Philosophy of Perception

Any explicit account of perception requires a commitment to one of a variety of ontological or metaphysical views. Elegant Reasonism Rules therefore require a plurality of Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) be employed in any given investigation. Sometimes it is important to surround a given concept with multiple EIMs instantiating interpretations in order to validate perceptions. Remember that Elegant Reasonism is an epistemology supported by a utility process employing an analytical framework which seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe.

Inevitably perception and cognition must be linked through appropriate interpretation in real time. This capability, here, requires critical situationally aware thinking capable of discerning the source of foundational basis of assertions being made or discussed. That means converstaional navigation of the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart in real time and this is a skill acquired through experience, training, passion, and shear will power.

Beyond The Threshold of Perception

There are many aspects of perception which are beyond the scope of available real estate here to present. The cogent description for M5 states MBPs are the quintessential integer and goes on to imply that everything else real is a product of The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance. These processes then are responsible for configuring MBPs (following Knot Theory as a function of MBPs intrinsic nature) into all forms of architectural mass along the entanglement gradient from which everything real is made manifest and understood both from an emergence and convergence points of view. Just like the visible area along the spectrum of electromagnetism (e.g. light) there is a perceivable area along the entanglement gradient. The limiting factors there are a function of human physiology as so eloquently pointed out by Susanne K Langer in 1948. If we consider how we employ many of these concepts in instrumentality we create to explore both above and below human scales we find that higher ordered constructs may only be used to infer lower ordered constructs but that lower ordered constructs may be used to illuminate and illustrate higher ordered constructs. The electron microscope is an example at the small end of the scale and the telescope is an example at the large end of the scale. In the realm of particle physics Preons are configurations at the small end and supermassive black holes are at the opposite end of that spectrum. The point that everything real is some configuration of MBPs means also that everything real is subject to their intrinsic nature, including Severance. The very direct implication is that gravity is not infinite at the event horizon of a black hole, its just that the action per unit area exceeds Severance values for all configurations save the lowest ordered constructs. Black holes are essentially Graviton stars, but even they are subject to the intrinsic nature of MBPs under The Emergence Model, consequently we are able to describe the unified Universe Bang to Bang. Before all of this we were not able to construct that point of view.

Interpretation As A Function of Perception

We will leave this particular discussion to Susanne K Langer and simply refer you to her book: Philosophy In A New Key, 1948.

Elegant Reasonism Demands Both Cognition And Perception

Cognition vs Perception
Cognition vs Perception



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