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The company is working hard to operationlize our business plan based on the R&D undertaken between 2004 and 2019. Investors fully engaging our domain of discourse will realize unprecedented value from the insights our Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism process is capable. We continue to work building-out that plan organically and engage the resources necessary to drive the intellectual assets in our portfolio.  The company is in a strong position to leverage the intellectual assets we have through our executive management team.


Elegant Reasonism General Use License is Free to Users who Register

There are no fees to access public domain information from our web site. Your privacy is important to us and we do not sell, trade or transfer any of your individual information.

Our commitment to civilization was that we would share purely academic information about Elegant Reasonism without fee or charge, and we are. Elegant Reasonism is a methodology, process, technology, and an epistemology. Accessing that information only requires users to register with us. Much of that information is online right now, and there are no fees or charges for that information. We continue to heavily update the available information and to improve how consumers engage the material. SolREI used Elegant Reasonism to produce The Emergence Model’s logical view M5

Users registering as Learners are automatically approved and need only register to gain immediate access. 


We have a variety of presentation materials available in PDF format on our page online. These presentations allow you to review content free of advertising. Video presentations are also available via our SolREI Studios channel.


The company has several courses under active development. These courses are free during their primary development period.

Elegant Reasonism 101

This is the introductory course to the Elegant Reasonism framework. If you are looking for a guided introduction to Elegant Reasonism then this is the vehicle for you. It will provide you the basics necessary to both comprehend what Elegant Reasonism is all about but the basics necessary to wield this power new capability effectively.

Subscription Based

The company has several subscription based products available.

Insights Subscription

Once users who who have elected to register with us have reviewed the mechanical descriptive information about Elegant Reasonism, they will likely be interested in more examples, and insights necessary to apply Elegant Reasonism. Elegant Reasonism insights are actionable oriented application level discussions. Many insights are derivative works having applied Elegant Reasonism to a number of circumstances. One quick example is access to the 400+ equations we mode shifted in order to reconcile M5. While M5 itself is shared under ERGUL as part of the patent, the insights behind creating it are not. Those insights require subscription. Also, note that your continued subscription will assure that you have access to the master pages for these mode shifted equations. As net new information comes into us, we will update these pages based on reported derivative works. That way you are assured that you have access to the latest information. If you would like to license these latest insights for revenue generating activities, then ERCUL is required. If you have any questions, please contact us

Insights Subscriptions are available only to registered users and is a requirement to acquire an ERCUL.

Elegant Reasonism Commercial Use License (ERCUL)

The ERCUL is an extension of the Elegant Reasonism General Use License (ERGUL) and requires predicate insights subscription. There are many people who wish to subscribe to our insights but have no interest in revenue generating activities and that is the reason these two subscription services are distinct. While the ERCUL is not required for insights subscription, ERCUL does require insights subscription because businesses intending to conduct revenue generating activities will need that information. It is therefore a requirement. Enterprises who already know they are going to need both may bundle them and save. It should be noted that Businesses and Enterprises will need one ERCUL per business unit, and one insight subscription for each employee. Businesses and Enterprises should contact us for a discount schedule based on the number of employees being covered. 

Instance Based

Instance based products include courses, certifications, and other vehicles which accomplish specific objectives in a standardized manner. Instance based products are priced individually as a function of the value they each deliver. Professional organizations should contact us to establish potential discount schedules for your members.


SolREI clients retain our services to assure maximized quality. This is how we manage responsiveness and resolution of client needs. The intent here is to provide dedicated staff to respond to clients and assist them with setting up consulting engagements or answering questions about systems reviews they may be conducting independently.  

Predicate relationships require clients to acquire ERCUL for their business and employees.  

Clients have full access to our ongoing insights and ERCUL

Foundation Building

Right now, what the public sees is our (now) Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism intellectual property. To say that this methodology, process, technology, and epistemology “unifies physics” does not do justice to what has been accomplished. What has been done will shock some, stun others, and remain in denial with still more. That’s fine. Their paradigms are their own to struggle with. In the mean time, we hold the keys to the kingdom, and we intend to unlock civilization through international Enterprise. This is the ultimate “Innovator’s Dilemma”. The entrepreneurial spirit disintermediating the status quo. Having spent the last 15 years in deep research, in hindsight, this very likely could not have happened in any other way. Hang on to your hats because the shackles are coming off and thinking is about to be unrestricted in the name of science, liberty and freedom.


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