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Elegant Reasonism Worldview FAQs

The Elegant Reasonism worldview is aligned with truth as a function of the unified Universe. If you can not perceive that point of view then you have work to do before you proceed here.

Elegant Reasonism, as an epistemology, seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe and there are another set of FAQs associated with that domain of discourse.

Q: Do I need to understand both what a worldview is and Elegant Reasonism in order to understand these FAQs?
A: Yes

Q: What is a worldview?
A:  A worldview is a way of looking at and explaining life and the world.  It serves as a lens through which the world is interpreted usually by an individual but also potentially by a group or society.  It typically consists of a set of beliefs that influences perspective, values, and actions.  A worldview is a type of belief system or ideology.  An individual’s worldview can influence the way everything in the world is viewed, interpreted, and explained. The more fundamental the paradigm stacks are supporting an individual’s worldview the more difficult it will be to affect any sort of paradigm shift for higher ordered paradigms exactly because it would require change to occur systemically. That type of change does not come easily to anyone.


Conversational Dynamics

Q: Are there trigger words or contexts in a conversation that might prompt further inquiry?
A: Absolutely. There are both direct and indirect triggers of both words and contexts which may act to suggest deeper understanding may be required. Any word or context which implies M1 or M2 thinking is one example. If a given party is highly defensive and pushing a position of authority one might suggest the mode shifted baloney detection kit if that is appropriate for the circumstance. Remember those individuals who are highly vested in status quo thinking will likely go through the stages of grief as they increasingly become familiar with Elegant Reasonism and what it means and holds both for them and for civilization.






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