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SOLREI INC is working on a number of products and services which operate under internationally recognized standards based methodologies. The specific standards documentation will be found from this page. This page is under active development but will act as the primary communications platform for standards our products operate under.

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Elegant Reasonism Standards

As the initial standards documentation are developed and brought online please refer to both the Elegant Reasonism White Paper and The Emergence Model White Paper. Please see the Press Release for Elegant Reasonism market introduction information.

What Elegant Reasonism Is

Elegant Reasonism is an epistemology supported by an analytical framework which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. Exercising that analytical framework in that pursuit requires processes & methods capable of accomplishing that task. Elegant Reasonism, as a utility process, produced The Emergence Model, which is the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM) to close to unification.

Wielding ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Standards In Context of Elegant Reasonism

ISO 9001 QMS is a quality management system fully documented by Elegant Reasonism employs not just ISO 9001, but also industry standard Root Cause Analysis, Six Sigma, and others to assure that critical thinking is situationally aware which EIM is responsible for manifesting foundational context for the thinking employed by the enterprise, agency, plan, product, or implementation. SolREI implemented an ISO 9001 Unification Tool to help with these various issues. In regard to this particular tool it is important to understand that the standards requirement is only to use our tool or any other tool which is equivalent. You do not have to use ours. The function these tools perform is abstraction compliance relative to EIM in order to maintain critical situationally aware thinking. Situational Awareness in this context is the integrity assurance encapsulating any given thought, idea, assertion, abstraction, construct, paradigm, etc. can be clearly ascribed as being made manifest by a particular EIM. Maintaining this situational awareness dynamically and conversationally is exceedingly difficult. Maintaining such alignment within business plans is vital in order to assure alignment of that plan to enterprise behavior relative to the unified Universe is even more challenging.

  • Identify abstractions and document systemic relationships from most fundamental to most complex across all scales
  • Establish the fundamental EIM(s) manifesting every abstraction, construct, paradigm, and process. Is there more than one? Why and why not? Are you certain?
  • Can predominant thinking in your group close to unification? Why and why not?
  • Does your group understand the requirements demanded by unification? Do they understand the implications of such knowledge relative to core business objectives and strategic brand intent for your enterprise, agency, or group?
  • Conduct a systems review to determine implications Elegant Reasonism represents especially relative to competitors, adversaries, customers, consumers, stakeholders, shareholders, and other competitive dimensions.

Segregating Reality from Abstractions

Elegant Reasonism demands critical situationally aware thinking to eliminate or minimize to the extent possible commission of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) such that alignment with the unified Universe is assured. LEEs are what happens when we humans mistake abstractions for actual reality. Such errors are responsible for ensnaring humanity within the EIM logic traps that are M1 and M2. What must be appreciated is that what Einstein created with his papers beginning in 1905 are absolutely 100% logically correct, but therein lay the strategic clue to keys necessary in unlocking the ladder to the precipice of unification.

Standards compliance failure occurs if any individual or group asserts success only because their results fully contextually comply as a function of any epistemology which can not close to unification. That failure is usually made manifest out of the logical correctness of a given EIM whose core constructs preclude accomplishing that objective because they obfuscate the necessary requirements of unification. Incongruence is rationalized away, often elaborately. Failure to be able to employ a single common geometric basis point for every real object in any given reference frame is a prime example. Practitioners citing proofs, quality metrics, and other traditional manners of manifesting evidence should be warned that 100% of that material must be capable of surviving an Elegant Reasonism based investigation. What that means is that your material will be checked for alignment with the unified Universe and if it can not close (e.g. fully comply with the realm of c’s) then it will fail to meet requirements. Being logically correct is necessary but insufficient to meet Elegant Reasonism standards, any given assertion must also be capable of illuminating and illustrating truth as a function of the unified Universe.

