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Emergence is a powerful phenomena which enables fundamental characterization of foundational relationships which connect every concept reflecting reality and do so with simultaneity while at that same moment also not committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) but it must also be balanced against convergence of all that is as well. Essentially these two terms (e.g. Convergence and Emergence) imply a scale vector associated with the entanglement gradient. Emergence works small to large and convergence works large to small. Working to build a composite set of relationships which can effectively reflect the unified Universe requires a great deal more than simple mechanical relationships between measurable particles, phenomena, properties and such; it requires enabling a restful capability to characterize the emergence of everything considered real and even then there is debate on what ‘real’ means. It requires enabling an ability to explain how whole domains of discourse are related to the same set of descriptions across the entire entanglement gradient, in this case M5 and M6 as they are the only EIMs, at the moment, which close to unification. It requires characterizations for the genesis of philosophy, the sciences such as mathematics, physics, cosmology, chemistry, and it requires an ability to characterize how the organic emerges from the inorganic to create the entire domain of biology. The real challenge was finding simultaneity in characterizing all of these various domains at the same time being able to philosophically represent a credible characterization of the unified Universe Bang to Bang and answer why it did so in the first place. Answering those questions leaves even more questions however and there remains a great many areas needing vast amounts of work to complete. Accomplishing unification is not the end of science, it is the beginning. Unification, indeed science as a philosophy, is not about defending status quo it is a search for truth and we must seek that truth in the fully compliant context of the unified Universe. The single word we chose to represent the distillation of all the requirements made manifest by these various domains of discourse and their constituent detail sets is the word: Emergence, and that’s why the first EIM closing to unification is named as it is. The Emergence Model does not disappoint.

SolREI Studios is assembling playlists which will help others to correlate the clues necessary to comprehend the emergence taxonomy. The Emergence Taxonomy is more than an Energy Signature taxonomy, as it must include enabling configurations of MBPs empowering the ability of those configurations to perform work. The taxonomy must be capable of describing configurations of MBPs from an individual MBP all the way to the most massive Black Hole and everything in between, including the separation between inorganic and organic matter. It must also be capable of describing all organic systems and the phenomena produced by them.

NOTE: This article strongly suggests readers complete the Elegant Reasonism 101 course to maximize the effectiveness of the content found here.


We find the human civilization working to figure out the genesis of the unified Universe in which we exist somewhere between the original Bang and what lay in store next. Many of the questions being asked must be asked of every EIM and we must expect as a philosophical predicate priority closure to unification in those considerations. In the case of The Emergence Model what we can characterize are concepts of emergence and convergence as functions of the intrinsic nature of core constructs across the entire entanglement gradient for all that is and we can do so Bang to Bang. What we can not answer is where those MBPs came from and because that answer lay beyond our particle horizon we will likely never know the answer to that question. Any answer that comforts you is likely as good as any other, so long it it is holistically compliant with the body of work this content reflects. There are many concepts to articulate and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to deliver. We are working as fast as we can to get this content online. There are more of you than us so please bear with us.

The Emergence Model of Particle Physics

The Emergence Model was so named because The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance manifests all complex composite (and often discontinuous) architectures of mass instantiating all real objects whose dynamic interactions within an Event Frame define all work and forces. The resulting geometric maps may employ any MBP or set of them as the basis point in all reference frames. Recognizing individual MBPs as ‘a system‘ then infers that everything real is a system or systems of systems and that carries penetrating and deep implications for Systems Engineering. Unification requires more than simplex connections between fundamental forces and being able to describe the unified Universe Bang to Bang. Perhaps that should have been anticipated but it was not by McGowen. Describing the unified Universe in such a fashion implies a capability to describe the emergence of organic matter from the inorganic elemental constituents of the model.

Mode Shifting Energy

There is something of an engineering discussion here. Readers who have completed the Elegant Reasonism 101 course will understand many more implications that anyone who has not completed that course. Engineering students in higher education are often asked to build structures out of flimsy materials. The effort illuminates and illustrates to these students that structures are often stronger than the constituent parts. The reason has to do with ‘load sharing’ by those constituents comprising the structure. Students then debrief on how specific designs affected their particular structures ability to carry the assigned cargo load successfully, or unsuccessfully, as the case may be. Such tasks are useful exercises. The relevant point here is exactly the same except that the structures are configurations of MBPs and 100% of the structures involved follow knot theory and they all must obey The Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance. All MBPs interact as a function of their relative and respective states, of which there are three and only one will ‘build’. State zero (0) MBPs don’t have energy enough to entangle. State two (2) have too much energy to entangle and actually destroy already entangled architectures (imparting some of their energy to other MBPs as they do so). Only State 1 MBPs entangle. Here’s a key insight that needs comprehension here. Because of the MBP definition it can not be further divided. That means its angular rotation has no limits. That means the velocity of rotation also has no limits. Above Severance value however neither may that MBP entangle exactly because Severance limits entanglement. Holistically then studying these phenomena across all architectures and permutations of them is essentially the study of Thermodynamics.

Quantum rotors are rotating constructs whose only limiting factor is Severance associated with the architecture of the rotor. Quantum rotors may impart centrifugal and centripetal forces to higher ordered architectures/constructs (e.g. rotational mechanics).

The Larger Tapestry of Emergence

The larger tapestry of emergence is not realized until we recognize what accomplishing unification really means. This is not just about a particular discipline of science. We had to conduct root cause analysis that penetrated all the way down through the philosophical causal chain in order to derive the fundamental foundational issues precluding unification. Only then did we realize that essentially everyone on Earth had committed Langer Epistemology Errors in employing constructs based on status quo interpretations which are inevitably based on models similar to M1, or M2. However, the science issues are not the point here, rather the fact that we had to retreat into the philosophical predicate priority considerations and that essentially changes the entire context of discussion and contemplation. The Elegant Reasonism framework fundamentally mode shifts foundational context and nothing could be more profound.

Considering these aspects of Elegant Reasonism leads us to an intrinsic discussion beyond the Bang to Bang discussion with an epicenter based on epistemology instantiated by The Emergence Model. Accomplishing unification implies an ability to describe the emergence of all these various aspects of the Universe, which necessarily includes us for obvious reasons. Hence the concept of emergence holistically in all of this.



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