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There are two types of impact dynamics we must discuss in this article. The obvious type involves physical Events between real objects characterized by the physical sciences. The not so obvious type are those types where significant paradigm shifts will be needed in order for individuals of all sorts will need to affect in order to effectively wield Elegant Reasonism and those highly vested individuals in the old ways of thought will likely transition through industry standard stages of grief dealing/coping with these shifts. Consequently we can not stress enough the need to lead introduction of Elegant Reasonism to any organization transformationally with great empathy and compassion.


In hindsight, unification is a tapestry a great deal larger than any single domain of discourse or constituent detail set. Indeed unification demands the credible manifestation of everything real. Recursively read that previous sentence until it comprehensively sinks in because it does not matter whether you are looking through a microscope, dealing with normal life at a grocery store, or contemplating images from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) the statement remains isotropically true. Furthermore, once gain the precipice of unification from a mechanical point of view which can describe our little corner of the unified Universe Bang to Bang we are then immediately faced with explaining all the relationships to normal reality no matter how restful that characterization may be. We remind the reader the distinctions between major concepts so as not to confuse one with the other. Elegant Reasonism is the utility process, framework, supporting the path to epistemology seeking truth as a function of the unified Universe as a philosophical predicate priority consideration entering science and which produced the first fully compliant Encapsulated Interpretative Model (EIM): The Emergence Model.  There is too another point and it is the fine line distinction between commission of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) and declaration of what one thinks reality ‘is’ lest we fall into LEEs Empiricism Trap. Strategically at issue is properly capturing requirements from reality consistent with ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) standards, quality programs like Six Sigma, Baldrige, and others. The issue in pointing this out is that the unified Universe is always held unique and distinct from our characterizations of it, again, lest we commit LEEs and we really do not want to do that (again). The reason these are important to remember is that the unified Universe can provide us requirements independent of the utility process, framework or EIMs we may have created in order to fully support the epistemological truth of the unified Universe. Just because M5 manifests something a certain way does not mean that someone else, at some later date, won’t develop an EIM better than M5. Elegant Reasonism, as a utility process and framework, are specifically designed for that eventuality and will continue to support the unified Universe epistemologically even under those circumstances. Consequently one must approach unification holistically and be prepared for the unexpected because the actual unified Universe does not care about your feelings and sometimes its truth can be both brutal and metaphorically cold.

Natural Events

Under the cogent description of M5 natural events are characterized by an Event Frame articulating interacting real objects. Event Frames are fully coupled and may use any MBP or set of them as the common geometric basis point for every real object in the frame. It should be remembered such objects generally construed by their energy signature taxonomy are asynchronous and may nest all types of reference frames under The Emergence Model across the entire entanglement gradient. Focus areas within master Event Frames are likely characterized in one of seven Event Frame Phase Steps: EFPS1, EFPS2, EFPS3, EFPS4, EFPS5, EFPS6, and EFPS7. Aftermath remnants of any given Event are very often characterized in zones of influence M5 calls Perimeters. The original systems review was concerned with characterizing Perimeters across the entire solar system. Once you gain the precipice of unification and can conversationally articulate the unified Universe Bang to Bang you will also likely be comfortable enough to wield Elegant Reasonism in the sciences.

If we take the cogent description of M5 and consider therein the MBP as a system, then everything real can be considered such or a system of systems as we move up orders of magnitude in complexities. Collecting requirements from these environments requires special training usually found in a professional discipline from the information sciences industry called: Systems Engineering, represented globally by the International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE). This is just as new to them as everyone else, and we mention that because ordinarily they operate, or try to, exclusively with anthropogenic systems. Our experience however suggests that there is a great deal of affinity between the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) and the requirements processes needed to discern issues from across the landscape of unification. The discontinuous nature of MBPs being configured into architectural mass by the Fundamental Entanglement Function, limited by Severance generally construed to follow knot theory can characterize everything real. That discontinuous nature provides the means to enable organic from inorganic. Severance, enables concepts like Frangibility which solves a great number of mysteries, including being able to characterize the unified Universe Bang to Bang.  Those who may doubt these assertions need only recognize that they exist and are reading this material right now because they and that act are patent evidence these things are made manifest in reality.

