M4 is M5 Emulating M1, M2, or M3

Those encountering this for the first time need to understand that the material that follows below was not written independently in a vacuum. What follows was reverse engineered as a function of a systems review that took many years to complete. It was constructed from the data delivered by that review. The structure of the review resulting in The Emergence Model integrated skills from a career founded on aerospace engineering principles, business process re-engineering, international standards, information sciences, most especially knowledge management, critical thinking, and quality metrics. All barriers were removed and no questions were constrained or deflected. What was found surprise no one more than the inventor. So steeped in traditional thinking was the inventor that it took almost three years to realize what had been accomplished.


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On May 7th, 2019 the SolREI company filed for and has received Patent Pending 16405134 status on the methods, process, technology, and epistemology called Elegant Reasonism which was until not never disclosed. Elegant Reasonism is the framework approach used in the conduct of our original systems review that ultimately produced The Emergence Model. We had to create an equation sieve of over 400 equations and review considerable volumes of historical perspectives, much of which is in the User Library for your review.

Readers here are cautioned: if this is your first time encountering all of this that none of the words that follow are in the fundamental context of your previous experience. Elegant Reasonism leverages a philosophical framework which eliminates Langer Epistemology Errors and juxtaposes intrinsic context relative to and respective of encapsulated interpretive models of the Universe, one of which must now close to unification. The Emergence Model’s logical view M5, a product of a some 15 year R&D effort was the first such model to close to unification and it is included here in fulfillment of that requirement. It is included in the patent for exactly the same reason. These models manifest context. IT IS IMPROPER TO JUDGE ONE MODEL FROM THE CONTEXT OF ANOTHER. BE WARNED. EACH MODEL IS DISCRETE AND UNIQUE. CONSEQUENTLY ALL SUCH MODELS ARE CONSIDERED “ENCAPSULATED” BECAUSE THEY ESTABLISH 100% OF THEIR RELATIVE AND RESPECTIVE CONTEXTS.

The M5 Cogent Description

M4 is interesting and very useful to investigators in as much as it enables M5 to emulate M1 or M2 with ease. There are certain parameters within M5 which when set to a neutral value will allow emulation of M1 or M2, action for example. The reason this capability is valuable is that it allows investigations into what it is we think we already know and to test knowledge vs perception vs alignment (e.g. Interpretive) affinity with the real unified Universe. M5 is the only Encapsulated Interpretive Model (EIM), excepting M6, capable of writing such a paragraph.

Core Concepts

Once the logical nature of M1 and M2 are recognized, and we then realize that The Emergence Model is holistically represented by M5 and M6, then based on the fact that such logical views must be based on some physical view. In that realization we realize that M1 and M2 are being supported by some EIM. At the moment only The Emergence Model closes to unification. We do not as yet possess the technology or insights enough to work with M6 (though proposals have been suggested to the National Science Foundation). Which leaves us working with M5. By setting Action and other parameters as appropriate to neutral values within the M4 framework, M4 then may be set to emulate either M1 or M2 as appropriate. M4 then becomes quite a powerful investigative tool.

It is the intent of the SolREI company to implement M4 models in software and present them for appropriate communities in our Software Library. However, it is our opinion that the international community needs to come together and establish international guidelines involving various parameters and values before that can happen to any real affect or effect. Once those factors are established then they may be incorporated into our ISO 9001 Unification Tool or its equivalent.

Mass is treated as a function of the emulated model employed.

Key Insights

M4 has been useful to us in explorations and investigations where known aspects of M1 or M2 need pursuit in the various phases of Elegant Reasonism (e.g. Recognition, Illumination, Analysis) culminating in Treatise. By changing the various parameters enabling emulation helps illustrates what it is we thought we knew illuminating what must be. Thus giving investigations motivations, insights, and reasons to continue that would be holistically illustrated in no other manner.




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