products never fathomed. Please bear with us as we work to operationalize our business plans and work with global enterprise to enable theirs.

SolREI is shifting its business model to a Patreon based approach. If you like what we bring to market and the network then please consider helping us. We have merchandise that facilitates learning and communications and also helps us. We are moving as fast as our resources allow.



Engage the web site here and get started on the journey of a lifetime right now! May your “Ah Ha!” moments be many and your learning be palpable and tacit. What we already know is that once you see what we see, you will wonder what on Earth took humanity so long to realize these issues.






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