Elegant Reasonism Technologies

Elegant Reasonism technologies are employed in every step, stage, and phase for any given investigation. The term technology applies to software assets, mathematical constructs, ISO defined technologies, and methodologies.

P1.0 Recognition

The recognition phase employs a number of tools primarily intended to aid recognition of areas of a given investigation that inhibit or are precluding the domain of discourse from aligning with the unified Universe.  Abstracts, paradigms, constructs, variables, constants, etc. all have to quantified and codified in some form or fashion. Investigators may use our ISO 9001 Unification Tool or its equivalent. The point is to document the current perceptions of the problem, challenges, alternatives, choices, rationales, next steps, and owners throughout the process. These collected data points will be employed later in the process. Systems Engineering routinely employs a number of techniques and technologies for these purposes.

ISO 9001 Unification Tool

This tool is essentially a database configured for relational support of enabling mode shifting during the Illumination phase of the process and for reference during the analytical phase.  It is populated by investigative teams stereotypically during the recognition phase.

P2.0 Illumination

There are a number of technologies employed during this portion of the process & methods. Many of them are a function of standard ISO processes and practices. Translation Matrices are unique to Elegant Reasonism and are stereotypically populated during this phase of the process and leveraged greatly during subsequent treatment.

ISO 9001 QMS

There are many quality standards and metrics that can aide any given investigation. It is important to quantify and codify the goals and objectives for that investigation consistent with stakeholders and leadership vested in the effort and its results. If those stakeholders and leadership are not prepared to receive results in alignment with the unified Universe then the investigation may fail before it even starts. Status Quo thinking will not yield effective results. Elegant Reasonism must be fully embraced, top to bottom, in the organization undertaking the quest.

Translation Matrices

Translation Matrices are essentially a three dimensional matrix employed in a specific purpose. That purpose is to provide a framework where paradigms of interest/nature are juxtaposed against a pluralistic set of interpretive models manifesting those paradigms holistically layered for analytical purposes.
During the analysis phase earlier technologies developed as a function of Elegant Reasonism are employed as are those developed by investigators. Such technologies span the spectrum of such devices and may be comprised of an array of hardware, software, or other types of constructs including just simple whiteboards and dry erase markers. Investigators should keep things as simple as possible and employ Occam’s Razor at every opportunity.

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