Representational State Transfer

Roy Fielding's original dissertation circa 2000.

The Emergence Model was made manifest as a function of a systems review conducted from about 2004 and culminating November 26th, 2020 when the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) released Elegant Reasonism to the world. Our white paper describes how unification was accomplished. Essentially that document outlines what was necessary in order to perceive and engage the unified Universe. We argue that The Emergence Model is 'RESTFUL'. The Emergence Model is holistically represented by the integrated composite of M5 & M6. Together those two EIMs are symbiotic and synergistic. They are derivatives of their initial construct (e.g. the intrinsic nature of MBPs, which themselves were a product of that original systems review). Because of this design and approach we contend that The Emergence Model is restful, but beyond that emerges the point that subsequent searches for EIMs which may also be fully compliant be just as restful. That is to say subsequent EIM development has a REST architectural requirement demanded of it.

Ironically there are many aspects of Fielding's original work which correspond to requirements of unification. In hindsight it seems apparent that we are all essentially striving for that common truth. In that context it seems that REST, as a concept, meets those requirements and demands. There are many aspects of Elegant Reasonism borrowed from information sciences and industry they support. Systems Engineering, Translation Matrices, and others contributed heavily. Interestingly the original system review did not have unification as a goal or objective. It was focused on impact dynamics in context of astrophysics. When we stubbed our toe on unification and began digging we realized with great horror what we had discovered. We knew the burden it had placed on us and quite candidly it was terrifying. However, we suited up and began the journey in spite of all advice to the contrary. Almost 20 years later, here we are.



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