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It has been said that ‘value’ is the monetary, material, or assessed worth of an asset, good, or service. What is not obvious in that definition is the intrinsic (and quite strategic) dependence of human physiology on the assessment making that derivation. The assumption being made in that definition of value or valuation is that humans who have all flocked together are perceiving value in the same manner in order to make a common determination. Careful historians will discern that new markets and opportunities have always arisen when someone perceives the realm in which we exist in a new and novel manner. The shift brought about by Einstein’s concepts might be one example. Those varied sets of situational awareness resulting from benchmarks across the information sciences and technology industry and its historical roots might be another. Unification is no different, but this time the concepts brought to bear on the global economy are more fundamental and they impact every human endeavor without exception.

Rhetorically we ask: Can you personally perceive and discern the unified Universe? When you answer honestly ‘no’, your very next ah ha moment needs to be: then there are aspects of the unified Universe which exist that impact the perceptions I hold and which guide my every decision. If you are in business then this single insight may make the difference in the survival of your enterprise. Wise business leaders need to comprehend what this means competitively.

Circa 2019-2020 The Benchmark Was Placed

Once every thousand years or so something transpires, usually in science, that transcends the global economy. The not so subtle implication relative to value is whether or not your enterprise is employing Elegant Reasonism, because if you are not then you can not perceive, much less engage, all that exists. You are missing part of the tapestry. Obviously if that is the case then neither can you derive value from what you can not perceive. The question on the table is what are those implications for you? What liability now exists which you may be completely ignorant of? Then you need to recognize that this website is open to civilization and that means your competitors are learning these implications as well. You then need to ask what you are going to do about it and communicate that to your stakeholders and shareholders. Presumably before they ask you in a not so eloquent manner.


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Elegant Reasonism is Both Disruptive and Sustaining

Elegant Reasonism is disruptive to any status quo thinking not capable of full compliance re unification. Elegant Reasonism is sustaining to any individual or enterprise embracing it exactly because it seeks truth from the unified Universe. The issues being presented here are not new in any sense. Human denial is a powerful influence. The problem here lay in how competition wields Elegant Reasonism. The problem is that the only defense is wielding Elegant Reasonism at least as effective as your competitor and before they use it against you. Apathetic leadership in this case will result in adept competitors mode shifting IP portfolios right out from under their current owners and there will be nothing they can do about it. So, do not say we did not warn you.


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Disruptive To M1/M2 Thinking

Elegant Reasonism is only perceived as disruptive tho those striving to preserve the status quo. Open minded individuals who honestly, perhaps starkly so, interested in improvements due to the scientific method having been philosophically employed. The framework is disruptive exactly because it is capable of mode shifting non-unified thinking into alignment with the unified Universe and there is absolutely nothing entrenched status quo can do to stop that from happening if someone comprehending its implications exercises their discretion, and mercy (or lack there of). Elegant Reasonism therefore represents considerable disruption across the global economic and geopolitical spectrum.  So, global enterprise be warned. Belligerent in this case may destroy everything previously accomplished exactly because interlopers mode shifted your meal ticket.

Sustaining to Unified Thinking

Effectively wielding Elegant Reasonism will establish solid operational foundations for insights. Enterprises employing solid knowledge management based on this framework will persevere where belligerent status quo will be relegated to the dust heaps of history. The reason this is true is the simple fact that every improvement in Elegant Reasonism going forward only improves the foundations of those effectively employing Elegant Reasonism.

Human Action

Understanding Human Action in context of value derivation is a derivation of the action principles (See EMCS01) inherently intrinsic to human systems. Restful though they may be the evidence chains articulated by Adam Smith, Ludwig von Mises and others are mode shifted and linked. Future investigators will no doubt be keenly interested in how to leverage these insights to develop competitive and sustained value.

Value Considerations

Everyone and every enterprise whose source of value is currently based on any encapsulated interpretive model consistent with M1, M2, or M3 is at risk of having their intrinsic value mode shifted by someone other than them. The only defense is for them to get that work done first. The enterprise’s strategic brand intent should be reviewed and considerd as a function of potentially impacted areas.

Value Derivation

The philosophical study of value and value derivation is called: Axiology. Herein, we mode shift axiology relative to and respective of the unified Universe.

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