Arrow of Time

Right Here, Right Now

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present. The Emergence Model suggests there is no time but right here, right now. Do you know why the arrow of time is always positive? Correlation does not equal causality exactly because there may be simultaneous truths that must be understood in fully compliant context of the unified Universe. Even then there may be more than one way to accomplish exactly the same science. All this doesn’t begin to make sense until we realize that the concept of unification demands that we have a credible manner in which to integrate everything real and that fundamentally demands a reintegration of philosophy and science. All of these issues are yet another reason we must not commit Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) and always hold the unified Universe litmus.

Arrow of Time

Putting more wood behind fewer arrows

How we employ time is dependent on the particular EIM providing that foundation. The cogent description of the EIM M5 holds that time is an action displacement index. Action is always positive, even if subsequent action seeks to undo previous actions. There are several points here. One is that we know once the Elegant Reasonism seeds we plant will ultimately germinate exactly because they compellingly dovetail across every test thrown at it so far, including 100% of historical experiments we’ve tried. We don’t want you to take our word for that. Go do it yourself. Everything you need is right here and right wherever you are. In fact we are so surrounded by clues just about everyone can walk outside and pick up a piece of heavily mineralized quartz based rock/mineral. That rock is made of silicon oxides. The elements of that were forged by a star collapsing resulting in a supernova, but everyone knows that. What most people do not think about is the fact that you are holding that rock in your hand means it traveled from where that star exploded to where that rock resides in your hand. Think not about that distance, but how long it took that rock to accomplish that journey across those intervening lightyears.

Langer New Knowledge
Langer New Knowledge

Not until we mode shift many factors across astrophysics and astronomy does the age and size of the unified Universe become unfathomably ancient and vast beyond our particle horizon. The point of that is that there has been ample time for that rock to have traversed that intervening distance and the fact that you are indeed holding it, confirms that point. Think now about what that pebble represents. You are likely holding a remnant of a supernova. Those minerals in that rock could have been formed in no other manner. Proof that what we say here is not just true in the traditional sense, but true relative to and respective of the unified Universe. Mode Shifting Evidence brings a whole new realm of questions and New Tools to the Tool Box. Holistically the point is not about new tools but that absolutely everything, consistent with the hindsight view having accomplished unification brings, all dovetail. That hard cold fact is compelling beyond words to convey. It is simple to the point of elegance, hence its name.

The more we mode shift what it was we thought we knew into alignment with the unified Universe the more true Langer‘s words become. Stephen Hawking once threw a party for time travelers and unsurprisingly nobody showed up. His argument was that if they existed, they would have come to his party. None did. Susanne K Langer explained in her body of work that mistaking abstractions for actual reality is epistemologically a fatal error. We now refer to such mistakes as Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs) to honor the body of her work.

Old Mysteries Vanish To Reveal New Quandries

Questions like what happened before the Big Bang are somewhat answered by the Bang to Bang view offered through The Emergence Model but then we have new questions like: where do MBPs come from? We don’t have a clue. Their existence to us seemed self-evident. There is a caution with these questions that we must remind ourselves about not crossing that fine line between characterizing reality through an EIM and declaring what reality is because of it. If we do not respect that fine line, we risk committing Langer Epistemology Errors (LEEs). That’s a boo boo we want to avoid at every turn in order to enable clear navigation from upper left to lower right of the Process Decision Checkpoint Flowchart as we execute the utility process and enable the framework for mode shifting. Then again we can also not presume that someone somewhere might develop an EIM with greater affinity than what we have here. That’s ok, we encourage those pursuits. What happened to us was that the more we reviewed all of this the stronger it became. So much so that that is our expectation for you as well. Engage it all. Try to break it. We dare and encourage you. In fact build teams to do that if you like. Assault it all at will. Our experience has been that slight improvements may be found but the primary wood behind the arrow only strengthens. Again, so much so that we began referring to Elegant Reasonsim as a self-clarifying process. What we found was that we wound up increasing our skills in every investigation we conducted. We have several presentations and SolREI Studios has our CEO presenting many of them on YouTube but then you might fall asleep. LOL. Please help by subscribing and clicking the notification bell so we can make better videos. Everyone has to feed the algorithm monster.

Paradigm Shifts Mode Shift Underlying Neural Pathways

There is yet another point to the actions we take and it is the overlapping reinforcing nature of gaining that precipice capable of perceiving and engaging the unified Universe. When we begin paradigm shifts associated with any given investigation’s Paradigms of Interest/Nature (POI/N) something else also happens, our own paradigms begin to change. Those changes instantiate changes in supporting neural pathways. As we become more and more skilled and conversant executing the utility process and framework we begin supporting the epistemology that is Elegant Reasonsim. When we begin doing that on purpose is when we begin executing something we call: NNRP, Neural Network Reconfiguration by Programming. That’s when we need to back up and re-look at accreditation standards and education curricula.


Concept Sieves, especially EMCS01 action principles enable The Keys To The Kingdom through Elegant Reasonsim. Central to The Emergence Model is the concept of action (function density) per unit area (See EMCS01). It is why asteroids collapse into spheres, why elements segregate into layers inside stars, and ultimately why nucleosynthesis takes place at those layer interfaces. It is what enables black holes to do what they do and us to live. Human Action noted and developed by Ludwig von Mises is behind the global economy. When we step back from all this and look at it holistically, and in hindsight, clues become clear, the conclusions drawn here compelling. Please help us help everyone to gain the precipice that enables and empowers civilization to perceive and engage the unified Universe.

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