Domain of Discourse

Epistemological Domains of Discourse

The set of entities over which certain variables of interest in some formal treatment may range is called the ‘domain of discourse’. The domain of discourse is usually identified in the preliminaries, so that there is no need in the further treatment to specify each time the range of the relevant variables. Within these domains of discourse may be various detail sets associated with them. The set of individuals (e.g. models or concepts) that the quantifiers range over. Holistically a Domain of Discourse falls into essentially two generalized classes: Model Integrity and cells supporting analysis. It should be noted that a logic artifact in one model may support and prove capability in a different model which would then be borne out by logic calculus and Bayesian statistics. Logic calculus then may span models and may then be presented external to Translation Matrices.

Each of the recognized Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs) of the Universe constitutes a domain of discourse for that specific unique model and its referenced iteration. 

An Elegant Reasonismquest‘ has a ‘holistic’ domain of discourse representing any given investigation across each of its phases: Recognition, Illumination, and Analysis supporting particular issues developing a treatise ultimately culminating in an Elegant Reasonism compliant Treatise. Within the ‘holistic domain of discourse’ for a given investigation are a diverse subset domains of discourse representing a variety of issues specific to the holistic intellectual asset that is Elegant Reasonism. Each of which may have multiple detail sets comprising epicenters, or concentrations of, skills, concepts, facts, objects, etc.

Elegant Reasonism, as an epistemology, requires and otherwise requires that all semantics, abstracts, paradigms, concepts, detail sets, etc., for all domains of discourse within all investigations be quantified, codified, and otherwise documented using either our ISO 9001 Unification Tool or its equivalent. This assures that 100% of all such constructs forming the basis of every detail set within all associated domains of discourse may be mode shifted in support of the ultimate Treatise. Only then may the body of work resulting from investigations be transferred from one human to another consistent with the scientific method.

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