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Maverick defined
Maverick Definition

A maverick in business is an incessant entrepreneurial innovator. Entrepreneurs are by definition outside the box thinkers. They are oft citing inspirational memes to convey their positive attitude, goals, and objectives. To make a succinct point, in our opinion, Tom Cruise is able to portray such a character in his movies because he, as an individual, > is < a maverick. He is incessant about defining the operating envelope of success and works to keep the team inside that sphere of influence. He is engaging. When he talks to you, you are the most important person in his realm at that time. He understands focus. We use him and his characters here as a transformational example of positive leadership, skill development, and passionate engagement for a positive purpose.

Sun Tsu - know yourself and your opponent
Sun Tsu – know yourself and your opponent

There are three points of view from which to consider the information here: Status Quo Thinking, Early Adopters, and Competitive Impact. The latter is significantly disussed In Unification’s Wake, Part 05: Business Impact. Elegant Reasonism brings an ability to transform an enterprise by mode shifting everything it does and who it is into alignment with the unified Universe. What you as a business leader need to decide is whether or not you are going to allow your competition to drill you into the nether regions or recognize, learn, and adapt – and do that faster than your competition can kill you with it. The analogy being made here is as real as it gets. These metaphors and analogies are not new, Sun Tzu wrote about them over 2,500 years ago.

Sun Tzu’s writings have been translated into most familiar languages and read not just by military leaders but business executives worldwide for a very long time. It was rumored that Marco Polo brought a copy back for translation and it was given to Napoleon. Major corporations have been using his insights to shape competitive dynamics for decades.

Helen Keller - I am only one
Helen Keller – I am only one

Interesting as all that may be there is a point here about the disruptive nature of Elegant Reasonism. it is being introduced at a time when almost no one, anywhere, expected it. It is not widely recognized must less embraced. Many, especially concrete thinkers, are having difficulty recognizing its implications because the very foundations of their perceptions are being mode shifted right out from under their feet.

Analysis Paralysis

Mavericks do not wait on the proverbial expert to take action. They engage and make things happen. Precocious? Maybe. Helen Keller suffered an illness at 19 months of age where she lost both her sight and hearing. She did not let those disabilities define her. She persisted and persevered. What everyone needs to know right now is that status quo thinking does not close to unification. While there are roots to the reasons why it does not are technical the ultimate solution is being driven philosophically. Albert Einstein once said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. At some point one needs to pause and sharpen the ax. Not only will the rest do you good but the tools employed will be more efficient.

Elegant Reasonism illuminates the shackles that have ensnared our thinking rendering the logic traps obfuscating the path forward so they may be visualized by the intrepid. Those independent thinkers who do not need to be told what to do and who can read for themselves will recognize the implications of advanced information sciences concepts of logical systems and the implications of Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) have on our efforts to engage reality. The very real implication here to global enterprise is that those wielding this new technology can perceive and engage where the apathetic remain blind and vulnerable. Are you a gazelle or a lion? The only question is what are you going to do next.

Disruptive Technology Market Impact

One reason Elegant Reasonism is as disruptiive as it is, is more a statement of the current position within the evolution status of civilization’s capabilities, cognition about constituent and any ability to perceive all this much less engage its implications. There is a new performance trajectory being injected to the global economy based on Elegant Reasonism. The train has already left the proverbial station. The only question is whether or not you can run fast enough to jump on board before your competition does the same.

Disruptive Market Modeling
Disruptive Market Modeling

Once cognition becomes pervasive, competition is going to be exceedingly volatile. It is the nature of the global markets. It is an inevitable eventuality. There is however something extraordinarily unique about Elegant Reasonism. That uniqueness is made manifest through the fact that this utility process employing the framework it does epistemologically seeks truth as a function of the unified Universe. Everything real is integrated as either a system or system of systems spanning all scales across the entire entanglement gradient.

The Innovator’s Dilemma

Disruptive Innovation
Managing Disruptive Innovation

Transformational Leadership

We can not encourage strongly enough, for all the reasons articulated In Unification’s Wake, part 05: Business Impact that all practitioners, at every level, wield Elegant Reasonism transformationally. There are many programs centered on these types of skills and they should be leveraged.

Transformational Leadership
Transformational Leadership

Manifesting Simultaneous Truth

EIMs (e.g. M1, M2, M3, etc., …) may be thought of as something akin to that lens machine eye doctors use checking the prescription for glasses you may need. As they flip and change out lenses your ability to see well is influenced. Changing out EIMs here changes your ability to perceive and engage the unified Universe. Fundamental core constructs providing foundational constructs for essential interpretation of absolutely all that is real are changed out EIM to EIM. The manner in which modes of modeling enable subsequent action, for example in engineering application – are switched out. These points are neither trivial nor trite.

enabling mode shifting
Enabling Mode Shifting

Six Sigma Black Belts

Those versed in Six Sigma and have attained recognition as a black belt should be aware that Elegant Reasonism segregates operational areas. One area is context made manifest by each and every EIM employed in any given investigation. Other areas are established down through the analytic stack of the framework as appropriate. Once those sets of areas are effectively established there emerges a holistic area that takes everything into consideration in context of the unified Universe as ultimate arbiter and litmus. These tasks are not slight. Vested individuals will likely transition through industry standard stages of grief as constituents affect paradigm shifts to any degree of effectiveness.  Your skills in retaining team integrity will be essential. Leverage Systems Engineering talent across requirements domains. You won’t be sorry you did that.

