Mode Shifted Baloney Detection

Part 3 of the Elegant Reasonism Introduction & Overview Series

A number of years ago Carl Sagan produced a set of criteria for detecting baloney. Baloney was his term for material that could not be demonstrated through science. The criteria was intended to help people to discern what is truly science based and what that might mean. The point was more than just identifying what is or not true in context of science then defined. Humans have a limited life span. There are only so many books one can read within that time and it is important to be able to quickly determine which books/materials to engage exactly because your time on Earth is precious.

So here we mode shift Sagan’s criteria governed by unification. The mission of this presentation is to help facilitate enabling perception with the objective of empowering engagement of the unified Universe. To that end white papers for both Elegant Reasonism and The Emergence Model are online, available, free, and so is this presentation. We are still tweaking it so make sure you follow us here because we constantly update these materials and that is the only way you will be notified. This presentation is also in the User Library.

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