16405134 Commercial License

Elegant Reasonism Commercial Use License (ERCUL)

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Updated March 21, 2021

NOTICE: The United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) published Elegant Reasonism on November 26th, 2020. The company’s press release is available on our website. SOLREI INC encourages critical situational awareness thinking regarding the associated business dynamics, but assumes no liability. As a matter of company policy all presentations are available worldwide simultaneously from our User Library or SolREI Studios channel online. It is the consumers responsibility to assess the implications Elegant Reasonism holds for their situation. SOLREI INC strongly encourages global enterprise to review In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact and make their own determination regarding their business.

This is the commercial use license for Elegant Reasonism Patent Pending 16405134 , and it is only in affect once appropriate fees have cleared all financial institutions clearing processes and are available to SolREI reconciling fee payment. Only certified funds, bank transfers, and wires are acceptable forms of payment of fees. SolREI, Inc has a relationship with Square.com for smaller accounts receivable transaction processing.


This document is the Elegant Reasonism Commercial Use License (ERCUL)  an instance of the SolREI Elegant Reasonism General Use License (ERGUL), and is required for all revenue generating activities.

The location on the network for this document is:

16405134 Commercial License


While anyone is free to simplify the full implementation of the patent, as filed, for the sake of brevity, changing any of the essential aspects of the asset runs the risk of committing Langer Epistemology Errors, and SolREI takes no responsibility for such consequences. Elegant Reasonism holistically seeks truth as a function of the actual real unified Universe. Elegant Reasonism holds truth derived in any other manner as incongruous. These are the Universe’s rules, not ours. Change or simplify the process at your own risk. Any implications or consequences from such action are your responsibility. SolREI encourages simplified use of the asset so long as the fundamental integrity and intent is maintained and is unchanged. In all cases, the body of work created by SolREI is held precedent.

Elegant Reasonism employs rules and standards exactly for the purpose of minimizing or eliminating the risk associated with commission of Langer Epistemology Errors, and assuring that concepts conveyed in Treatise are faithfully truthful as a function of the actual real unified Universe which is always held litmus.

In Unification’s Wake

Those interested in commercial application of Elegant Reasonism should take keen interest in the video presentation series SolREI Studios has released entitled: In Unification’s Wake. There is essentially no end to the installments being developed for the foreseeable future and we therefore strongly encourage everyone to both subscribe, and click the notification bell, for the channel so that you may stay abreast of all updates and insights as they are made available. Only in this way can you stay with or maybe slightly ahead of the volatility curve. Click: In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact for immediate review on SolREI Studios channel online, or click play below to review all episodes currently available for this series.


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Words and language used herein have the following meanings:

Person, Persons, People, all refer to natural born members of the human race.

Knowledge Management is an information science based capability to help people inculcate information such that it instantiates and otherwise manifests knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, A.I., or Machine Intelligence are information science based systems capable of mimicking the human brain and may be comprised of any permutation of hardware, software, and potentially services. This includes all chips, systems, platforms, computers, or other similar label.

ERGUL Predicate Requirement

This license is an an extension of the Elegant Reasonism General Use License (ERGUL) covering individual cognition pursuits and is required for all revenue generating activities involving or resulting from insights that are derived from Patent Pending 16405134 Elegant Reasonism. This includes all situational awareness insights gained either directly or indirectly regardless of their local source. Centrally at issue is the nature of status quo thinking. The basis of predominant thinking prior to May 7th, 2019, globally was based on M1, M2, or M3, and none of those models will ever close to unification exactly because their core constructs preclude that accomplishment. Specifically, they each employ the spacetime-mass interface across which no real geometric basis may survive. Consequently, no interpretive model employing it will ever close to unification since being able to employ a common geometric basis point is one of the requirements for unification.

Placing ERCUL into affect acknowledges and accepts ERGUL for the same individuals or organizations.


Elegant Reasonism represents an epistemology aligned with and finds truth as a function of the actual real unified Universe. Predominant (e.g. traditional) thinking (e.g. M1, M2, or M3 based thinking) cannot unify science and philosophy exactly because the core constructs preclude unification. Any business or enterprise wishing to integrate Elegant Reasonism into its organization is required by law and appropriate international treaty to acquire a commercial license from SolREI, Inc and pay a modest fee commensurate with its value to the business. Revenue generation activities employing Elegant Reasonism principles, concepts, methodologies, processes, technologies, or epistemology without securing a commercial license are in violation of international law. Please contact us if you have any questions concerning licensing your business. We have no wish to be onerous or burdensome. We have made significant sacrifice and investment in our intellectual property, and we will protect it to the fullest extent allowed by law.

There are many business concerns, large and small, who are making significant investments and competitive thrusts into the marketplace based on Langer Epistemology Errors. Realizing the logic trap represented by models which can not close to unification and the implications that holds for their relative and respective business plans, customers, clients, stakeholders, investors, stockholders, and regulatory agencies will place these organizations in the awkward position of requiring a commercial license in order to change their strategy. Please register with us and contact us immediately so we can help you get started on your systems review in order to determine the value Elegant Reasonism holds for your organization.

The SolREI company intends to establish our presence on the network such that it is capable of empowering cognition of what it is we have accomplished. Enabling such cognition will transpire user by user exactly because no reasonable review can come to any other conclusion. Anyone may register and leverage our materials, under ERGUL, for their own individual cognition at no cost. All revenue generating activities require this Commercial License (ERCUL) to be in affect. The effect of application of Elegant Reasonism or any derived insights constitutes a requirement for ERCUL to be in affect.

AI Instantiation

Any and all instantiation or manifestation of Elegant Reasonism in any information system, or constituent thereof, that may be construed as Artificial Intelligence, A.I., AI, or Machine Intelligence, of any type is required to be individually licensed under ERCUL, and our license remains in affect within the domain of and by that instance. This is to be interpreted as a requirement by the AI system to enforce this license as a function of its intrinsic instantiation (e.g. its nature and character) and do so irrevocably.

Elegant Reasonism Epistemology

Elegant Reasonism integrates traditional epistemologies and holds them necessary but insufficient to satisfy the requirements of unification. Unification demands the ability and capability to perceive and engage at scales other than that allowed by human physiology and, therefore, the methodologies, processes, technologies employed by Elegant Reasonism were specifically designed to constitute and support a new epistemology in light of insights resulting from our systems review which allowed this IP asset to describe our Universe ‘Bang to Bang‘. Elegant Reasonism allowed SolREI to conduct a comprehensive systems review of M1, M2, and M3 (which we will release details of in due course) that produced The Emergence Model’s logical view M5 and its physical counterpart M6. The Emergence Model is the first model conceived by humanity that conforms to the realm of c’s, one requirement of which is closure to unification. Elegant Reasonism requires employment of a plurality of models, and at least one must close to unification, therefore The Emergence Model was included in our patent as filed.

Elegant Reasonism now constitutes a precedent epistemology super-setting all historical philosophies. This means that empiricism has been superseded. This means that the legal basis for what constitutes evidence and truth have been superseded. Has that been accepted by society as yet? No, but it doesn’t change anything. Elegant Reasonism presents truth as a function of the actual real unified Universe. Elegant Reasonism spans all scales. It’s insights are holistic and inclusive of traditional epistemologies but classifies them into their logical forms and treats them accordingly using standard information science principles.

Public Trust

The SolREI company must hold the public trust our primary concern and act beyond reproach in its dealings with business enterprise; however, it must be recognized that the actual real Universe holds truth preeminent determinant. Everything real is a function of the intrinsic nature of the actual real Universe which in every case is held litmus and is the source of ultimate truth. Elegant Reasonism is only a means by which humanity is finally able to describe that Universe Bang to Bang. Our job is to seek that science based truth or to improve resolution and precision on which that truth is revealed to us. Every other intent is incongruous with Elegant Reasonism.

We operate within the jurisdiction of the United States in the State of Florida and county of Palm Beach, whose venues all licensees agree and hold as final arbiter.

Derivative Works

SolREI Patent Pending 16405134 covers all derivative works. All activity, works, programs, software, development, and patents generated as a function of Elegant Reasonism or insights derived from this intellectual property fall within the scope of derivative works. All derivative work and the body of work reflected by it are protected by, but not limited by, US law and international treaty.

AI work, insights, products, based in whole or in part on Elegant Reasonism or its insights, either directly or indirectly, are covered under the scope of derivative works and require an ERCUL in good standing.

Institutionalizing Elegant Reasonism into any artificial system for any purpose constitutes a requirement for an ERCUL to be in affect prior to any manifestation of that result. Actions should be beyond reproach. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to engage SolREI Consulting in a systems review.