Independent Critically and Situationally Aware Thinking

Independent thinkers are typically individuals who use their advanced critical thinking and problem-solving skills to develop an effective strategy for certain situations. Many argue that independent thinkers are always scientific (within what it means to be human). This means that they back up claims they make with evidence and understand the principle of falsifiability in establishing the truth. Remember, Elegant Reasonism derived truth here is a function of the unified Universe. If you have any other source of truth it is not based on this epistemology and it is therefore, relatively speaking, out of context.

Rhetorically we ask: Can you include a requirement for an illegal act in a legal contract? The answer to that question is that while you can write that requirement into the document comprising the contract, doing so in and of itself is an illegal act and anyone who follows that requirement is complicit in breaking the law. Following that (illegal) requirement remains illegal. How can that be? Because in a Constitutional Republic, its Constitution reigns supreme over all other laws and such conduct is unconstitutional. There is precedent to establish and support that fact. What that means is that trials have tested that conclusion and reinforce the opinion and also stand testament for all subsequent cases. Rhetorically too we then ask: Can any higher ranking official in the government issue illegal orders and demand you follow them? The answer to that question is the same no and for the same reasons. The “I was just following orders” defense was used by the defense team for William Calley, a former US Army Officer who had operated in Vietnam and claimed he was ordered to slaughter innocent civilians. He was convicted of war crimes. His defense on those terms failed. It was found that following illegal orders is in itself illegal. No one, in the United States, is above the law. Ultimately, we the people are the final arbiters of the integrity placed in our charge by our founding fathers and it is for that reason the opening of our application filing starts the way it does.

The point of these analogies here are made in defense of independent entreprenurial thinking. We are essentially required to study and come to our own conclusions. We are in essence charged to be maverick in our approach. We must be scientific. We must assess the evidence before us. We must follow the Constitution to the best of our abilities. However, if someone else asks us to conform to the status quo simply because that’s the way its always been done, then be skeptical and assess the situation. Does it make sense. Is what you are being asked to do legal or illegal. Is it conforming to the rules and where exactly are those rules derived?  If someone with lots of letters behind their name ask you believe in something that does not close to unification but is logically correct based on the particular EIM manifesting that context – what do you do? Do you go with the flow? Or do you transformationally engage the core premise being made in context of the unified Universe?

Are you enabled to get on the bus or the bandwagon? Have you mode shifted your baloney detection kit so you know which is which?


Status quo thinking does not close to unification and no one has a handle on how this affects competitive behavior across global markets and enterprises.


The tapestry all this represents demands multidisciplinary skill sets be leveraged by leaders not just within every domain of discourse but between them. This requires a holistic approach by all teams requiring strong leadership skills.


  1. The current thinking relative to reality is the most successful model ever devised by humanity. These folks are nuts.
  2. Remain open but wait. An expert will emerge that tells us what to do and how to think.
  3. Muster intrepidity and embrace Elegant Reasonism in order to establish your own independent comprehension and cognition of these capabilities in order to apply them to what it is you do.




  1. Professional scientists are just as human as everyone else. We are all part of what is and subject to the same laws of the unified Universe.
  2. The (real) Universe is unified regardless of what any individual might or might not believe. Science must hold that patently obvious and in turn that demands certain principles be upheld.
  3. Occam’s Razor – Keep It simple to the point of elegance.
  4. Competition is not going to wait. The competition is almost as merciless as shareholders, stakeholders, and investors. ROI is strategically vital. Delivering value is paramount. If the value you currently deliver is out of alignment with the unified Universe you are on thin ice, and vulnerable to competitive action that is. Mode shift your value. Mode Shift your asset portfolio and re-establish its mode shifted instance. Do so with great intrepidity and a high sense of urgency. Otherwise you are prey in any domain of discourse.
  5. Developing and delivering shareholder value depends on you and your organization.
  6. You have confidence in your own ability to discern ultimate truth. You are smart enough to pursue new insights and wrestle your own paradigms to full cognition.
  7. You are neither a sheep nor a lemming. Consequently it does not matter whether or not you are a lion or a gazelle, when you wake up, you had better be running or you will starve.
  8. Truth as a function of the unified Universe is the final arbiter, philosophically, scientifically, or just plain common sense.

Next Steps

  1. Don’t think, Do.
  2. Action, not words.
    1. The Emergence Model‘s M5 Cogent Description
    2. Human Action, by Ludwig von Mises
    3. Philosophy In A New Key, by Susanne K Langer
    4. Solid evidence chains reflecting the unified Universe = truth = reality


You. Get on it.



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By Charles McGowen

Charles C McGowen is a strategic business consultant. He studied Aerospace Engineering at Auburn University '76-'78. IBM hired him early in '79 where he worked until 2003. He is now Chairman & CEO of SolREI, Inc. ORCID: