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Intellectual Property (IP)

SolREI, Inc. is working to bring a number of intellectual properties (IP) to the global marketplace.

Elegant Reasonism

The first major announcement from the company concerns its Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism. Charles C McGowen is the inventor and prime investigator who accomplished unification for the first time in history. This IP asset has been assigned to SOLREI INC. SolREI, as a matter of policy, has concluded that the patent process will not serve its own primary purpose in this case because there is no human endeavor that is not influenced by what we did. Enforcing such a patent would be oppressive to civilization. The more you learn, the more you will agree on that point. Even the nature of what constitute evidence mode shifts. Unification demands the ability to characterize the reintegration of everything real. Noodle on that a minute. What we ask is that Charles C McGowen is cited as the sole inventor and primary researcher accomplishing unification for the first time in history and should be credited as such. We also ask that if you find what we have been working on useful to please consider supporting us via Patreon. Use the custom button at the bottom of our page there to contribute any amount you wish. Every little bit helps us keep the lights on and enables us to continue this work (and there is more to do than how far we’ve come). Mr McGowen would like to acknowledge the many whose own work influenced what you find here today most especially (in alphabetical order): Albert Einstein, Susanne K Langer, and Lev B Okun. Each of these folks have a special landing page on this website and products illuminating the body of their work in our merchandise shop. Please note that the merchandise has also been designed with teachers and educators in mind. Global enterprise needing to rapidly engage consulting teams will appreciate the approach and tools found there. Thank you in advance for your support!

None of this would have been possible without your kind support.

Press Release: Unification Accomplished

Constituent Components

Elegant Reasonism is a utility process employing a technological framework supporting an epistemology which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and which produced the first fully compliant, standards based, Encapsulated Interpertative Model (EIM) which closes to unification: The Emergence Model. The process and framework employ a number of tools as well as an ability to integrate tools and other capabilities from industry standard tools normally employed by ISO 9001 QMS standards, Six Sigma, Root Cause Analysis and others.


Initial USPTO application was made on 7 May 2019. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published Elegant Reasonism worldwide on 26 Nov 2020. When they did that they unleashed a genie the likes of which the world has never witnessed. Between those dates and the present the company has been working on infrastructure systems, notably this website, in support of engaging civilization with this IP asset. Over this intervening time it has become clear that the worldwide IP infrastructure is ill suited to provide proper protection of this IP asset and we are as a consequence reconsidering our approach model and actions.


The licensing strategy for Elegant Reasonism is simple and straight forward. Simple understanding is free. Commercial application requests a commercial license and annual fees paid as you determine are fair. The commercial use license suggests a base fee plus a fee calculated as a percentage of net and gross fees as a function of the value we brought to that organization’s application instance. Currently these fees are calculated based on good will, honesty, and trust. We have no intention of pursuing any other approach. If you find what we did of value then please consider supporting us via Patreon.

Elegant Reasonism and The Emergence Model for the first time in history provide the chance to gain the precipice enabling both perception of and the ability to engage the unified Universe. It is our choice not to be oppressive, inhibit, or constrain entrepreneurial spirit or endeavors pursuing the employment of these new capabilities. Indeed we hope others build on what we have done here. Please give credit where credit is due. Charles C McGowen’s gift to civilization is nothing short of the proverbial keys to the kingdom.

Other IP Assets Under Development

Discussion of these assets is available to potential investors under NDA and Non-compete agreements.


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