Named Physical Properties

Physical Properties listed here are not in alphabetical order even though superficially it appears that way. Consequently you may want to search for the item you are interested in rather than a simple scan of the page. The set of those listed are those taken into consideration during the original systems review conducted that resulted in The Emergence Model. It is likely not a comprehensive list nor does it span all scales. It does span a significantly representative set of physical property phenomena that satisfied our original requirements.

100% of Concept Sieve 02 Mode Shifts

All of these concepts mode shift in a fully compliant manner consistent with the Decision Checkpoint Flowchart and The Elegant Reasonism Generalized Process Flow.


Special Note of Acknowledgement

Accomplishments such as this are never done in a vacuum. Charles C McGowen, who was the lead primary researcher for SOLREI INC, would like to thank everyone whose insights contributed to humanity achieving the ability to perceive and engage the unified Universe. The degree to which any given individual influenced the development of these insights has been lost to history. However, to the best of his memory we have published a specific list of Acknowledgements. Others who contributed are noted by the fact their papers or presentations are stored in the User Library. We will further note that we found these contributions in the public domain, but if you are the primary author and do not wish to be recognized for your contributions to the accomplishment of unification and wish your material removed simply contact us. You will be asked to demonstrate with positive authentication and non-repudiation your claim and on confirmation your material will be removed in event of such a request. This is a one time action. Removed items will never be reinstated.



Number Physical Property Related Concepts
0001 Absorption
0002 Adhesion
0003 Adsorption
0004 Albedo
0005 Area
0006 Brittleness
0007 Boiling Point
0008 Capacitance
0009 Cohesion
0010 Color
0011 Concentration
0012 Density
0013 Dielectric
0014 Ductility
0015 Distribution
0016 Efficacy
0017 Electrical Charge
0018 Electrical Conductivity
0019 Electrical Impedance
0020 Electric Field
0021 Electric Potential
0022 Emission
0023 Flexibility
0024 Flow Rate
0025 Fluidity
0026 Frequency
0027 Frequency Resonance Property-0026
0028 Frequency Harmonics Property-0026
0029 Inductance
0030 Intrinsic Impedance
0031 Intensity
0032 Irradiance
0033 Length
0034 Location
0035 Luminance
0036 Luster
0037 Magnetic Field
0038 B Magnetic Fields
0039 H Magnetic Fields
0040 Magnetic Flux
0041 Malleability
0042 Mass Concept-0289
0043 Melting Point
0044 Moment
0045 Magnetic Moment Property-0044
0046 Momentum
0047 Permiability
0048 Permittivity
0049 Plasticity
0050 Pressure
0051 Radiance
0052 Realm
0053 Reflectivity
0054 Resistivity
0055 Solubility
0056 Specific Heat
0057 Spin
0058 Temperature
0059 Tension
0060 Thermal Conductivity
0061 Velocity
0062 Viscosity
0063 Volume
0064 Wave Impedance
0065 Height
0066 Width



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