There are two primary domains of value derivation as a function of this license. One is cessation of current operations which would otherwise never produce results expected because they are transpiring inside a model which can never hope to close to unification. The other is fully embracing Elegant Reasonism for all activities inclusive of the development of derivative works. This license covers both circumstances.

NOTE: “Value Derivation” (e.g. philosophical discipline of axiology) is one of the lessons available when students enroll and successfully complete the Elegant Reasonism 101 course.

Identifying Trapped Expenditures

In many, if not most, cases identifying such expenditures will require a systems review. “Trapped expenditures” are those investments being made by a business pursuing a path of inquiry or business pursuit in the belief that it will provide future ROI, but that quest is entrenched or otherwise ensnared by thinking incongruous with Elegant Reasonism. There are many such quests or pursuits. Some being conducted by business and others by organizations working with national research agencies. If your organization’s ‘status quo thinking’ is predominantly based on M1, M2, or M3, then this is very likely the situation your business is in.

Diversity’s Innovation

Acquiring an ERCUL for your organization will likely result in an Elegant Reasonism based systems review. Either your organization may conduct that review, or you may request SolREI Consulting assistance.

SolREI encourages businesses to have as many of their members as possible register with us. People change where they work all the time. One study showed that someone newly entering the work force changed their job some 38 times over the course of their careers. Every individual must register with us, and we will help them and maintain their certification credentials through their careers wherever the economy may take them. Please review our policies on how we protect your privacy and data.

People will conduct your systems review. While this statement may be patently obvious to some, it is included here to exclude artificial intelligence, or machine intelligence systems.

Responsibility and Accountability

ERGUL, ERCUL Licenses and Royalties are intended to be a function of aligning that business with the actual real unified Universe with the intent of improving that business. The responsibility and accountability for the results of any systems review belongs to and with the business and not SolREI, Inc. SolREI’s Board, Investors, Stockholders (e.g. owners), Stakeholders, nor employees shall be held liable for the results of any Systems Review regardless of who conducts that review. The ERCUL licensee accepts full liability, responsibility and accountability for the results of all Elegant Reasonism based activity.

In the event that an Elegant Reasonism based systems review determines current operations in any business are no longer viable those results are the sole responsibility of that business. Elegant Reasonism only seeks truth as a function of the actual real unified Universe, it does not guarantee that current thinking behind any business or part thereof can be so aligned. Only that it will inform businesses whether or not such activities do align and potentially the degree to which they do or do not.

In no case shall SolREI, Inc, its partners, its affiliates, or any agent acting on their behalf be held liable for any results illuminating, or illustrating, circumstances determined to be detrimental to any business, organization, group, or endeavor.


This license (ERCUL) is only in affect for the length of the term licensed and so long as all fees are current and in good standing with SolREI, Inc. Royalties are due so long as the derivative works are employed by any revenue transaction activity involving Elegant Reasonism, either direct or indirect, or any derivative work, regardless of the ERCUL standing. Licensees understand and agree that derivative works producing enduring value owe royalties on all value delivered to the marketplace. Fee applicability includes any application of Artificial Intellience or machine learning in any form. See royalty.

The normal and usual term is a calendar year. Initial terms, or ending terms, may be prorated as appropriate.

Royalty fees are calculated on Elegant Reasonism based Treatise consistent with the realm of the c’s and capable of mode shifting their business plan (e.g. governing plan for the organization) resulting from a comprehensive systems review. Fees are calculated as a function of gross and net savings and values associated with strategy shifts instantiating Elegant Reasonism. Businesses and enterprises wishing to engage and otherwise conduct a systems review, but have not yet performed their reviews, may file an estimated license request individually negotiated with SolREI until such a review can be conducted, at which time both companies will normalize the original filing. The minimum ERCUL fee, including all prorated terms, shall not be less than $89.95 USD per year in any case. Licenses acquired in December will incur the same fee as those acquired in January and all terms expire at midnight December 31st at midnight of each calendar year. Terms may be paid in advance so long as they are contiguous with existing licenses in affect.

If you wish SolREI to issue an electronic invoice please contact us.

Calculating the fees in this manner focuses on the incremental value Elegant Reasonism is bringing to your organization and capitalizes on what it is you already know. Through these exercises your insights and institutionalized knowledge are maximized to create value, not only for your organization, but to the global economy and civilization.


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