Impact In Unification’s Wake

The subsection title immediately above is linked to more than several presentations produced by SolREI Publishing and SolREI Studios. Please subscribe and like in all the appropriate places as it feeds the algorithm beasts out there across all platforms and niches. We are doing the best we can with limited resources, so please bear with us. Everything you see now has taken from 2004 up until the present moment to develop. That task was neither easy, nor trivial, nor trite and came at great cost in every measure or standard.

There are a great many people who are not ready to understand any of this. Everyone must manage their own set of circumstances and situations as they deem appropriate. While this may seem like a fine hair to split, we are not here to tell you how the unified Universe is or is not. We are here to explain what is or is not likely under The Emergence Model as best as we are able to interpret it. The former commits LEEs and the latter does not – and that distinction matters. We strongly encourage others to embrace all of this transformationally, and as we repeatedly point out, with great empathy and compassion. Expect others to transition through industry standard stages of grief as they wrestle their own paradigms dealing and coping with all of this. If you know what a ‘worldview’ is, then be critically situationally aware in your thinking of other worldviews which maybe utterly crushed by all of this and remember that there is a human being whose very interpretation of existence is in front of you. They have to want to understand all of this, it should not be forced upon anyone. Time will encourage understanding and NNRP will nurture those who step on the path.

Wielding Elegant Reasonism in all domains requires a higher level of understanding and a multidisciplinary approach. So much so that we wonder what it is going to take to be considered an expert in all of this now. What is the best way to empower experts? What we all need are a whole bunch of mavericks with a high degree of intrepidity and sense of urgency. There is no better example of why a diverse educational curricula is needed than Elegant Reasonism. The example we might offer is simply that Susanne K Langer‘s work which provided pivotal understanding of what we now call Langer Epsitemology Errors (LEEs) was at the time working on articulating art appreciation, not theoretical astrophysics. It just so happened that McGowen studied briefly aerospace engineering, was hired by IBM where he spent 24+ years, and during his high school days worked on a stage crew. Information sciences and astronomical subjects were no stranger to him. His tenure with Knowledge Management (KM) systems resulted in a KM law which states that knowledge will generally not penetrate the population faster than a Kelvin wake. Kelvin wakes are those ripples on a pond behind a duck. The angle of that wake are the same for a duck as they are for an aircraft carrier. If you are inside the wake then you are part of the community that possesses a given piece of knowledge. Outside that wake then not so much. Therefore if you have new knowledge and need the whole pond to be aware of it, the answer is more ducks not larger vehicles in order to convey comprehension. That aside, anyone with similar life experiences and a zest for inquisitive curiosity would likely have ultimately stubbed there toe on this as well.

Six Sigma black belts should be ready to deal with those transitioning through all stages of grief as they encounter the impact from all of this. Those burdens may not be slight. Remember there is no human endeavor that this does not touch. Tread lightly and remain vigilant. As a civilization, and as we grow to better understand all of this relative to our place in the unified Universe one thing will be clear. Everyone to whom we might contact will likley possess the same awareness because the unified Universe is always litmus for every sentient mind.

Connections are a marvelous thing to contemplate. Action potentials in Central Nervous Systems (CNS) provide the means to send signals to our brains allowing us to consider these various concepts and then to apply them as we engage the unified Universe. Those same potentials provide anchor points between the CNS and M5. Interestingly Elegant Reasonism has a way of clarifying relationships which are then reinforced in practitioners through NNRP. That situation is something we find immensely curious all by itself, but it too explains a great many other issues.

The SolREI Team looks forward to your mode shifted insights and how they impact civilization!






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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: