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SolREI, Inc. is a strategic sustainability company operating in South Florida within the United States. 

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Unification Accomplished

The company brought together the elements necessary to fundamentally accomplish unification. The company gained worldwide Patent Pending 16409134 status on 7 May 2019 with the initial filing with the USPTO, which that organization published on 26 Nov 2020 and is linked from the Press Release entitled: Unification Accomplished. SOLREI INC is the exclusive owner of the intellectual property asset assigned application number: 20200372376 16/405134.  Circa these events it is recognized by both the USPTO and SOLREI INC that Charles C McGowen, Chairman & CEO of SOLREI INC is the inventor of Elegant Reasonism; that is a utility process employing an analytical framework supporting an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science which in turn produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM) to close to unification: The Emergence Model.

Major Insights

Unification was accomplished orthogonal to established institutions and is working its way through civilization accordingly. However, it is what it is and it is not going away. We all just have to deal and cope with it because it is here to stay. We also recognize that many are vested in status quo positions and will in all likelihood transition through standard stages of grief as they cope with the associated paradigm shifts. We strongly encourage Elegant Reasonism be wielded transformationally, with great empathy and compassion.

Everyone seems to want ‘the silver bullet’. Our caution to you is that there is not one. What we mean by ‘orthogonal’ in the previous paragraph is that Elegant Reasonism had to be developed in context of the reasons unification had been historically obfuscated. Not until we had accomplished unification did many of the implications become clear on why this had been as difficult as it has. That term ‘EIM’ should not be taken lightly. Those encapsulation boundaries establish fundamental perception boundaries that from within the bastion of a logically correct model can not be penetrated. It’s analogous to being inside a castle under siege and having to go out side (out amongst those laying the siege) in order to understand the situation. Traditionally that is not something anyone necessarily wanted to do, for what ought to be obvious reasons. Enumerating context models enables referencing freedom while maintaining the integrity of context. The process then juxtaposes those against investigative Paradigms Of Interest/Nature (POI/N). The answer to why we are telling you this here is to point out that if you and your thinking are inside of a logically correct model then you are ensnared there. The only way out of that trap is to ask the same questions we had to ask, and which took us almost 20 years (e.g. two decades) to answer. Doing so forced us to ask exceedingly difficult and philosophically fundamental questions. Many, if not most, are not prepared to take on that mission. There is another point here and it is that one can not simply present the cogent description of M5, for example, and have others accept it because they have no basis to accept it absent knowledge or skill in executing the utility process and framework employed by Elegant Reasonism. That paragraph had to be reverse engineered from our original systems review. We did not just sit down and write that. The point is that evidence consistent with the unified Universe will likely need to be presented as a function of the process in order to justify it to others. Perception is dependent on interpretative context established by each individual. We have tried to lay out many of the impications relative to business enterprise of these issues In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact.

Summarizing then Elegant Reasonism is a net new way to perceive and engage. It holistically integrates industry standard quality management systems standards in order to establish processes & methods employing an analytical framework which epistemologically seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. The insights delivered by Elegant Reasonism were not anticipated by anyone alive or gone and our acknowledgements page and user library reviewed considerable materials and works. We have established a licensing structure enabling free comprehension and only assert fees in revenue generating application. Licensing requirements are protected by all appropriate law and international treaty worldwide.

Strategic Sustainability

SolREI is redefining sustainability by holistically integrating endurance despite competition and difficult economic and technical challenges. Our leadership team has decades of experience developing solutions to some of businesses most challenging problems. Starting in 2020 we will be introducing products that will revolutionize global enterprise. Those products are based on our intellectual property established on May 7th, 2019 when our company filed for and was been granted Patent Pending 16405134 on something we call Elegant Reasonism. We are now working to bring these insights to civilization in an effective manner. This web site is part of that effort. SolREI is working to empower others through various products, and information exchanges. These products will reinforce individual epistemology and will help assure the integrity of core messaging across global enterprise and the economy worldwide. 

Epic as Elegant Reasonism is we are not resting on our laurels, and we have a great deal more to accomplish before we are done. There are other projects that we intend to fund with our efforts in developing Elegant Reasonism. Some are direct derivatives of this IP and others are not. SolREI is a startup company in the earliest phases of formal organization. We are incessantly working our business plan to bring our insights and capabilities to civilization to deliver unprecedented value. Our insights deliver unprecedented value to the marketplace and individual situational awareness.

Accredited investors interested in one of the fewer than 29 stakeholder positions remaining should contact us. Opportunities like this will likely never come again. Know that what we have planned will leverage Elegant Reasonism to its fullest potential. There are deep implications due to Elegant Reasonism spanning the global economy. It is not our intention to pick winners and losers, they will do that all by themselves as a function of their actions in the wake of these new insights. We can only encourage everyone to engage the information we are providing. Global enterprise ensnared and otherwise mired in status quo thinking will be blindsided by their competition if they don’t move to license Elegant Reasonism. The status quo is committing what we call Langer Epistemology Errors, and we hold the key to escaping the logic traps ensnaring them.

SolREI intends to develop software tools, education instruments, and deploy consulting engagements to help facilitate others not just embracing Elegant Reasonism but leveraging it to develop unprecedented value in their own businesses and endeavors. The company is quickly moving to develop subscriptions and products to aid these efforts and grow our business organically. We hope you will join us on this journey.


The SolREI Team


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