Rigor and Discipline

Elegant Reasonism is an epistemology supported by an analytical framework which used as a utility process produced The Emergence Model. The investigation accomplishing this task had to conduct a systems review lasting more than fifteen years. That systems review employed 403 Concepts (with associated Mathematics), 63 Thought Experiments, 167 Propositions, 60+ Physical Property Reviews, and a great deal more. All of which had to correlate and otherwise dovetail through the same mode shifting process & methods. 100% of all that material and the concepts they represent also had to survive congruence across all scales of the Entanglement Gradient (EG). They succeed with elegance and great intrepidity. That correlation had to comply not just with the realm of c’s and Elegant Reasonism Rules, but had to be able to reflect manifestation of the entire holistic unified Universe because once you can describe that physical realm (and we did: See Bang to Bang) then you must also be able to reflect the manifestation of everything real known to humans as well, no matter how restful that characterization may be. The ultimate point here is that unification demands a tapestry a great deal larger than any single discipline. Consequently unification of physics is necessary but insufficient to accomplish unification. A fully compliant EIM must unify the entire Universe and everything it makes manifest.

A significant portion of the effort in executing rigor and discipline is in EIM integrity assurance in context of critical situationally aware thinking employed anywhere and everywehere within a given investigation. It can not be understated how important langugage usage is. Humanity has been ensnared for over a century within logically correct thinking of M1 or M2 all due to commission of Langer Epistemology Errors. It is not fair to put this on any single individual’s shoulders. We all are guilty of committing these errors at one time or another. However, now we know better and to that end we mode shifted Carl Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit.

Rigor and discipline must be executed relative to the unified Universe and not the logical correctness of any given EIM. Furthermore there must be an epistemological requirement in every consideration.


Congruence must, as a matter of priority, be relative to the unified Universe not any given EIM. Not even The Emergence Model (EIM), even though that model closes to unification. That must be true even if only for the reason that there may ultimately be a better model than that which the M5/M6 pair represent. Some may cite this or that traditional epistemology. Such declarations are easily dismissed by simply asking if they can close to unification or not. If their answer is no, then they have a great deal of soul searching to do with many paradigm shifts drive and that effort is theirs and theirs alone. All we can do is ask questions and point out the insights we have illuminated to illustration relative to and respective of the unified Universe.

Know this: “The” Universe is unified regardless of your thinking about it.

Knowledge Management

Skills and the knowledge base that drives them within and across any given enterprise, agency, or group should very likely be in context of the unified Universe, otherwise value is missing from that effort and the economics it strives to engage. Marketing executives understand economic barriers to entry, but do you understand what a Knowledge Barrier is? Importantly do you understand those barriers not only relative to and respective of your own enterprise but how it affects your customers and clients? What standards must you employ to correct this situation?

Root Cause Analysis

Status quo thinkers believe humanity to be working directly with reality rather than abstractions of it and because those abstractions dovetail with high logically correct affinity commission of Langer Epistemology Errors are rampant. In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact is a presentation here about the implications these issues have to the enterprise. Rhetorically if you were walking along a Mobius Loop how would you get off that road? Would that entail better questions, physical action, or both?  Also rhetorically if you were completely ignorant of even being on such a road how would that affect your ability to calculate Six Sigma? Could you even perceive all of the Sigma Defects? How would that affect the standards you employed?

One can not fix something if it is not perceived as being broken in the first place. Langer Epistemology Errors obfuscate such recognition relative to unification. The only way to exit the trap is to ask fundamental questions in order to illuminate and illustrate the problems, challenges, alternatives, choices, rationales, next steps, and the appropriate owners for them. Only then can proper root cause analysis even take place. Investigators must illuminate and illustrate appropriate issues in order for enterprise leadership to address with intrepidity and a sense of urgency.


Metrics must be mode shifted in order for their value to be realized. Metrics employed within a Mobius Loop only point to elsewhere on that loop. Logically correct empirical results based on an EIM which can not close to unification can likewise only point elsewhere within that same EIM. What standards must be implemented in order to discern the correct action and questions to exit such loops and traps? Answer that question requires recognition that current status quo thinking is not the answer.

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