Philosophy has been defined as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline. Traditionally philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, mind, and language. It is in essence a search for truth. Epistemology is the philosophy of knowledge. Elegant Reasonism represents one of several epistemologies, but is distinct from them because it seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. Science is a specialized branch of philosophy, employing specific methods and scientific epistemological approaches designed to exploit our understanding of nature and shared experiences. Elegant Reasonism integrates these concepts, leveraging them in order to gain and improve perspective on the unified Universe. All of these exercises are accomplished through models of what is real, and the actual real unified Universe is always held litmus to those models.

Philosophical Taxonomy

Philosophy is taken herein as a search for truth as a function of the unified Universe.

How different demographics define truth is a function of their relative and respective perspectives. While different demographics likely do not agree on each other’s approaches to answer those questions they ultimately report that they are looking for truth. Epistemology is the philosophy of knowledge traditionally taken as empiricism, rationalism, constructivism, or any of a number of others, but these are the most easily recognized. Elegant Reasonism is the latest epistemology to join those ranks and as we have stated seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. We do not find science incongruent with that objective. Indeed we find great affinity with science and its epistemology highly congruent if taken to its honest core precepts. The caveat and caution is the concept of context and the source of that context. Elegant Reasonism has determined that context is established as a function of the Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) core constructs rather than the actual unified Universe which it takes and holds litmus. Elegant Reasonism holds that the actual real Universe is unified whether or not our thinking about it is.

The issue of context is anything but trivial. Fundamental foundational context is made manifest by the core constructs of Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) and until one recognizes that salient fact, and the implications of it, our experience is that it is exceedingly difficult to maintain critical thinking required to accomplish unification.

Science is a Branch of Philosophy

Science is a special branch of philosophy employing a specific scientific epistemology, processes, and methods.

The Universe Is The Predicate Priority Consideration

Never, ever, do we claim that were are “describing the Universe”, rather we are describing models reflecting the actual real unified Universe. The actual real Universe is always, and without exception, held distinct and litmus. The reason for this philosophical distinction is to minimize and otherwise eliminate the potential to commit Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). When we realize the implications of models establishing context we can more fully appreciate the concept and requirement for encapsulation of them and when we fully comprehend these various issues we then realize the vital importance of recognizing unification as a predicate priority consideration above any other consideration relative to the actual real Universe.

Philosophy of Elegant Reasonism

Philosophically Elegant Reasonism holds unification as a predicate priority consideration and searches for truth as a function of the unified Universe and it is in that context it is considered an epistemology.

Philosophical Implications of Simultaneous Truth

Below is a video presentation of Richard Feynman giving a talk on knowing vs understanding. So as you watch this short video contemplate simultaneous logical correctness between some given paradigm of interest relative to mode shifting that paradigm between M1 and M5.


What framework would be needed and required to chose the better model? What analytics would be needed? What criteria would be required that could be communicated in the shared community of civilization consistent with scientific method? Our answer to these various questions is Elegant Reasonsim. First which theory is more compliant with the unified Universe? Which has a better Elegant Reasonsim based Sigma Value? Are the two theories in the same model or competing models, and immersed in an Elegant Reasonsim based approach might there even be incremental laws derived as a function of a model not previously considered? Remember Elegant Reasonsim requires at least one employed model close to unification. This philosophical discussion gets all the more interesting if we have multiple models which close to unification and still pass Feynman’s basic premise and let’s say that both have identical Sigma Values (which is not likely but we’ll entertain the thought). The question stands as does Feynman’s response, the answer can not be determined by science. Does that eliminate the Elegant Reasonsim? No, it does not and here’s why. Elegant Reasonsim integrates philosophical cognition into its predicate priority considerations. What science may not be able to discern, philosophy will and that’s why Feynman brought into the discussion psychology.

Elegant Reasonsim constitutes an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe but in doing so requires more than being able to describe the Universe in a Bang to Bang discussion, it requires an ability to manifest psychology from the neurology. Our early R&D is succeeding better than our highest hopes and we have no doubt future investigations will only strengthen understanding.

Predicate Priorities

When we combine the concept of model encapsulation with the points Feynman made in the above video we discover that philosophy provides the means forward. Philosophy must combine epistemology, science, and comprehension of Ontology in the full context of these discussions. Something Rudolf Carnap explored in his body of work.


Elegant Reasonism epistemology is distinguished from the traditional traditional essentially by several factors:

As an epistemology Elegant Reasonism based knowledge also positions perspectives either previously held as a matter of history, or other epistemologies, such that they are mode shifted into full compliance as determined by the framework. This means context established by each of the encapsulated interpretive models employed consistent with the rules fully documenting logic artifacts, concept compression issues, and sigma defects as appropriate in order to comply with QMS standards and methods.


