Energy Signatures That Go Bang

The Entanglement Gradient has Event Frame interaction permutations characterized as points within/along an Energy Signature Taxonomy gradient where after Primarily Merged we find Bang.  Energy signatures that go ‘bang’ are those that provide for the discussion in our article Bang to Bang, where we describe sequentially sequenced ‘Big Bangs’. A proper formal discussion on this topic is at the moment beyond the scope of this single page. However, what we can do is outline an Elegant Reasonism based utility process employing technologies to assess data already gathered and in hand so we may discuss issues Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM) by EIM. Remember that under Elegant Reasonism Rules one of those EIMs must close to unification as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and we remind the readers here that the M1 History of the Universe depicted below does not close to unification and consequently we must mode shift that image. In the end of this outline we will form enough insight to posit a mode shifted Treatise albeit simplex in its basis.

M1 History of the Universe

The traditional view of the Big Bang, fraught with Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs), is depicted below.

This preamble area should contain a brief synopsis of intended content.

P1.0: Recognition

Insights Required for Recogntion

Insights may be from any area from the body of work conducted to date documented and defined across and & all EIMs. Specific abstraction terms should be documented within the ISO 9001 Unification Tool. Images and video materials may also be used. Steps should be taken when links out to external resources are used that those materials are not interfered with. Material employed should be in the public domain or comply with applicable and appropriate law.

Abstraction Inventory

  • Recognition of The Emergence Model in full context of Elegant Reasonism across the entire entanglement gradient in both emergent and convergent vectors.
  • Elementary mode shifting M1, M2, M4, and M5 with an understanding of why M6 is not yet mature enough to explore
    • Cognition of Langer Epistemology Errors  (LEEs) and implications relative to and respective of logical views of physical systems in context of historical empiricism by human physiology.
    • Recognition that spacetime is a logical construct not a physical construct
    • Cognition of The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance  under such conditions of Severance results in the Architecture of all Mass being Frangible
    • Mode shifting:
      • ‘c’ from speed of light definition and to Severance resulting in the same velocity
        • Synchrotron Radiation implications re: centrepital force in context of architectural [of mass] entanglement
      • Interferometers
      • Particle Model including Warped Spacetime to Graviton Architecture Action
      • Lambda CDM
      • WMAP
      • z-factor
      • Inflationary Theory
      • Black Holes
      • Dismantling M1 rules, specifically eliminating restrictions on the velocity of light
        • Vindicates: Hubble, Bell, Anomoloius atomic Red & Blue Shifts as well as cosmological data including WMAP & z-factors
    • Cognition of Energy Signature Taxonomy

Historical Constructs by EIM

All EIMs employing the spacetime construct (e.g. M1, M2, & M3) are fundamentally logical in nature supported by a different physical view instantiating them (e.g. M6 via M4).

      1. Nothing real may transit the spacetime-mass interface without first conversion to energy.
      2. A historical interpretive review of the abstractions involved and their various implications suggest commission of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs).
      3. Systems Engineering precepts, practices, processes and the SEBoK (linked below) demonstrate requirements and data gathering techniques under conditions where some set of circumstances create situations that may be logically correct yet remain physically different.

Major Domains of Discourse by EIM

Domains of Discourse include but are not limited to:

  1. Elegant Reasonism
  2. The Emergence Model
  3. EIM Investigations
  4. Supernovae Events  <– Segregate Collision Class Events (e.g. mini-Bangs)
  5. Objects like BX442

Historical Experiments

  1. Logically correct,
  2. May be mode shifted into alignment with M5 consistent with Elegant Reasonism processes & methods,
  3. Mode Shifting the traditional view of the Big Bang, along with the WMAP project as well as its data, re-positions the Lambda CDM model in context of The Emergence Model dismantles the Inflationary Theory and yields The Emergence Model‘s Bang to Bang perspective.

SolREI’s Original Systems Review

  1. Mode Shifts the constant ‘c’:
    1. Under M1 is defined as ‘the speed of light
    2. Under M5 is defined as ‘the velocity of a photon produced by a system in an Event Frame predominantly described under EFPS1 at the threshold of Severance.’
      1. Cosmologically this results in Spectroscopic Red & Blue Shifts reporting actual Geodesic Photon Rapidity (e.g. Concept 168) under EMCS01.
      2. Mode Shifting ‘c’ in this manner fundamentally disintermediates conceiving spacetime as a physical construct and further substantiates M1 commission of LEEs.
    3. The original systems review found this proposition dovetailed with The Emergence Model reflecting the unified Universe held litmus.

Reference Materials

All of the reference materials below are augmented by the User Library on this system. The acknowledgements page also serves direct links to biographical folders in that library. Also linked and integrated are pages for:

Original Systems Review Notes

ORCID References will include the same as those listed below. WorldCat will also include these manuscripts.

Network Resources

Historical References

Students and investigators should note that it is not fair to judge any of these historical or any of the the User LIbrary reference materials by modern information sciences standards. That would constitute ‘moving the goal post’ and is generally prohibited by Elegant Reasonism. The idea here is to present the thinking, at the time, by that original author. Where this specifically comes into affect is commission of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs); which to make this point salient was first quantified by Susanne K Langer in 1948 and codified by SolREI INC. Another facet of unraveling historical points of view relative to requirements of unification are both logical and physical views in context both Systems Engineering and of LEEs. Subsequent to this contextual update in our thinking we are then required to employ critical situational awareness thinking that something may be logically correct yet remain physically different.

“We can not solve problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.”, ~ Albert Einstein

P2.0: Illumination

Illuminating the various EIMs and construct manifestations (e.g. instantiation for those constructs) and the philosophical nature recognized entering science we must recognize the fundamental validity of assertions being asserted. This requires us to ask and answer some very difficult questions relative to and respective of the perspectives established by each EIM within a fully compliant and valid 2D Articulation Frame in preparation of the next phase of the process & methods leveraging fully compliant Translation Matrices.

Supporting Concepts

Supporting Propositions

The proposition here is supported by, but not limited to, those propositions listed below:

Supporting Thought Experiments

Illumination FAQs

This section should link to the FAQs page for this particular concept or proposition page and should detail the most common questions about it. The idea being that someone might want to simply read those Q&As rather than wade through the detail here and putting those on their own page allows this page to be more concise.

P3.0: Analysis

The process and methods worked through the various analytical layers of Translation Matrices to produce the insights listed above in the recognition phase of the original systems review notes all lnked above..

P3.9 Development of Final Treatise

The idea behind this section is illuminating insights that do not become visible until effective mode shifting has been enabled and ‘clean’ navigation of the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart has been achieved/accomplished.


(M5) A more comprehensive systems review is needed than we have had resources to conduct; however, there is enough we have accomplished in order to demonstrate Elegant Reasonism and The Emergence Model fundamentals. Concept Sieves EMCS01 and EMCS02 mode shifted our original systems review to our satisfaction within established standards consistent with our goals and objectives. Others may want a more formal systems review and they are free to pursue that as they determine appropriate. Our notes are available through this website to all of civilization for anyone to follow. The astronomical inventory illustrates existing mini-bang candidates suggesting that the Bang to Bang point of view is correct and also consistent with the Energy Signature Taxonomy which is also consistent across the Sol System and consistent with the entanglement gradient both from the emergence vector as well as the convergence vector. Because these various concepts all holistically dove tail our tendency is to support the various premises asserted here and we find them to be consistent with the mode shifted Baloney Detection Kit.



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