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Perceiving & Engaging Reality

Humans do not have direct access to reality contrary to what your life experiences may tell you. Our physiology interprets the realm in which we exist and instantly furnishes our brains abstractions via the central nervous system in order to cope and deal with those experiences. Exacerbating those challenges are Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). LEEs are the errors which occur when we mistake abstractions for actual reality. The image at the top of this page illustrates two identical objects. The object on the left is in its natural state. The object on the right is covered in a substance called Vantablack and it is the blackest substance known to science. It reflects so little light that discerning any surface detail is next to impossible. Other than that the two objects are identical in every respect. The object on the right is turned at an angle so you may discern its three dimensional nature. That is not a photoshopped image. The point here is about perceiving reality. How our senses signal our brains is not really the issue, rather the implications of the illusion is.

Human physiology is limiting in terms of enabled perception because there are real objects which some senses simply do not perceive. You can feel the rush of air in and out as you breath, mostly because of your sinuses or your mouth. Your lungs have no nerve endings and so you don’t have any capacity to feel air there. You discern congestion in other ways. Your eyes can not see that air but you know it exists. You may not have natural ability to measure these various sensations but humanity has created instrumentality for such tasks. Part of the issue here is in creating that instrumentality we do so relative to our experiences with those facets of reality. Empiricism, as an epistemology, centers on being able to quantify, codifiy, duplicate, and replicate those experiences relative to and respective of evidence resulting from experimentation.

Dark Matter

Akin to Vantablack is something scientists call dark matter. That stuff just does not interact much with what might otherwise be termed ordinary matter. We label it such only because we can’t see it in the normal fashion.

Dark Matter Map
Cosmos 3D Dark Matter Map


















Under The Emergence Model‘s M5, Most Basic Particle (MBP) configurations simply possess density and saturation such that they interact with other configurations in a compartmentalized, constricted basis within any given Event Frame. Dark energy concepts are simply not needed here and those issues vanish completely. There is only a single type of energy therein.

The Fine Line

There is an emotional need wanting to declare full descriptions of reality, yet doing so almost certainly commits Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). We therefore must refrain from that declaration to the extent we are able. Rather what we must do is attempt to reflect reality within characterizations of an Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM). Crossing the characterization / declaration line is tantamount to commission of LEEs, which we must avoid at all costs, lest we find ourselves guilty of such commission.

EIM Boundaries

In hindsight, looking back at any given Paradigm Of Interest/Nature (POI/N) relative to and respective of EIMs in full juxtaposition we find the boundaries each makes manifest which preclude perceptions by any other EIM. Exactly the same abstraction may exist in several or many different EIMs but their definitions change and those definitions may include different constituents within them EIM to EIM. Consequently establishing the 2D Articulation Layer of a Translation Matrices within the utility process is an important capability navigating the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart. Only through subsequent analysis through Translation Matrices layers beneath that of the 2D Articulation frame may these distinctions of individual EIMs be made. By employing a plurality of EIMs in any given investigation, according to Elegant Reasonism Rules, reality is surrounded by multiple theories both compliant and otherwise relative to and respective of the unified Universe. In this way we create a vortex of ideas that reflect reality with increasing accuracy and precision. The big unknown at the moment within The Emergence Model are the specific configurations manifesting the various architectures of mass.

Investigation Types

There are essentially two types or categories of investigations that may be undertaken through Elegant Reasonism. One is what might otherwise be termed a normal investigation where some given set of Paradigm Of Interest/Nature (POI/N) are subject to its scrutiny. The other is a great deal more daunting because there investigators are seeking a net new EIM incremental to the recognized set already in existence. Presuming someone does come up with another EIM which is simultaneously fully compliant with those already in use does not diminish Elegant Reasonism in any manner, indeed it makes it stronger and more powerful than it already is. In fact it is designed with that eventuality in mind. The epicenter of focus and resolution is markedly different between these investigation categories/types. The first is generally looking for how POI/N are made manifest across the different EIMs employed by an investigation. The latter is centered on net new highly systemic constructs which are capable of rendering everything real. The systemic nature of such investigations are extensive and should not be taken lightly.


Epistemology is the philosophy of knowledge. Elegant Reasonism epistemologically seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science. It can include other epistemologies but they must be statistically weighted relative to and respective of their ability to render everything real. That is the EIM must credibly reflect the manifestation of everything real. Somewhat ironically the cogent description of M5 does that through action potentials (see Concept Sieve: EMCS01). Action potentials carry forward right into the very manner in which human physiology conducts signals across the Central Nervous System (CNS) into the Brain. The Path to Epistemology is relatively straight forward from that point from cognition of these insights in the grand scheme of things.

