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We Mode Shifted Sagan’s Baloney Detection Kit

Elegant Reasonism Introduction and Overview Series, part 3: Mode Shifting Baloney Detection is dedicated to the precept of detecting baloney relative to and respective of the unified Universe. The result is surprising only to the uninitiated. The presentation is also available for immediate review on our page.

A number of years ago Carl Sagan produced a set of criteria for detecting what he termed ‘baloney’. The criteria was intended to help people to discern what is truly science based and what that might mean. This presentation switches gears and the point in such detection. Accomplishing unification remains new, unaccepted by many, and as they say: the devil is in the details. So here we mode shift Sagan’s criteria and then add to it in order for others to gain the precipice of unification. It is our job to help facilitate enabling perception with the objective of empowering engagement of the unified Universe. To that end our white papers are free and so is this presentation.


Elegant Reasonism Introduction, Part 03: Baloney Detection Kit

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By Charles McGowen

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