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Putting Wood Behind the Proverbial Arrow

The basic infrastructure is now almost finished with the website and our online shop. We are now working to establish the content behind all the assertions (e.g. wood behind the arrow). The shop is part of an integrated communications strategy delivering targeted messages in a user friendly manner that the public can get behind. The Press Release announcing that unification has been accomplished has been glossed over by the impatient who do not understand the implications of commission of Langer Epistemology Errors. What those people fail to realize is that Elegant Reasonism represents a game changing technology and concept. How and why that is the case is outlined in the presentation: In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact. Many professionals who have long pursued unification whose denial deflects the accomplishment should be aware that we have another presentation that mode shifts Carl Sagan‘s Baloney Detection Kit (link to earlier post below) and that too is online and free. You may find the proverbial shoe on the other foot and this point should not be lost on accreditation agencies. Elegant Reasonism is a new epistemology supported by an analytical framework which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. Elegant Reasonism is now in the largest peer review pool ever devised: civilization. Review it at your leisure or peril. That choice is yours to make.

Many look at what we have released so far as simple declarations and from a simplistic point of view that might be true so far. What we are doing right now though will terminate that point of view. We have said repeatedly that the body of work behind our systems review which culminated with the United States Patent & Trademark Office publishing Elegant Reasonism worldwide successfully mode shifted 60+ thought experiments, 400+ equations/concepts, 160+ propositions and a great deal more. We are now working as fast as we can to bring that material to you. The links here are to the indexes for those pages. You must register to explore them. Some pages are simple placeholders until we have time to integrate the content. Content that is there now is under heavy development as we work to sift through almost 20 years of system review notes to make the correct points. But if you would like to follow along with our progress that’s where to go. Holistically this material represents the proverbial wood behind the arrow of the press release. Those who thought this was a euphemistic fad or false claim are severely mistaken. Healthy skepticism is a good thing. Denial in the face of incontrovertible evidence is an entirely different matter.

What no one expected was fundamental context of shift between what it is we thought we knew and the reality of the unified Universe. Elegant Reasonism provides the framework necessary to mode shift that context from one encapsulated interpretive model (EIM) to another and back again. That’s why this may be the most powerful utility process ever created by mankind and exactly because it holds the unified Universe as litmus; not our opinion nor perception of it. Traditional epistemologies have as their basis a particular focus as does Elegant Reasonism as an epistemology; however here that litmus test is the unified Universe not human perception and that changes the game entirely.

Registered users reading this post may log into the system and these links will resolve to the various pages around the system. We have already added over 100 products to our online shop in support of the material content and we have thousands more yet to process. Every page of the website will bring unique sets of messages and memes in the form of merchandise at the bottom of each page. Ultimately these will holistically help everyone comprehend what unification is and what it means to them and the future of civilization.

Linkage Back to Systems Review Notes

The Emergence Model Concept Sieve 01 list is immediately available for review. Clicking any concept in the list will present the future landing page for that concept and the mode shifted discussion for it. The title of these pages, over 400 of them, are all linked electronically back to our notes from the original systems review including all associated mathematics. Holistically that systems review is what led us to the precipice of unification. Users will need to register in order to see that list and these landing pages.

There likely is no better example of concept reconciliation in preparation for mode shifting than Concept-0309 discussing a Large Gravitational Force Acting on a Light Body. Many issues from history must be positioned from this single discussion point. We remind you that this page remains under development and that the original systems review now many years old has been significantly updated. That said from this material you can see Elegant Reasonism at work and being employed in a simple manner.

The Precipice of Unification

The caution to ardent skeptics out there. You should know that this puppy hunts and it is as incessant as gravity. If you are one who believes waiting to see what everyone else does then the very first place you should go is: In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact. There may be unfamiliar terms and concepts presented (because you ignored earlier presentations) but what should come through loud and clear is exactly how business competition will be able to wield Elegant Reasonism and clean your proverbial clock at their discretion and will. Business enterprise worldwide is warned to take urgent heed of what Elegant Reasonism represents. Commercial licenses are immediately available as are free general use licenses, and both types are in our shop right now.

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SolREI Publishing has released hashtags, presentations, white papers, and video presentations through SolREI Studios. It is only a matter of time before these concepts penetrate social consciousness. When civilization begins to embrace and employ Elegant Reasonism then obsolescence will be patently obvious to everyone but the most casual of observers. Right now what business enterprise needs is a sense of urgency supported with a strong dose of intrepidity. Right now, waiting and apathy are exactly the wrong strategy. Don’t say we didn’t try to warn you. This is one you are not going to see coming, but make no mistake, it is coming and swiftly.

Business enterprise should also know that this is not the only arrow in SolREI’s quiver. Those accredited and interested should contact us immediately about opportunities to be a part of all this.




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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: