Reflecting The Source of All That Is

In many respects convergence and emergence are corollary concept requirements of unification. Emergence is a powerful phenomena which enables fundamental characterization of foundational relationships which connect every concept reflecting reality and do so with simultaneity while at that same moment also not committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) but it must also be balanced against convergence of all that is as well. Essentially these two terms (e.g. Convergence and Emergence) imply a scale vector associated with the entanglement gradient. Emergence works small to large and convergence works large to small.

The Tool That Is Convergence

Euler‘s Beta and Gamma functions have long been mathematical tools investigating convergence. Interestingly when conducting the original systems review, which ultimately culminated in accomplishing unification, convergence insights were realized about the polar nature associated with the entanglement gradient in context of Knot Theory. These insights demanded recognition of polar nature beyond that of electromagnetism. It was in that work on convergence that the polar nature of Gravitons along high mass low mass gradients was recognized. That work then recognized that, in that context and at extreme distances, Gravitons incur pole reversal. In essence they simply turn around and tensile connections are essentially reversed relative to the high mass anchor point. The net affect of this is that supermassive black holes distant from one another present like poles to one another and just like in electromagnetism repel one another. It is this key insight that explains galactic acceleration in astronomy and cosmology. Combining these various concepts with others ultimately resulted in our being able to describe the unified Universe Bang to Bang.

Convergence Points At Intrinsic Nature

This observation is true of any and every EIM closing to unification. In the case of The Emergence Model that particular scale vector points at the intrinsic nature of Most Basic Particles (MBPs). Salient here is that these insights survived the analytical rigor and discipline of Elegant Reasonism and that’s an accomplishment by any measure. That intrinsic nature must be explained not just in terms of convergence but also in context of emergence. The requirements of unification demand no less.


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