magnetized neutron accreting black hole

Emergence Model Collapse

Collapse under The Emergence Model is a derivative of the intrinsic nature of Most Basic Particles (MBPs) to follow The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance all of which is generally construed to follow Knot Theory producing configurations of architectural mass instantiating everything real. Collapse and Confinement here are generally construed to manifest along the entanglement gradient and are encountered in both emergence and convergence vectors but under differing circumstances. It is also important for readers to understand that The Emergence Model does not necessarily manifest ‘pure’ configurations. What we mean by that are configurations which might be construed by human physiology as ‘normal matter’. While the processes and nature of The Emergence Model can clearly also produce ‘dark matter’, what was initially surprising and now in hindsight quite expected were hybrid configurations integrating both types of matter within the same construct as constituent configurations. Each constituent instantiating its individual properties, charactering and nature.

Early Confinement

Early confinement relative to and respective of configurations constituting architectural mass is generally within the domain of discourse associated with Preons.

Subatomic Confinement

Quarks, Protons, and Neutrons are examples here in the full context of the existence of Preons under this EIM. Preons dampen Quark energies such that they are able to form higher ordered constructs of Protons or Neutrons as appropriate and constitute the mass difference between the sum of respective quarks and the mass of the higher ordered particles.

Hydrostatic Equilibrium

There are a number of celestial bodies within the Sol System which have so collapsed but are not recognized traditionally as ‘planets’.

Stellar Ignition

Stellar neucleosynthesis begins once nuclear fusion ignites due to Concept 0091 passing that critical threshold.

Neutron Stars

Low ordered constructs contain high enough energies in context of Concept 0091 to pull individual particles into neutron configurations.


Magnetars are a type of neutron stars with exceedingly high magnetic fields.

Black Holes

See Black Holes




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