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SolREI Studios is charged with producing visual streaming media including videos, movies, etc. in support of the company’s goals and objectives. We do not produce material that was not developed by the company. We do not produce material which we do not own or put into use with our affiliates or agents. Content free here will be free elsewhere and it is our intention to syndicate as much free material through as many platforms as possible. SolREI Studios has a number of video projects we intend to produce as we are able given our resources and available time. We intend to produce an increasing number of videos to facilitate learning and information exchange. Producing videos is a time intensive activity as well as technologically challenging. They are expensive to produce. SolREI Studios does not produce externally sourced material. 


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Market Research

Our primary focus is supporting SOLREI INC. From that precipice we look across the market spectrum to decide where we want our time spent.

Our Niche

Our niche is determined by SOLREI INC goals and objectives. The company accomplished unification and while that technically means we should be focused on everything real it also means we need to be careful about being distracted. Right now we are focused on telling this story and it is fraught with more adventure than we prefer. Consequently we are looking for ways to articulate the stories needing to be told.

We Are SolREI Studios

This is the main landing page for SolREI Studios. We are an operating unit of SOLREI INC. Our name reflects who we are and our mission.

SolREI Studios Video Projects

Video projects may take many forms from chart presentations to scripted stories. We strive to bring you material that helps you to understand the impact of our efforts to civilization and the global economy. Today we have three major projects in active development:

Elegant Reasonism

  Part 1: Introduction & Overview

  Part 2: Introduction to Mode Shifting

  Part 3: Mode Shifting Baloney Detection

In Unification’s Wake

The Original Systems Review

SolREI Studios Development

SolREI Studios produces informational videos and other online materials for information and educational purposes. Please consider subscribing to one or more of our channels by clicking the relative and respective subscribe button. We would like to integrate our web site with our videos but Google is not allowing us to do so. Google owns YouTube. Google’s policy is that before they will allow you to integrate external links your channel needs 4,000 watch hours, and over 1,000 subscribers. We are new at all of this and just getting started. Please help us by subscribing and driving up the watch hours. We will continue to produce videos as we have time and resources. We appreciate all of your help and assistance. Thank You!!


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