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Elegant Reasonism Workflow

Workflow is a term from industry referring to the sequence of industrial, administrative, or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion. Workflow associated with Elegant Reasonism follows the Elegant Reasonism General Process Flow depicted below. The language that follows may confuse some. Let us be clear. Elegant Reasonism is the framework which produced The Emergence Model, and it is that latter model which accomplishes unification. Having said that it is important to remember that Elegant Reasonism Rules require at least one of the pluralistic set of models employed fully comply with the realm of the c’s (e.g. one of which is closure to unification). Consequently The Emergence Model was filed along with the framework for Elegant Reasonism as a part of the patent application. Not because we think that is the only model that will ever close to unification, but because the processes and methods require one to be employed and that one is the first to do so. If at some later time someone else creates a better model then others can employ that model along with The Emergence Model in the framework that is Elegant Reasonism. In this way Elegant Reasonism is poised for self-improvement of its workflow.

It is for these reasons that so much of the language describing Elegant Reasonism workflow comes from The Emergence Model. It is important as you read along to recognize that distinction so that you do not become confused between what the process delivers in terms of results. On the other hand it is important sometimes to use those results in order to visualize how unification thinking is different relative to workflow performed. Please just be aware of these issues and work to keep them clear in your thinking.

Elegant Reasonism Generalized Process Flow
Elegant Reasonism Generalized Process Flow (open in a new tab for larger view)





The adage that you can not fix something if you do not know it is broken could not be more pertinent. It is vital students comprehend Langer Epistemology Errors. The next point to remember is that ‘science’ is a special branch of philosophy, and that in no way diminishes the value of its philosophical ancestry. The factors, steps, stages, and phases on the above workflow chart are highly interdependent. They are not “do this and you’re done” steps. In any given investigation these steps will be recursively revisited over and over again ultimately culminating in a final Treatise that is fully compliant with the realm of c’s (e.g. closes to unification).

Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart

Systems Thinking

(M5) When we consider individual MBPs as self-contained systems, and recognize that everything real is some configuration of them, we suddenly realize that everything real is some system or system of systems. We also might realize that taking then the MBP as a fractal initiator that the real unified Universe is a Fractal following Knot Theory due to its intrinsic nature. There is no external influence, rather it is simply its intrinsic behavior as a function of its nature.

Systems Implications for Science

The immediate implication for professional scientists is that the only “point mass” in nature are individual MBPs and you can not directly measure them. Absolutely everything else real is a system or system of systems comprising configurations of MBPs interacting within an Event Frame.

Implications of Encapsulating Context

Encapsulated Interpretive Models [of the Universe] are fundamental foundational highly fractionalized composite systems attempting to mimic the actual real unified Universe. Never, ever, do we claim any given model is actually describing ‘the’ Universe. There is a very fine line between modeling a real system and declaring ‘the’ description of it and it is imperative that we constantly and incessantly make that distinction in order to preclude commission of Langer Epistemology Errors. The Emergence Model is simply the first model fully compliant with the realm of the c’s.


Philosophy can be said to be a search for truth. Epistemology is the philosophy of knowledge. Elegant Reasonism, as an epistemology, seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe, and any other truth not so derived is simply held as incongruous with the actual real unified Universe. That means it is perfectly acceptable to include data and information from other epistemologies so long as they are treated appropriately and positioned for what they are. Investigators will find M4 useful, for example, because sometimes a paradigm of interest in a given 2D Articulation Layer simply needs to be surrounded by what it is we think we already know in order to ferret out what it is we do not yet know (or recognize).

Strategically the core message take away from the preceding paragraph indeed reshapes how we think about philosophical areas of axiology, epistemology, ontology and supervenience as well as the very fabric of science. Elegant Reasonism is an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and it is that utility process which produced The Emergence Model.

The Philosophical Predicate Priority

Unification must be a predicate priority above all other considerations in every model, or commision of Langer Epistemology Errors will likely be rampant. Having had to do this from scratch, the first time (e.g. develop The Emergence Model in absentia is a pain I would not wish upon anyone else). I had to realize LEEs were being committed in the first place and I will point out that at that time I had not yet even discovered Susanne K Langer’s body of work. You have no idea how relieved I was that someone else had recognized the issue a long time ago and written a book about it. They are now named as they are in her honor for exactly that reason.

Humanity got into this trap for a variety of reasons that I am certain will be fodder for many research papers going forward. Simplistically though the issue is that civilization had not matured to the point where we understood how Langer Epistemology Errors are made manifest. When Einstein wrote his papers the information technology industry did not exist. Information sciences were nascent. Einstein never met Langer to my (McGowen) knowledge, nor was he ever aware of her work before his death. That McGowen happened into these insights was as much a matter of luck and circumstance as it was training. McGowen firmly believes that it was only a matter of time before someone realized all of this, he just happened to do it first.

Wield Elegant Reasonism Transformationally

Transformational Leadership programs have been taught at major universities and institutions around the globe for decades but they have limited exposure beyond that realm and in large enterprise. There are many aspects of Elegant Reasonism that warrant us strongly encouraging this caution and suggestion. The more familiar with those programs and Elegant Reasonism you become, so too will your understanding of why we make this suggestion. Until then all we can suggest is that you avail yourself of the video presentations available from SolREI Studios.

Business Value

The work flow process should consider the holistic business value proposition as it conducts any associated systems review. Elegant Reasonism is a disintermediating framework capable of mode shifting business value as a function of those wielding it at their will, discretion, and mercy.


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