Elegant Reasonism Example Curricula Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The central theme of any curricula epistemologically is its source of truth and here that source is the unified Universe.

Elegant Reasonism, as an epistemology, seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe and there are another set of FAQs associated with that domain of discourse.



Q: What is the best way of articulating the unified Universe across the spectrum of education and learning opportunity.
A: The real answer here is highly dependent on the developmental age of the student. Students must develop a foundation for critical situationally awareness thinking and a worldview capable of dealing with the unified Universe. The question for educators is the velocity of learning and available runway through transformational leadership. Many issues facing educators are similar in nature to Enterprise level communications and are discussed briefly In Unification’s Wake, Part 03: Communications. For our part, we are working to develop this website and we have created an Educator’s Shop with items specifically designed to facilitate discussion and debate within educational settings of any type.



Epistemological Implications

Q: What is epistemologically different in an Elegant Reasonism curricula vs a traditional curricula?
A: Traditional curricula circa 2021 and earlier are almost certainly based on traditional epistemologies incapable of perceiving much less discerning or engaging the unified Universe. We need only point out their failure to accomplish unification over the last 2,000 years to make that case. The epistemology itself is one of those areas of instantiation requiring clear, plausible, evidence chains manifesting the Central Nervous Systems (CNS) and Brains capable of life which in turn is capable of recognizing these insights and ideas. What is ironic about this somewhat recursive loop is at least two fold: it recognizes the emergence of itself relative to all that is and the greater critical situational awareness is instantiated in thinking the more clear that foundational clarity becomes. Clinical psychologists might call this a self-reinforcing dillusion; we would argue that there is a difference in as much as here the unified Universe is always held litmus on one hand while the other hand is aware that discovery of a net new EIM other than The Emergence Model is potentially possible (ignoring statistical probability of such an occurance). Even if new Encapsulated Interpretative Models (EIMs) were discovered they do not reduce the capability of Elegant Reasonism as a utility process supporting it as an epistemology. Rather the corollary is true that the process becomes stronger and more effective in that case exactly because the rules demand, require and clearly state that a plurality of EIMs are to be employed and at least one of them must close to unification. If we theoretically have twelve EIMs which close then the conclusions for any given investigation become all that much more insightful. The question at that point only becomes a matter of resolution, precision, accuracy relative to the goals and objectives for a given investigation.  From an education curricula point of view our job is to enable and empower students to transformationally wield these capabilities. We would further argue that, and specifically due to intrinsic NNRP, that both the emergence and convergence vectors on the entanglement gradient in the holistic context of unification demand no less.


True vs Truth: Worldview Implications

True vs Truth
True perspective of truth.

Q: Epistemologically how do axiological issues affect the worldview of students?
A: Students will interpret the world around them as a function of their worldview and subsequently their axiological perspective is immersed in that worldview. Whether or not they can transition to a worldview capable of perceiving and engaging the unified Universe is entirely up to the individual, as are the results of their respective effectiveness. The mistake many teachers make is in the belief that because they taught a given student’s worldview was altered. Only the student can cause such changes. The student must take that which was offered in teachings and integrate it through their worldview and be open minded enough to allow those changes to occur. For these and other reasons we strongly encourage Elegant Reasonism to be wielded transformationally. The process of value derivation is significantly altered by Elegant Reasonism. Interestingly, because of NNRP, the more individuals learn about Elegant Reasonism, the more critically situationally aware their thinking also becomes. Those dynamics will ripple across civilization at ever increasing velocities.

Q: What are some of the worldview issues for teachers?
A: An individual’s worldview intrinsically filters their interpretative cognition of evidence. It is important to imbue in students a willingness to reflectively and introspectively inspect and recognize where their personal belief systems and paradigms are getting in their own way. Individuals need to be brutally honest with themselves and some simply will never do that. History is replete with allegories and tales exemplifying the essential point here. The Oregon Trail in the 1880’s, Code Breakers from World War II, and many others from conflict and or strife are just a few from relatively recent history but such stories date into the farthest reaches of antiquity. Contemplation of the entanglement gradient and what it has produced should humble anyone.

Part of the point here is our worldview colors our every interpretative conclusion. We must take steps to insure and assure ourselves that we are not drawing the wrong conclusions from what we experience. Something can be logically correct yet remain physically different. Langer Epistemology Errross (LEEs) in such environment can easily lead us all astray and that is one reason we strive to eliminate them.


Peer Review

Q: If all of this is true then where are published peer reviewed articles?
A: The question arrogantly presumes that new insights will always come from bastions of institutionalized academia and not from entrepreneurial sources (which is exactly where Elegant Reasonism arose). The axiological actions of the former are different than the latter. That was something even John Archibald Wheeler understood when he stated: “Everybody knows the reasons universities have students is to educate the professors”. He pretty much angered the entire world of academia with that statement. It is important to remember that Einstein was not a professor when he published his papers and the world was a great deal more tolerant about publishing new ideas then then today. Today the world has essentially been blinded by its own success and rampant commission of Langer Epistemology Errross (LEEs) completely obfuscate vital insights. Modern information sciences has matured to the point that we can now recognize that what Einstein created was absolutely 100% logically correct, and therein lay the strategic clue needed in order to gain the precipice capable of perceiving and engaging the unified Universe.

The United States Patent & Trademark Office accepted the application for Elegant Reasonism on 7 May 2019 and published the application worldwide on 26 Nov 2020 and in so doing recognized that SolREI INC, a Florida corporation, as the sole assignee for the utility process and epistemology invented by Charles C McGowen per the Press Release: Unification Accomplished released by the company.

The Elegant Reasonism train has left the station. Global enterprise and entrepreneurs around the world are learning and reassessing their positions relative to the unified Universe and that situation is not going to change. Business does not sleep and it is merciless and ruthless. Break it if you can. Engage it. Find the flaws. SolREI openly invites constructive critical review. If there is a failure it is in our articulation abilities rather than Elegant Reasonism and we are most interested in ways to improve that. Contact us if you think we have significantly missed a point. All scrutiney has so far only strengthened what is already here. No one anywhere is waiting for anything. Others can argue its validity, our position is that its validity is self-evident for all critical situationally aware thinking and review. The patent application and this website are open for all inspections, reviews of all sorts – and it is being engaged this second by pretty much every nation on Sol_03-Earth. The more one looks at it all the more true it becomes. So much so that it has been said Elegant Reasonism is self-clarifying. The argument is not about where it came from, nor how it got there. The point is that it is here and now how do we best introduce it across civilization. Careful attention should be given to the mode shifted baloney detection kit in order to appropriately cope and adapt to these changing circumstances.


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