An epistemology must justify its basis for truth in some manner and the various manners in which that is accomplished essentially distinguishes all epistemologies. Elegant Reasonism holds truths that are not a function of the unified Universe as perhaps interesting, but incongruous. If some truth, from some other epistemology can not survive the rigor and discipline of the framework consistent with QMS standards and analysis into fully compliant Treatise then it must be held in that light. Never should such ever be said to be compliant with or congruent with Elegant Reasonism, exactly because it is not.

Investigation teams integrating such other truths or results from other epistemologies must take great care to articulate with precision and accuracy all logic artifacts and compression issues exactly because within Elegant Reasonism they constitute sigma defects at some level.


Simple belief is necessary but insufficient to be integrated to Treatise. That belief must be fully justified as congruent with the unified Universe and that requires full treatment by the framework. Beliefs whose basis are other epistemologies do not rise to the level of automatic acceptance by Elegant Reasonism. Operative word being automatic. Such beliefs must survive being mode shifted by the framework and be developed into an Elegant Reasonism based Treatise. It should be noted that the framework incorporates Bayesian analytics to capture paradigms before, during and after investigations.  Only then may such beliefs be labeled as Elegant Reasonism beliefs.


Ontology is a term derived from two Greek words: “onto” meaning existence, or being real and “logia” meaning science or study. It should be noted that in the early days the term science had not yet been adopted and the phrase used to refer to such pursuits was “philosophy of nature”.  Elegant Reasonism employs the term Ontology in a philosophical context  to study and determine what is real. The framework leverages Ontological Materialism in determinants of reality more so than Ontological Idealism, with the later being viewed as logical constructs rather than real constructs.


Axiology is the philosophical study of value and herein it specifically is in context of, relative to, and respective of the actual real unified Universe. Philosophically greater value is derived when it is aligned with and compliant of the unified Universe. Those concepts, constructs, ideals, beliefs, aesthetics, and ethics not compliant with the unified Universe hold lesser value than those that do.


Scientific epistemology, methods, techniques, requirements, rigor, discipline, are for the most part unchanged relative to discussions between Elegant Reasonism & tradition. There are however major distinctions in the form of manifesting context and Langer Epistemology Errors or LEEs.

Langer Epistemology Errors

Langer Epistemology Errors occur when scientists confuse abstractions for reality. Elegant Reasonism always, and without exception, holds reality distinct, separate, and litmus. Never do we claim to be directly describing reality. Rather we are reflecting reality through models and the reason for the distinction and separation is to the extent possible prevent and preclude the possibility of committing LEEs. Langer in her 1948 book Philosophy In A New Key exceptionally articulates the issues arising from employing abstractions and symbology. Humans can not get away from doing so because our sense-organs instantly furnish our brains with abstractions in order to relate to the world around us. We therefore must take extraordinary care to employ techniques and technologies which help us to minimize these affects effecting our science based work.


Elegant Reasonism recognizes the implications of LEEs and as a result demands that models be encapsulated such that they manifest 100% of the interpretive context being juxtaposed with reality which is held litmus to those contemplations. Elegant Reasonism Rules do not allow declared models to be changed in any way. They must be iterated and that iteration fully declared. Our ISO 9001 Unification Tool may be used for this purpose or investigators may use an equivalent tool. What matters is that every facet of a model be declared to ISO 9001 QMS standards in order to render explicit how context is made manifest by each model employed.

Elegant Reasonism Based Proofs

Elegant Reasonism based proofs penetrate model context and are fully compliant in Treatise with the unified Universe. This means that contexts which are not fully compliant and do not close to unification are illuminated with sigma defects noted. It means that all logic artifacts are noted and documented as sigma defects. It means logically correct systems are taken in full Systems Engineering context and Knowledge Management Principles are applied. It means that the detail sets within domains of discourse relative to and respective of each model employed within the pluralistic set required, noting that one is required to close to unification, are all clearly represented.

Proofs which singularly tie out to a single context made manifest by a single model are considered by Elegant Reasonism as input material to the framework. Previously existing information in the form of peer reviewed papers whose foundational fundamental basis is any model employing constructs precluding unification are logical in nature and must be mode shifted by the framework in order to develop a treatise reflecting the real unified Universe.

The Taxonomy

It is our intention to work to maintain alignment of the physical structure of this website consistent with the etymological taxonomy of these various relationships. The intent being to reinforce these concepts at every step and stage.


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