Corporate Policies

SolREI Corporate Policies

We appreciate you taking the time to checkout how we do business. Please contact us if you have any questions, need additional information, or have suggestions!

The company is working hard to establish our web presence consistent with the requirements of the global economy, common business practices, and technical capability. The policies here govern important issues to consumers worldwide. The public facing page of our website allows the general public to see press releases and general notices about our activities. Greater detail requires users to register with us. One it allows us to present the information that you are interested in, and we are working to bring education offerings which will help you understand how to better apply the insights our IP assets provide.

Corporate Practices

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Please pardon our mess. Construction activities are underway.

No corporate practice should be in violation of policy and vice versa. Policies and practices should be generally consistent with the realm of c’s as a matter of standard business procedures.

That said, our approach to developing this website is something more akin to information technology development than the process of releasing formal papers for peer review and the point of making mention of this here is to point out that that as you encounter materials still under development – expect them to change. Some may find it useful to review the IBM System/360 introduction to the marketplace as an example. Software undergoes alpha, beta, and enumerated versions during its maturation process. Part of the issue here is not the principles as much as it is articulation of those principles that evolves. As we get better at telling the story needing to be told, the material is constantly updated.

Early Adopters

Early adopters of our insights here should be acutely aware of what we might loosely call the S/360 roll out approach as they encounter our materials. Please take things with a bit of salt, contact us, if you find something egregiously incorrect and we will pursue correction as appropriate. Please recognize however that McGowen is the central heavy lifter relative to the content here and he is just one person working very hard to help the rest of civilization understand what it is he did. There is more of you than there are of him. At the end of the day he only has two hands, and there is no human endeavor that unification does not touch in some manner.

Magnitude of the Job

There is no human endeavor that what we did does not touch in some manner. Prioritization has been to create the infrastructure necessary to enable effective articulation of the process employing its framework supporting an epistemology seeking truth as a function of the unified Universe. The content necessary to make those points is often commensurate with manifestation of that infrastructure, but not always. Do you know how to eat an elephant? One teaspoon at a time. Please bear with us as we do what we can with the resources we have available at our disposal. If you would like to help us improve that situation please consider becoming a Patreon at: https://www.patreon.com/solrei.

To be clear: there is a great deal of work out in front of me and I only have two hands. The task is to bring early adopters up to speed as fast as possible so they can turn around and help bring online others that can expand the skill base.

User Registration

User registration on this system is closed and no longer accepting registrations. Those users already registered are on a probationary period as Patreon infrastructure is phased in. The system intended to support natural persons with knowledge management relative to and respective of Elegant Reasonism. Any entity other than a natural person will be subject to account review and possible account termination/deletion here at the discretion of SOLREI INC with no further action on our part.

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