Elegant Reasonism Executive Thesis

McGowen is a stereotypical type A, corporate America energizer bunny whose unbounded curiosity has more often than he might like been characterized as a ‘rock turner’. Meaning he’s constantly looking under rocks for little nuggets of wisdom or insights. Some bastions investigated have more dust than rocks. In any event,  this particular investigation began with the dynamics associated with materials impacting the Earth from orbit. In Circa 2004, as today, impacts are a relatively common phenomena. They happen all the time, but most are small and go completely unnoticed. What follows is the abbreviated outline of a very long story, but will attempt to organize the insights that led to the development of the Elegant Reasonism framework, its result in the form of The Emergence Model, and the epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. The Ontology behind Elegant Reasonism is a fascinating subject spanning human contemplation over thousands of years.


Investigating impact dynamics across the solar system led something of a paper chase through history and deeply involved acknowledged original works. The mechanics of the situation did not match reality and incongruences were justified on the basis of the mechanical systems employed from a particular point of view, usually Newtonian or Relativistic. Nothing ever really sufficed to satisfy McGowen. Stereotypical craters were always wider than they were deep. Why? Newtonian gravity explained in the context of relativity provided some clues but raised more questions than it provided answers. It was pondering these various precepts providing the strategic insight that the model Einstein had created was logical in nature. Keying on that inspiration McGowen developed a framework borrowing from the information technology industry that would allow recognition of the problems and illuminate them in a framework which could then be subjected to credible analytics consistent with ISO 9001 QMS standards. The philosophical predicate priority consideration over arching every act was unificationThe framework created has three primary phases: Recognition, Illumination, and Analysis. Criteria for unification drives everything in these phase steps. Philosophy, Ontology, Axiology, Science itself all had to be revisited in order to understand how commission of what are now called Langer Epistemology Errors influenced the body of work civilization now holds dear. Because The framework was developed with knowledge management principles providing critical context, its design specifications demanded an ability to leverage what it is we think we currently know, (e.g. EMS01) mode shifting that information into alignment with and respective to the unified Universe. The result was the first model closing to unification: The Emergence Model. This body of work enabled SolREI to describe the unified Universe Bang to Bang, but that presented an entirely new and unanticipated aspect of unification, which drove the reviews into the very nature of philosophy and its relationships with science. For the first time in history, philosophy is unified, and so is our ability to perceive and engage the unified Universe as well as our place in it.


Simply stated predominant thinking can not accomplish unification, nor does it understand why that is so.


The challenges associated with answering the problem statement span philosophy, science, and history. The collected body of acknowledged bodies of works were reviewed. Instrumental were the works of Einstein, Okun, Langer, and others were invaluable.


  1. The status quo was correct, and civilization simply had to throw more resources at reconciling outstanding issues.
  2. The status quo was wrong somehow, despite successes, and we needed to start over completely from scratch.
  3. The status quo was logically correct which meant a systems review was liberated to pursue alternative also true models but which predicated unification.


Alternative number three was our conclusion. A comprehensive systems review was undertaken from about 2004 culminating with our application filing on May 7th, 2019 and receiving from the USPTO patent pending 16405134 on the framework accomplishing unification, its epistemology, and the first model closing: The Emergence Model. Elegant Reasonism recognizes seven encapsulated interpretive models, two of which comprise The Emergence Model. During the course of conducting our systems review it became clear that the spacetime-mass interface precludes unification. The implication was clear. Predominant thinking would never use that construct to accomplish unification. More importantly were the implications of these various issues to global industry.


The key inspirational moment driving the subsequent systems review was the revelation that the model created by Einstein was logically correct. In that instant logical juxtaposition became a possibility. Translation Matrices were developed as an epicenter to a larger framework and one that could be completed to ISO 9001 QMS standards. The systems review began producing insights almost immediately, but it would be years before unification had been recognized. Holistically the puzzle pieces began to fall into place. Logic artifacts that could be explained in no other manner were quickly dispatched with eloquence. SolREI was able to describe the unified Universe Bang to Bang using The Emergence Model and the framework of Elegant Reasonism but in doing so required integration of philosophy, ontology, axiology, and science within the scope of our investigation. Much to the surprise of McGowen, unification had indeed been accomplished because all of these areas dovetailed into an isotropic holistic approach centered on truth as a function of the unified Universe.

The SolREI company set out to build this website. Its mission is to articulate the basics to as broad a community as possible and provide the means to engage the global economy through its various enterprises of all sizes as well as academia. These issues impact the entirety of civilization. The insights it delivers will fundamentally transform humanity and our perception of the realm in which we exist and our ability to engage it.

The Path Forward

Elegant Reasonism is the path forward. Even if someone develops a model in the future better than The Emergence Model, the framework which produced it will only be stronger because of that subsequent action. As an epistemology this philosophy of knowledge does not just enable and empower us to perceive and engage the unified Universe, it separates the wheat from the chaff. Exactly because of its pluralistic employment of models, integrating traditional epistemologies and analytics, the Treatise produced by it illustrates what does not work and why. In the process it eliminates chaotic thinking and belief systems as incongruent with the unified Universe. This is a powerful capability never before wielded by humanity. Where we take this is up to us all. Wherever that is, whatever the future holds: Elegant Reasonism is here to stay, and is the path forward.


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