Metacognitive Learning

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Products and props that will help not just an educator’s ability to communicate Elegant Reasonism anywhere they teach but also for students looking to leverage insights in conversation. These items are designed to help others explore insights of the unified Universe.

Elegant Reasonism Mugs

Use them to hold your favorite beverage while you are teaching or as active props in demonstrations.


Other Tools for Communications


Elegant Reasonism Postcards

Use to postcards to communicate with colleagues. Use them as small signs in a classroom. Use them to pass around to students and then ask them to contemplate each. Have them available for debate purposes or as assignments. Get students thinking. Ask them how they would use them.

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Elegant Reasonism Stickers

These stickers strategically located will help remind students of critically situational awareness thinking required to execute Elegant Reasonism effectively.


EIM Mugs

Yes we know they’re EIM mugs and we should have selected the other side of each mug so you could see the differences between them. LOL. Yes we are working to fix this problem. These mugs present all sorts of teaching moments for educators. You can just set them aside and let students contemplate the implications of employing different Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) or you can employ them in an active presentation. Have different students use them as debate props and make them defend their assigned EIM. What does it mean to have two simultaneously true EIMs on a given topic? How does Elegant Reasonism handle such things?

  • Use them to demonstrate logical truth. Something can be logically correct yet remain physically different. Place sets of items in M1, and M5 both of which can be built by the contents of M6 and superficially make them all look the same. Maybe use liquids or puzzle objects.

EIM Debate Team Shirts

EIM Debate Team Shirts help to identify team members for great fun debating the merits of EIMs. Investigation Teams can use these shirts to help teams stay focused on their systems reviews.


EIM Thinking Hats

EIM thinking caps are great education tools. Use in the classroom to present various points of views so students can see simultaneous truths from each EIM perspective!  Display or use in active presentations! These hats are a great tool! There are all sorts of imaginative ways to employ these to an audience. The EIM enumeration is on the front and the focus of that EIM is on the back of each hat. These hats are embroidered both front and back with each EIM’s character.


I Got Mode Shifted

Challenge your students to mode shift ideas!


People Mugs


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