Once cognition is attained you are now Empowered on the precipice which may perceive the unified Universe in order to engage it. Looking at the image at the top of the page it should be clear that it is difficult to engage something one has difficulty perceiving. We must understand how our brains automatically fill in perception gaps. Sometimes these phenomena result in cognitive biases emerging and we need to be carefully cognizant of them in order to build a complete picture of reality based on the unified Universe.

Epistemological Justification

Elegant Reasonism based insights are not likely to hold water with those who do not comprehend how they were developed or justified. Psychological consolidation will not occur in individuals who do not recognize or understand the utility process and framework manifest simultaneous truths of POI/Ns EIM to EIM, much less how Elegant Reasonism Rules apply to any investigation, much less insights resulting from it. Consolidation is a memory process that will enable animals and entities with brains to gain information and secure it in their long-term memory to be accessed days, weeks, or even years later. This definition includes neural processing units supplanting biological brains for Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems; which is why we used the term entities.

The bit of irony here in all of this is that as consolidation takes place within an Elegant Reasonism context the neural patterns manifesting various paradigms consistent with the unified Universe emerge and increase. Conversational situational awareness becomes more skilled. If we take positive action to ensure and assure such patterns are established through education or other means then we are essentially intentionally reconfiguring neural networks through programming. We call that process Neural Network Recogniguration By Programming (NNRP). What is ironic about this is that Elegant Reasonism driven cognition taking place through any given investigation will naturally instantiate NNRP within the investigators and those with whom they effectively communicate (See In Unification’s Wake, Part 03: Communications). The irony settles in when we realize that the unified Universe naturally increases self-awareness through this process.

Engaging Reality

The reality of the unified Universe is a great deal more wondrous than anyone ever imagined. At least we think so. It is unfathomably vast and ancient in the extreme. We know we will never know answers to some its most basic questions exactly because those answers lay beyond our particle horizon. The particle horizon is the most distant radius of a sphere which any signal may reach us. There are aspects we know from the WMAP experiment and its resulting data which enables us to characterize our little corner of reality Bang to Bang. There are other experiments to be sure, least of which are those Testing Spooky Action At A Distance (e.g. the speed of entanglement). Such tests dismantle M1 constructs, establish under M5 Rapidity’s governance of cosmological velocities and essential relationships between M5 core constructs. Holistically and in fully compliant context of Elegant Reasonism what we find are relationships manifesting everything real across the entire entanglement gradient from both the emergence and convergence vectors.

Quite suddenly when we have gained the precipice capable of perceiving the unified Universe, at least through the lens of The Emergence Model, we recognize mechanics we did not fathom previously. Previously incomprehensible velocity vectors and quantum uncertainties become functions of M5‘s Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance. While many previously mysterious phenomena are explained in this way, many hopes and dreams are too rendered Red Herrings and there we must be cautious. We can not encourage strongly enough for those wielding Elegant Reasonism to do so transformationally and with great empathy and compassion for others around them. Quantum Event Frames where interacting architectures of mass are operating at speeds of entanglement greater than 54 times the speed of light are immensely important as we begin to conduct systems reviews into what it is we thought we knew. Such experiments reconsidered in full compliance of Elegant Reasonism means we conduct such efforts fully consistent with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standards and under Six Sigma criteria.


Elegant Reasonism is a utility process employing a technological framework supporting an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and which produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM) closing to unification consistent with the realm of c’s: The Emergence Model. SOLREI INC strongly encourages a world wide systems review to mode shift everything we thought we knew into alignment with the unified Universe employing Elegant Reasonism. Context matters, and perhaps more greatly than anticipated. In hindsight the term unification means the credible manifestation of the integration of everything real. When we consider the entire and otherwise complete entanglement gradient we also realize that our contemplations must be both emergence and convergence in nature. We must not be Blinded By Past Successes. Science demands we take a hard cold and objective review and consider that reality is unified whether or not our thinking about it is. We must find it within us to recognize what we must do when we have simultaneously true theories which even agree with experiment.



We must then recognize the philosophical taxonomic relationships within our domains of discourse and their constituent detail sets in order to Swim Upstream (philsophically) and ask the hard questions about the very nature of the EIMs manifesting our reflection of what we believe reality to ontologically be. Unification necessarily demands the ability to characterize the unified Universe Bang to Bang and that requires the ability to reintegrate credibly the manifestation of everything real. That means across the global economy through Human Action. It means appreciating the mechanics underpinning our ability and capability for Art Appreciation. Elegant Reasonism epistemologically represents the path forward from our historical roots. From here we gain the precipice allowing us to perceive and engage the unified Universe. The necessary warnings are discussed In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact. We very strongly encourage everyone to heed those cautions.




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