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Awareness Notice

This site is here to help facilitate knowledge management for the individual regarding Elegant Reasonism. Individuals may be interested in personal growth or understanding what this may hold for their business or their career inside a publicly held enterprise, or some aspect of government. What you immediately need to understand is that conventional thinking is a logic trap of epic proportions. Status quo thinking will not help you here, and it will not, exactly because Elegant Reasonism mode shifts the fundamental context of existence between encapsulated interpretive models manifesting reality. The status quo believes it operates directly with reality oblivious that constitutes Langer Epistemology Errors. Elegant Reasonism is not The Emergence Model (e.g. the first model closing to unification of physics), rather it is the methodology, process, technology, and epistemology required to perceive and engage it.

Everything about this site is geared to help individuals worldwide comprehend Elegant Reasonism. 


Do you have critical thinking powerful enough to realize that the Earth is a sphere and is not flat? People 3,000 years ago were not stupid people, they simply did not possess the knowledge we do today. Science revolutionized our understanding of the realm in which we exist and it is about to conduct a comprehensive systems review based on Elegant Reasonism (it just doesn't know it yet). The SolREI company is here to put wood behind that arrow and everyday this system improves with that goal and objective clearly in mind.  

Despite all of the successes status quo thinking has developed over the last 150 years, we have been blinded, essentially by our own success. There is not a single person anywhere on Earth that has not committed LEEs. Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism is now here to help everyone comprehend what Langer Epistemology Errors are, how to minimize them, what to do about them, how to unlock the doors to opportunity you didn't even fathom existed. Can you relate electromagnetism to gravity? We can and do. Can you describe the Universe Bang to Bang? We do, right inside this website, right now. Think this is about theoretical physics you can not possibly understand? Guess again. We make this so simple that anyone anywhere can get it. More than that we show you how to wield Elegant Reasonism either simply or in full formal mode consistent with ISO 9001 QMS standards

Immediate Implications

The immediate implication is that if you are entrenched in status quo thinking then you are ensnared within a logic trap of epic proportions. What you need to understand are the facets of that trap, where the pitfalls are, and most importantly - how to get out of it. Getting out is anything but obvious. If it were easy civilization would have done that a millenia ago. As of YE2019 all but a handful were deeply entrenched and oblivious to their situation or the implications of being in that status. What does "getting out" mean exactly? Firstly it means being able to recognize, contemplate, and engage the actual real unified Universe and not a logically correct view of it that will never in a million years produce those insights. We will say that with more clarity. Status quo thinking will never unify physics. Not ever. It does not matter how much money they throw at it. 100% of all that money and effort are almost wasted. The only reason it isn't completely wasted is that Elegant Reasonism can take what it is civilization thinks it knows and mode shift it into alignment with the unified Universe.

Elegant Reasonism is the key, but you must act. Struggle where you are if you must, you will only die ignorant of the unified Universe. It costs nothing to register. There are no catches. We are not going overwhelm you with advertisements. We are not going to gather your information to sell elsewhere. We make our living providing services to help others and business enterprise comprehend our insights and apply them to their organizations. When that happens we all win. 

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