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Bayesian Analytics

Employment of Bayesian Theory

Those versed in Bayesian Theories will quickly find traction through Elegant Reasonism because of the rich fertile fodder resulting from its requirement for a plurality of Encapsulated Interpretive Models (EIMs), one of which must close to unification. The reason is essentially a function of these models manifesting context so completely that they also enclose the relative and respective belief systems of those whose mind set is ensnared within the logic traps of that particular model. Only the holistic precipice of Elegant Reasonism can provide the mechanism to represent the trap such that belief systems may undergo transformation through paradigm shifts and this is what they live for. Bayesian statistics is poised to be the weapon of choice across civilization during the inevitably impending systems reviews.

NOTE: The information presented here is intended to help user understand how Bayesian Theories can assist Elegant Reasonism Based investigations navigating the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart.

Bayesian Data Analysis

There is an element to Bayesian Data Analysis that is dependent on observed (e.g. empirical) phenomena. We are not getting into it here but Bayesian Theory needs to be part of the systems review we are calling for so that it might be completely updated and mode shifted as a statistical science with the obvious goal of better alignment with the unified Universe.


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